[2020] R8 Tigers v Panthers - Game Day Thread

Game Day Information #NRLTigersPanthers

:rugby_football: Match West Tigers v Penrith Panthers
:stadium: Venue Bankwest Stadium, Parramatta NSW
:clock10: Time Saturday 4th July 2019 7:30pm
:tickets: Tickets Limited tickets are available by draw.
:stadium: Gates Open Event Closed to Public
:sun_behind_rain_cloud: Weather :full_moon: Clear 9°C (2% Chance of Rain :cloud_with_rain:)
:tv: Broadcast :tv: Fox League (Channel 502) [LIVE]
:kayo: Kayo Sports [LIVE]
:radio: ABC Sydney 702AM [LIVE]
:radio: 2GB Sydney 873AM [LIVE]
:radio: MMM Sydney 104.9FM [LIVE]
:warning: Notice NRL Matches in NSW are only open to limited supporters.
The people able to attend matches will be determined by a draw.
Please check with corresponding host team for information

:rugby_football: Telstra Premiership | Full Time

Penrith Panthers 19 Tries Stephen Crichton (2), Dylan Edwards
Goals Nathan Cleary (3/3)
Field Goals Nathan Cleary (1/1)
Wests Tigers 12 Tries Matthew Eisenhuth, Tommy Talau
Goals Adam Doueihi (2/3)

Dally M Awards Points

3pts Api Koroisau Penrith Panthers
2pts Jerome Laui Penrith Panthers
1pt Harry Grant Wests Tigers

Postgame Media







Telstra Premiership
:rugby_football: Rabbitohs v Panthers
:clock3: Saturday 4/7 7:30pm
:stadium: Bankwest Stadium
1. Dylan Edwards
2. Josh Mansour
3. Dean Whare
4. Stephen Crichton
5. Brian To’o
6. Jarome Luai
7. Nathan Cleary
8. James Tamou (C)
9. Api Koroisau
10. James Fisher-Harris
11. Viliame Kikau
12. Liam Martin
13. Isaah Yeo
14. Matt Burton
15. Zane Tetevano
16. Moses Leota
17. Billy Burns
18. Mitch Kenny
19. Brent Naden
20. Spenser Leniu
21. Tyrone May
Coach: Ivan Cleary

Match Officials

Telstra Premiership
Referee Adam Gee
Sideline Official Phil Henderson
Kasey Badger
Video Referee Steve Chiddy
Beau Scott

Referee Success Rate

Referee Active Since 2020 Overall Pen. For Pen. Against Ratio
Adam Gee 2011 (1/1) 100% (7/17) 41.8% 68.5 62.5 1.10

Not fussed re Mansour. The other bloke Naden don’t deserve to be dropped.

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Naden to the centres and mrwalker’s mate to replace Jack Hetherington - mention him all you like, just don’t pick him :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Mansour had to come back into the squad which is a shame for Naden but a great problem to have
I would like to see Leniu in for Burns.
Leniu has something and needs some game time at this level. Burns has made quite a few mistakes defensively.
I guess if we are concerning ourselves with selections we are going OK
Good to see the same squat run out week after week and would be interested to hear from players if the game being faster is helping them with recovery etc.
On this game, all games are a must win but with a Top 8 so bunched up we need to secure this win and to win going away would be the best outcome.
Will depend on which Tigers side turns up and the new surface might’ve some impact on both sides.

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The Tigers will be up for this game, it will provide them with a test of where they are at.

Given we will continue with our energy under these new rules, thus winning more often than not, we will be a target for all sides, particularly the ones in bottom 8.

Agree that they will be up for a fight, especially with the Cleary factor. Will be a game not to be taken lightly.

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OK, we got tickets for the game! Tickets available (limited number) for footy members with code provided ($25). First live game since Rnd 1, so hoping for a win.

enjoy mr walker, enjoy.

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Going to be stuck at work again, luckily on a yard shift, so I will at least be able to listen live this week.

:mega: Panther Pride Man of the Match voting is now open here.


That was a great win considering what we were up against.
First lets mention their tactic of feigning injury to slow down play and to try and break up our rhythm.
Aided by a referee performance which at best was terrible.
Now lets talk about the elephant in the room like the JFH being cited for a crusher tackle and Api being cited for a tackle.
Yet that grub Leilua only got 10 in the bin for what was a blatant and reckless head high on Edwards who didn’t have the ball and will now have to be cited by the match review committee only to be followed up by another and blatant head high on Edwards by the grub #11
Lets not even talk about how Reynolds blatantly challenged the touch judge.
Oh did i mention the 6 again calls being made on us.

Putting the game in perspective i think we got suckered and i hope our team can learn from this because we fell for their taunts and cheap shots and when we came down to their level they scored points, when we played to our strengths we got the points

I hope TO’O is ok but looks like he could be out for a bit.

Ugly game but we got the win


“We kept our calm and did what we came here to do, that was to get the win” Nathan Cleary

At times dour and predictable, still a win full of merit against a spirited opposition.

Agree with pretty much all steamboat said.

The tigers are a crap team with few players with much talent. They rely on negative play, feigning injury & constantly pushing the boundary on unsportsmanlike play. That Reynolds is a particular piece of shite. With no talent he tries to just get in the way of the players playing the game, including his own players. Running 20m to take out kick chasers out, standing if front of his attacking line to obstruct our defence, pushing our players off the players they are tackling - that’s just crap.
We need to adjust to these tactics &… well I don’t know what we can do about the refs &, in particular their 6 again stance against us. It is getting ridiculous now. In one set tigers got 3 six agains!!! We had two tries disallowed, one where we scored after the ball was stripped out & the ref went back & gave us a penalty - great advantage there.
We did well to win, with everyone giving there best efforts, but Api was a standout again, and NC’s game management a feature. I think we are starting to see the lineup we are likely to see come the business end. I loved the passion of Nado - he was dragged back from sorting out a ‘fan’ in the stand post game :slight_smile:
It was great to be back at the footy, and well done to all the fans who made the trip to Bankwest to support the boys. We may have been small in number, but we made up in enthusiasm.
Bring on the sharks. I expect that tickets will be available for our footy members again next week.


I doubt either of these will be charged. Both were weak at best. I’m still amazed that the accidental head shot by Api was place on report… they guy was inches off the ground, and it was clear it wasn’t intentional.

I never really had an issue with the West Tigers before last night, now they would have to go down as one of my most hated teams. There game plan mostly was around milking set restarts and penalties, whinging to the ref every moment they could, antagonising layers with verbal insults and chepa late shots putting players in awkward positions trying to injure them.

No real sign of a game plan from Wests… just grubby tactics. I hope BJ gets at least 5-8 weeks (or more) for that shot on Edwards, was blatant and he did it with the intention to hurt somebody. Disgraceful.

Panthers did a awesome job rising above the crap West Tigers served up and take the 2 points. Season is tracking nicely… and Wests… well… they are on track to take that coveted 9th position they love so much.


Nice match summary. I can’t see JFH or Api having anything to answer for, but the two Wests grubs need to take a holiday, especially Leilua. Dylan E must be the nicest bloke playing NRL.

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The quoted statistics on 6-agains show Penrith giving away the most and receiving the least. The NRL will defend themselves in regard to the first of these, but have a case to answer for the second. If we receive the least 6-agains, the logical deductions are (a) that we are just unlucky, (b) that the other teams are on their best behaviour when playing us, (c) we don’t try for a quick play-the-ball (hence less pressure on their tacklers) or (d) we are sitting ducks who are treated like s%@t from the west by the NRL. I know what my take on it is. Also, not only do we receive the least, but a high proportion seem to be on the 1st tackle, hence of bugger-all benefit. But we are demonstrating that we have a team of great footballers, playing as a well-drilled team and who are decent human beings (in contrast to so many teams riddled with grubs).

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No Panthers charged.

Leilua facing a minimum 4 week ban.

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thanks Mutley and a relief for both Api and JFH and a further indictment on the Tiger players and the match officials who either got sucked into it or at worst were complicit in it.
Leilua copping 4 weeks is not enough IMO.
His actions were reckless and intentional…thankfully Edwards wasnt badly hurt so Leilua must hit like a girl. (apologies to all the girls who hit harder then Leilua)
Just on Edwards, the kid had a great game IMO and was our MOM.
His running down of Douhie and his putting himself in position to score the match winner were nothing short of sensational and says a lot about him as a player IMO.
He had heaps to do to get to run onto the Api pass and i mean he had heaps to do and he not only got into position but still had plenty to do to score…play of the game and was worth the price of admission alone.

On a side note congrats to all the people who went to the game, well done. i had to endure the boring Braith Anasta who proved he was not only clueless as a player but is even worse as a game caller.


WOW - I think it has been said about the Tigers tactics, horrible !

One thing I did notice was their hooker, at times I don’t think he was too impressed with some of his team mates. Coming from the Melbourne system of “tactics” with the 1 major difference, the Melb tactics are based on winning as a group. The tigers were just arseholes at every opportunity.

Just on Edwards performance, I don’t normally give a vote to backs, but his game was exceptional, particularly given he had a target on his back for some reason.

IMO what we saw Saturday night will be similar against the sharks, Wado and Moysa will want to win this one and will have their team pumping, with 2 of the grubbiest front men in Woods and Fafita, we could be in for another testing game.

All in all, that victory was a very good sign for us, even though we went into the shit, we quickly got back to footy and proved too strong for them.

Nado at centre for Whare was probably the difference though ha ha haaaa Controlled aggression with ability - Yes please !

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