[2020] R3 Panthers v Knights - Game Day Thread

I’m sure it was just a joke but just incase, run metres are only recorded when moving towards the goal line.

no joke, many run metres are overrated.

Is a winger who intercepts a pass on his own goal line and runs the
length of the field worthy of a credit for one unnoposed sprint?
Mansour manages that I’ll give him a big hug. Edrick Lee almost
pulled one off yesterday despite being arguably the worst player
on the field in the first 40.

No, I’m with AR on this. How many of Mansours purported 240m
were him backing up field and likewise cross field? Backing up field
to me is counter productive. With 2 or 3 players hanging on, you’re
going nowhere and opposition can regroup and take advantage.
A quick play the ball is my preferred option.

I’m not going to bag Mansour after that game. Why the hell was he and Tóo our lead attack coming out of our 20? ON EVERY OCCASION !

I believe that was tactic of ours to save our big men, but it backfired because the Knights didn’t lay down.

We need to get back to our forwards taking it up the middle early, leave our backs to do what they should do, then I will bag em if the result doesn’t happen.

IMO it’s a bit harsh to be snapping at someone who did the bulk of the work.

Agree re Luai……he was holding Tamou’s hand i’d say.

agree with all comments and in a word…ugly.

It was a tough game, played by two teams giving their full efforts, both short on playmakers. I think that IC decided with rookie halves, we would go with a simple game plan, making the yards, minimizing errors & kicks being the prime weapon for scoring. Sounds ok, except when the prime recent target for our attacking kicks has been Naden who didn’t play, apparently so we could use Crichton as a goal kicker.
Dominated the game for long periods, despite playing a virtually 100% perfect Knights, well at least according to Cummins. But not able to convert to points, which I guess is why we pay NC the big bucks??
Crichton looks most impressive in the first 3 rounds. Surely our centres should be Crichton & Naden - I’m not going to mention the 150 game guy currently filling a spot.
Not sure what Luai was sent out to do, but he looked lost without NC. Burton looked composed and will only get better.
I can’t see we had a bad player, but it seems it was one of those days. Anyway, we are back playing footy & undefeated into June, so it’s not all bad. 17 games to go, so perhaps we might snag one of those 6 again calls, albeit not in a game where Cummins is the ref.
Onwards & upwards.

The Warriors were impeccable with completions, if that happens against us, I fear for the scoreboard lol

Maybe our big men were saving themselves for this week, knowing the battle ahead…Even though Klemmer and the Saifiti boys really aimed up and give it to us.