[2021] R16 Panthers v Eels - Game Day Thread

Game Day Information

:rugby_football: Match Penrith Panthers v Parramatta Eels
:stadium: Venue Bluebet Stadium, Penrith NSW
:clock10: Time Friday 2nd July 2021 7:55pm
:tickets: Tickets :biohazard: EVENT LOCKED OUT*
:rugby_football: Other Matches NSW Penrith Panthers v Parramatta Eels 2/7 5:35pm
JFC Penrith Panthers v Parramatta Eels 2/7 4:05pm
:sun_behind_rain_cloud: Weather :sun_behind_small_cloud: Partly Cloudy 11°C (28% Chance of Rain :cloud_with_rain:)
:tv: Broadcast :tv: Channel Nine (FTA) [LIVE]
:tv: Fox League (Channel 502) [LIVE]
:desktop_computer: NRL Live Pass [LIVE]
:kayo: Kayo Sports [LIVE]
:radio: ABC Sydney 702AM [LIVE]
:radio: 2GB Sydney 873AM [LIVE]
:radio: MMM Sydney 104.9FM [LIVE]
To ensure the safety of everyone at Bluebet Stadium, all fans will be required to check in on the Service NSW app using the QR code provided or by using the COVIDSFE webform before entering the venue. Please also maintain distance from other supporters while entering and exiting the stadium.

* Due to NSW COVID19 Lockdown in place for Greater Sydney this even will be played at Bluebet Stadium with no audience. All tickets purchased at for the game will be refunded. SOURCE. The Evan Theatre Experience has also been cancelled. SOURCE

:rugby_football: Telstra Premiership | Full Time

Penrith Panthers 13 Tries Tyrone May, Apisai Loroisau.
Goals Stephen Crichton (2/2) Field Goal Matt Burton (1/2)
Parramatta Eels 12 Tries Maika Sivo, Isaiah Papali’i
Goals Mitchell Moses (2/4)

:trophy: Dally M Points

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Postgame Media









Telstra Premiership
:rugby_football: Panthers v Eels
:clock3: Friday 2/7 7:55pm
:stadium: Bluebet Stadium
1. Charlie Staines
2. Brent Naden
3. Stephen Crichton
4. Tyrone May
5. Brian To’o
6. Matt Burton
7. Jarome Luai
8. Moses Leota
9. Apisai Koroisau
10. James Fisher-Harris
11. Viliame Kikau
12. Kurt Capewell
13. Isaah Yeo (C)
14. Mitch Kenny
15. Scott Sorensen
16. Spencer Leniu
17. Liam Martin
18. Izack Tago
19. Jaeman Salmon :small_red_triangle_down:
20. Matt Eisenhuth
21. Taylan May :small_red_triangle_down:
HC Ivan Cleary
AC Andrew Webster
AC Cameron Ciraldo

Match Officials

Telstra Premiership
Referee Ashley Klein
Sideline Official Phil Henderson
Todd Smith
Video Referee Henry Perenara

Referee Success Rate

Referee Active Since 2021 Overall Pen. For Pen. Against Ratio
Ashley Klein 2009 (2/3) 67% (12/35) 34.3% 122.5 122 1.00

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Here we go again - I will have to see if I have any better chance in the ticket raffle this year versus last (zero hone games). I don’t hold much hope though.

With the announcement today, I imagine the teams would be boarding planes and leaving the state before 6pm. I would also imagine that the Panthers v Eels fixture at Bluebet Stadium will be moved to the North Coast of NSW or QLD.

For certain though, you should be expecting an announcement any moment about the match being moved to another venue outside the lockdown bubble.

From NSW Government…

Greater Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Central Coast and Wollongong will enter a lockdown from 6:00pm today until 11.59pm on Friday July 9.

I saw somewhere that all Sydney games will be behind closed doors for next round.

Yes, looks like all Sydney Fixtures will be behind closed gates.

No supporters will be allowed to attend Friday’s game due to the lockout.

:mega: Team Lists and Match Officials have been added.

Disagree with Tyrone May’s selection in centres.


Bit of a surprise team.

Not much choice of centre backup, choice between 2 plodders. Maybe Tago would be an option? And I know Naden is off-side with the club m, but surely him at centre and someone else at wing would be a better fit.

First I have heard of Edwards being injured, good to see Staines being given a go.

Coach seems to have a real problem with putting the number 7 on Burtons back.

I think the side is a bet ech way. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see May go to half & partner Luai - which has worked well before, I’m thinking of the Warriors game a few years ago - with Burton in the centres. Naden’s been playing a bit of fullback in NSW Cup, so I think he might be there as cover in case Staines doesn’t work out at the back.

Or, Crighton can go to fullback & Naden slots in at centre. Or a few other possibilities

Plenty of options in the side, so I think Cleary’s covering all bases. I don’t expect the backline will necessarily play the positions named.


Agree he has been a big disappointment in first grade this season……good to see Nado back though

WOW - that backline looks like it was picked with a dart board…

Why not just have Capewell at centre and Martin start bringing Tago onto the bench !

Seems like a MASSIVE reshuffle for 1 positional issue at fullback.

Better still Critter to Fullback and Naden to centre, problem solved - Problem being May in the 17!!!

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I not sure that team will line up the way they are on paper.

Origin was Sunday and they need to name a squad on Tuesday. I think Ivan just out all the players he was thinking of using in the side and work it out during the week.


During SOO II I thought that I heard a commentator say that Cleary hurt his shoulder when hit late (Papali’i?), with no penalty awarded. Did anybody else on this forum hear the same remark?

anyone have an update on Nathans injury and if sidelined how long for?

If he is out we will be really tested not just of ratios game but for all games and shows the enormous hole we are in with no 7 good enough to step up.
May concerns me as does Naden and i like Kevins solution, simply move Crichton to 1 and move Capewell to centre and Martin to start.

This game will be a test but depending on Cleary’s injury may just be the beginning of a very tough run.

reports on NC are that he will not have surgery at this stage & will rehab & miss 4-6 weeks. It is a similar injury to Yeo’s in 2019.

The loss of a players of NC’s level would leave an enormous hole in any team - no team has a player like him available to step-up in case of an injury to the best player in the game. Most clubs can only dream of having a first-choice player anywhere close to him.

At least in the absence of NC (and Dylan) we have the rest of our top players available, and we should be able to perform well. We have a tough game tomorrow & then a bye and then we play warriors and broncos & then hopefully NC will be back.

Not good to have him injured but we need to get the job done with or without him

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Pete - the injury definitely occurred when he tried to pass and fell onto his shoulder, it was Munster making the tackle but no malice that i could see, just an unfortunate injury due to a bad landing.

That doesn’t mean the scumbags didn’t notice his injury and targeted him, as you do, but things like late hits are just the norm for QLD. They are a dirty team tactically and that has been handed down for decades, just made worse with the storm impact…