[2020] R6 Panthers v Storm - Game Day Thread

Always good to beat the Storm. Even better when my Storm supporting Uncle is visiting the next day.

couldn’t watch the game live and had to watch a replay just now and there are a couple of things to take out of the game

we got into the grind Storm have an artform
Edwards despite a really heavy hit early played great and chimed into the backline and offered plenty, more remarkable as it was his first game back after such a long break
Cleary went to another level and still has upside as it was only his second game back
Api had some darts but still looks a little short of fitness, maybe has a niggle which stops him from doing what he does.
Crichton got caught again and he will really have to learn quickly
Luai has definitely changed his game and had a much better game imo and defended well and is developing into a good defensive organiser plus he has some sublime skills which is a foil to Cleary
A very solid win against a team who has for so long been a difficult team for us albeit we still need to improve to be a contender.
A very solid win …enjoy boys

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I find it very hard to follow the six-again decisions but could Storm really go the whole game without conceding one? The way they have played in and around the ruck in recent seasons would indicate they have performed a miraculous turnaround.

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Watching the games since season re-start, the 6 again is just so random. Clear breaches go unpunished & yet for some there appears no reason at all. It truly is a miracle that the $torm have got so perfect after being the experts at slowing down the play in the past.

I thought we continued our everyone giving their all last night. That is what has been apparent so far in 2020. Strong effort across the park, Api putting us on the front foot & NC controlling the game. I thought Martin was extra good.
I’m hoping that Naden is close to fitness again & we can look at adding some strength, size & attacking threat to right side. Perhaps switch Crichton to right side.Ironic that our 2nd try game by running the R/C as a decoy :slight_smile:

Very happy to beat the $torm at any time!!!

Coming in to last nights game we were the only team to finish a match without a six again in our favour. Then it happened again last night - against the storm. Despite this, we’re still getting down the other end and scoring (some) points.

I’m just happy to see our aggression. We’ve really missed that tough-edge to our team through recent seasons.

edit: I’m just going to add, Luai got charged for a ‘high tackle’. Wtf - penalty at best. Meanwhile Latrell escapes sanction for his lazy arm that knocked out the Warriors winger. He dead set cant cut a break with this match review committee.

Happy days Pantherfans !

Regarding the restarts, it is clearly obvious from our game that the refs have a “agenda” when it comes to giving them.
No.1 - is the ball carrier looking for a quick play the ball
No.2 - is the defensive team taking the piss out of me
No.3 - if I don’t call at least 6 a game, I will be a bad ref

The storm tactics are the best in the game, they have 3 in every tackle, hold then lay the player on the ground (their back) and systematically get off 1 x 1 which is exactly why the 6 again rule was brought in. Unfortunately the refs don’t have the balls to call them because they continue to have “players in motion” in the tackle. Additionally our players don’t perform a Michael Hancock when being tackled so that is a ref indicator.

I was glad IC said something in the presser even though we won, when asked he said “Yer I just don’t get it, surely during that game we should have received 1 or 2”.

It did make the win all that more satisfying, with 10 to go I was saying don’t give us a restart, lets beat these grubs without excuse.

does anyone know how the trial game between the squad ‘extras’ for both us & storm went on Fri. I understand it was a 7 a side game with unlimited interchange, designed to give some ‘match’ practice to the players in the bubble who are not getting game time. It was played at the academy, and was designed to be as realistic as possible, with an NRL ref (so no 6 agains for us :slight_smile: )
I heard that some clubs are not keen to participate in these games, but I think it is important that fringe players get some sort of match fitness for when they may be needed. May for example hasn’t played an NRL match since 2018, and Hetherington may be needed at some point, along with others.