[2021] R16 Panthers v Eels - Game Day Thread

Thanks, Kev. That’s what I eventually found out, too. It would be disappointing to say the least if losing one player, even of NC’s ability, caused the team to stumble. We are surely a better balanced team than that.

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Nathan is looking for a return after 4 weeks.

That will consist of the rounds facing… Eels, (BYE), Warriors, Broncos.

Not a bad workload, dare I say that this week would be the biggest hurdle.

I think we are all aware of what happened when our SOO players were unavailable, this week will be different, Romy has our game plan down pat and that will be massive for Burto to play to his potential…just need May, to stay away, from the play, on the day !!

then might pay to pray today Ok ?

Late Changes

Taylan May and Jaeman Salmon have been omitted from the final squad for tonights game. The rest of the team remains unchanged.

It goes without saying that our forwards need to dominate; they’re at full strength. If they don’t then our makeshift backs could struggle, and that’ll decide the outcome.

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I agree @FaulcoPete

If the forwards provide a good platform for our 6,7,9,1 to execute their plan, I don’t think Penrith will have a problem winning this one. But if Parramatta forwards dominate, then we are going to have problems.

Bye week coming up, these guys know this is a 4 point game, so I would expect the team to be switched on.


Also in our favor is the hype about Moses and SOO, hopefully he has a ‘blow up’ game knowing his SOO campaign is being lost by losing control of the game.

Panthers HTH
Panthers 13+ (I predict x 26)
Kikau 1st try scorer, Naden & Tóo to both get a double
$501 with the multiplier x 1.08 = $2,705 return for $5 :wink:

Carrrrn the PANTHERS :money_mouth_face:

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You bold… bold man @Kevin


I don’t get all the hype around Moses & Gutherson. They only look good when their forward pack is steamrolling the opposition - something I doubt we will see tonight.

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I don’t expect Isaah Yeo to play big minutes; maybe 50. Conversely, Martin might play a long game.

Stupid errors are killing us at the moment.

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I think it’s pretty safe to say that if we cut the errors, we win. Parra have had all the ball & field position, and have struggled to break us. Whenever we hold the ball, we look good enough to run away with it.

It wasn’t pretty, but I’ll take it.

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Good to dig out the win, Yeo was outstanding, Fish was Fish, Martin a burst of energy every time he hit it up, and Burto finally got his field goal.

Our attack was lacking due to May in the halves, thankfully Leui took the lead, and May played a running back role.

Surely moving forward Burto must be halfback while Cleary is out

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:mega: Panther Pride Man of the Match voting is now open here.


In the post-game conference, Ivan said May at 7 was a stop-gap for this game. I think he was considering Edwards and Momorovski also being out.

I did notice though, that Staines was pretty damn effective down that right edge. I wonder if the boys have been cooking up some plays similiar to that Roosters team where Minichello would swap for RTS at the back.

I feel like Staines could be far more effective particularly down that right edge. Although it does seem like Dylan has been injured for a while now. I guess we’ll see in a couple weeks time how he goes.

We were lacklustre and lucky to get the result. Sure we’ve got a few out but SOO has taken it’s toll. Blessed be a bye, we need one now to rest and re focus.

Has COVID wiped out lower grade competition temporarily?
Makes it harder to keep reserve depth match fit for potential call up.
Tyrone May struggles despite his purported utility value.
There’s a few blokes about to tap him on the shoulder I think.


2 points.
Nuff said.

I thought that Kikau put in a good effort.

Ugly attack; it’ll be interesting to see the game stats. I wonder how low can completions be yet still come up winners. It was obviously wet, but it seems to me that there needed to be a bit more attention to detail. One instance reminded me of DWZ; he would run back hard into the defence, then use the arm holding the ball to fend – with the obvious result.

If Staines is a FB, he is a fair way from the finished product. He has all his success so far on the end of backline moves, engineered by quality halves and/or centres.

The final penalty, as IC noted, was not a good look for the game. But at that stage of the game, why would Martin risk it? Once again our inability to recognise and/or defuse a short kick almost led to our undoing. Will Penrith ever get that right?

Leniu is a talent; but he needs to take a few less angry pills, or needs a good talking-to to get rid of the dumb plays.

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