[2020] R20 Bulldogs v Panthers - Game Day Thread

Well what a wonderful season & a fitting finale to the regular season. It was great to be there and be part of a large Panther contingent, all enjoying being part of our team’s success.
Again, clearly a better team than our opponents. When we scored again after being 8-0 up, I said to Matt, 14 will be more than enough to win this. He said I think 4 was enough :grinning:
Again the commitment in defence was incredible - to maintain that in a dead game after all the effort upon effort during the year is testament to the boys.
I’m not sure what will happen from now, but I know the boys will give their best & once again I say - do we dare to dream.
It was hard to vote for just 3, but Luai was just outstanding so got one vote along with Yeo & Naden, but 1-17 again got the job done.
Congratulations to the whole club & the fans. 2020 has been mostly a shite year, but thru our team we have had something to look forward to!!!
Fingers crossed for tickets tomorrow.

Interesting how (we) the Minor Premiers get the Friday night game backing up from Saturday and the Roosters played Friday. I know its only a day but sure will help Friend being right

With Roosters we will have the ref against us for sure so we will need to win and win well

Storm will crush Eels, Souths and Raiders will do the same

Roosters and Eels will have to face 2 teams who will have their tails up in Souths and Raiders.

Listening to all the so called experts over the weekend, they are all (Anasta claims he was on us 3 months ago :roll_eyes:) starting to get on the Panthers bandwagon.

Ben Ikin said, before the dogs game, he didn’t think we would be capable in the finals, but he was at the game and got a close up of how tight we are, not to mention the enthusiasm on the field, our talk amongst our team is the best he has seen.

Dare to Dream mr walker, Dare to dream :wink:


I’m sick of hearing that we don’t have a chance because we don’t have any finals experience. People seem to have short memories.

Off the top of my head:

Tamou, Koroisau, Capewell & Tetevano all premiership winners.

Edwards, Mansour, Luai, Cleary, Fisher-Harris, Kikau, Yeo, Leota, May, Whare all part of our 2016-8 finals sides & most won lower grade premierships.

Most other players won lower grade premierships

I think we’ll be fine.

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