[2020] Trial Panthers v Tigers - Game Day Thread

Game Day Information #NRLPanthersTigers

:rugby_football: Match Penrith Panthers v West Tigers
:stadium: Venue Panthers Stadium, Penrith NSW
:clock10: Time Saturday 22nd February 2020 7:00pm
:tickets: Tickets At the gate (A $12.50 / C $10 / J $7.50 / F $30)
2020 Season Ticket Holders Free Entry
:stadium: Gates Open Gates Open 4:45pm
:rugby_football: Other Matches JFC TRIAL Penrith Panthers v Wests Tigers SAT 22/2 5:00pm
:sun_behind_rain_cloud: Weather :cloud_with_rain: Showers 22°C (38% Chance of Rain :cloud_with_rain:)
:tv: Broadcast :desktop_computer: Penrith Panthers Website [LIVE]


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Squad Announcement


Telstra Premiership Canterbury Cup Jersey Flegg
:rugby_football: Panthers v West Tigers :rugby_football: Panthers v Mounties :rugby_football: Panthers v West Tigers
:clock3: Saturday 22 March 7:00pm :clock3: Saturday 22 March 3:00pm :clock3: Saturday 22 March 5:00pm
:stadium: Panthers Stadium :stadium: St Marys Stadium :stadium: Panthers Stadium
1. Ativalu Lisati 1. Jake Toby 1. Taylan May
2. Billy Burns 2. Thomas Jenkins 2. Ezra Coulston
3. Billy Tsikrikas 3. Luke Nadurutalo 3. Ethan Clark-Wood
4. Brendan Hands 4. Maliko Falino 4. Matthew Faauila
5. Brent Naden 5. Jake Tago 5. Logan Cohen
6. Brian To’O 6. Adam Fearnley 6. Hayden Bonanno
7. Caleb Aekins 7. Kurt Falls 7. Maurice Trindall
8. Daine Laurie 8. Atonio Pelasasa 8. Nitoa Kairau
9. Dean Whare 9. Zac Green 9. Luke Sommerton
10. Dylan Edwards 10. Jack Nelson 10. Aaron Mawhinney
11. George Tsikrikas 11. John Faimu 11. Mavrik Geyer
12. Jack Hetherington 12. Alex Myles 12. Brad Fearnley
13. Jake Tago 13. Tom Skinner 13. Chase Chapman
14. Jarome Luai 14. Meni Luke 14. Dylan White
15. Jed Cartwright 15. John Trimboli 15. Fred Pupu
16. J’Maine Hopgood 16. Jayden Tanner 16. Hannar El-Nachar
17. Josh Mansour 17. Jarrod Brackenhofer 17. Liam Henry
18. Kaide Ellis 18. Ratu Nanovo 18. Mackenzie Atkins
19. Liam Martin 19. Tavena Koroisau 19. Sadee Sub Laban
20. Lindsay Smith 20. Glenn Mcgrady 20. Tom Affleck
21. Matt Burton 21. Venuku Malesala
22. Moses Leota
23. Pat Hollis
24. Stephen Crichton
25. Tyrone May
26. Tyson Smoothy
Coach: Ivan Cleary Coach: Peter Wallace Coach: Guy Missio

* Player Numbers for Telstra Premiership do no indicate Jersey Number.

Steve, received details just now on Canterbury Cup on Sat - listed as 3pm kick-off not 7pm

Thanks. Just noticed they changed it as well.

No alarm bells in the game so far.

Burton, Laurie and Hands probably our best. Nice work from Naden and To’o as well.

Nothing outstanding from the forwards, but then again it’s only a trial.

Could well see a completely different team and game in the second half

Naden has taken his game to the next level, pretty much a MOTM performance.

I can’t see how Cleary snr could select Luai over Burton based on last nights performance.

Tyrone May looks very eager and hungry, and has to obviously keep us his training and fitness. Will be interesting if he slots into the side come round 6.

Both Laurie and Crichton played well at fullback.

I thought Yeo had a great return, and both Burns and Hethrington are pushing for a spot in the 17.

As much as they have been great clubmen, both Whare and Mansour should be nervous with the talent coming through, Crichton for one will be hard to keep out of the side through the year.

Is it just me or did May’s blonde hair cause of momentary memory lapse of Samitt lol?

Scary to think the attacking options we could have if the coach is prepared to pick the side on form…


Thanks for the recap, SHP. I saw a few minutes here & there online, mainly the 1st half. Looked like a good solid grind.

Re May, I read somewhere that Canterbury Cup is not included in his suspension. If that’s right, the club could play him in reggies til round 5 to keep his fitness up & have him ready to go if he cracks first grade.

TBH, I didn’t recognise May with blonde hair. Wonder if that was the intention?

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Intention or attention ?

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Hard to make judgements on a trial like that, with both clubs going without several certainties to play round 1 & then a big changeover during the game.
Naden looked good & showed some form last week in Perth. He looks fit, fast, strong and a real danger in attack, basically exactly the opposite of our other first choice centre. Crichton looked very likely.
Would have been good to see Aekins in the #1, but apparently was on new dad duties :slight_smile:
Glad to see Jack back - I guess they have all kissed & made up.

Based on that game I would rather be the Panthers than the tiges.

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Trials are exactly that, nothing more than a run for many who have trained in the off season.

You might all recall we belted Souts Game 1 in the trails last year only to be held try less against the Eels in the 2nd trial

I find it instructional the comments made by Girdler about our attack where he sees Cleary as too structured and doubts Luai is our best #6 going forward

Thanks for your feedback about the trial but guys its a very long season.

And PUSS…maybe i am way too old but for May to basically put a neon sign on his body by saying look at me…Cleary the Coach should have said champ…sit the week out and com back with an attitude about your football, not your attitude about how you feel about yourself

I don’t like that and one would have thought he would be talking to Cleary and saying what do i have to do to get into the run on squad.

Anyways he did what he did but for me…i would have just looked to blend in not stand out.


I agree re blondie steamboat.
Not sure what it says, but incognito it ain’t !


Cleary snr has been quotes in a news article saying that May’s hair colour and Luai’s haircut are self imposed discipline for training misshaps, apparently something the players have come up with themselves;


imposed discipline ? more of a decoration !
each to their own I suppose. Who’s next then?

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well that will do me, the lunatics running the asylum

Isn’t Cleary supposed to be coach and what “training indiscretions” are metered out by players themselves?

Has all the hallmarks of the tail wagging the dog.

I may be wildly wrong but i would have urged May NOT to stand out and IF there were training indiscretions…sit them on the sideline and give a go to kids who will turn up.

I see the trio were May,Luai and Mansour

Red flags all over this

You are possibly reading more into this than necessary, it could just be a “punishment” for who drops the most balls at training or something similar (do they still do the nudie run at the end of the year? Pretty sure that’s not the coaches direction for not scoring tries!).

Years gone by similar was to buy a round at the club, but we can’t promote drinking can we lol


It is common in sporting teams for the players to set ‘penalties’ for minor indiscretions in training etc as part of team bonding. Major infractions are administered by coaches, but for minor things like Southern mentioned like dropping balls, forgetting something etc. Sometimes the players try and catch one another out for fun, and then the punishment gives everyone a chance to have some fun.
I have seen in a skills drill, at some prearranged point the players just start doing it wrong, catching out one of their mates & so they would have to do the punishment. Any complaint of foul play by the victim, would lead to further ‘punishment’.
All part of of being part of a team.

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Just to follow up from Mr Walkers comment.

At work yesterday afternoon, we had a team culture/ bonding session lead by no other than former NSW and Kangaroos lock Wayne Pierce.

Fabulous speaker and certainly has made a great career for himself post coaching.

He had us complete an excersise - a blindfolded obstacle course with mousetraps set - yes I copped a punishment when I let out an expletive when it court my toe lol.

He also told the story how he first used this on the blues team one year at SOO. One unnamed forward was so scared he refused to undertake the task and ran away screaming lol. The team decided the punishment he had to play the SOO sans underwear.

All in the name of bonding. And as Wayne told us SOO training is 3 days bonding, 1 day rest and 1 day skills and coaching.

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