[2021] R18 Warriors v Panthers - Game Day Thread

Scrappy first half, but we did look good at times. Given the Warriors injury situation, we would have to be specials to run away with this.

Had to laugh. I’ve been accused of “not being a real fan” in a Facebook group.

My crime? Pointing out that we haven’t won a game with May in the halves :roll_eyes:

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might be a May family facebook page.
note to self…we are playing like we want to get beat and we are playing a team with not a single fresh reserve on the bench

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Credit to the Warriors, they haven’t thrown the towel in, but ours has a few holes.


on what i have seen today by us with all there has been to play for, i believe we couldn’t beat any Top 4 side with the team we have at the moment

we look simply pedestrian and that last try to Warriors will do it for me.

we didn’t have JFH, Yeo and Martin they would have beat us today

Crichton must be in protective custody and Staines must be guarding him.

A game where they must be fatigued we are that dumb we are keeping it tight in the forwards…no sweeping backlines, where is a chip and chase for Staines?

Maybe we need to have a quorum to come up with a play.

Can you imagine what Storm would have done to the Warriors down to not a single reserve???

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It wasn’t a polished performance, but given the disruption through the week, as well as coming off the bye & missing our halves, won’t be to worried about it.

Probably May’s best game at halfback, and Kikau’s best for a while.

I’d say May had his best game in the last 30 minutes when he found he has a cut-out pass in his game. First 50 minutes, Critta and Staines were growing cobwebs.

Also good to see that Burto stopped reading that copy of Walsh’s playbook at half time, and decided to put in short kicks and go for a run.

Martin was outstanding yet again. I think Sorensen is getting better each week.

Yeo seemed to be having to take on too much of a playmaker role at times, especially in the first half with May MIA. Great effort though after origin.

Edwards made a difference at the back.

Will not go down as our best performance, but probably better than I expected considering the disruption, players backing up from Origin, and our number 7.

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:mega: Panther Pride Man of the Match voting is now open here.


yay we won - not much else to say other than, thank god for our forward pack !!!

Agree with SBF however, it certainly appears to be a leniency to anyone we play against, particularly around the play the ball.

Note: NZ got a penalty for a hand on the shoulder “high shot” :roll_eyes: yet the camera moves to JFH who looks to have a broken nose - tough men get on with it !!!

WOW again some tough markers on here. We must have been spoiled by the results of the last 2 seasons.
We are not at the peak of our game but a 7-0 penalty count and a feast of 6 agains for the warriors certainly kept them competitive, well within 14 points anyway.
TMay is certainly not our first choice 7, but his game yesterday was good, and would give him a chance as a starting half at a few clubs that I have been watching. If NC had thrown that pass to Marto for that try, he would have rightly received plaudits for it. Didn’t the half on the other team sign for $2.4M for next 3 seasons, and he looked worse than our guy :slight_smile:
The game was sooo slow & not just because the warriors were going down like skittles as the whole game was at snails pace. The $torm are somehow allowed to play the game at their speed, the refs want to slow us down to the other teams level.
The warriors are better than many of the other teams below the first 4 & have not really been lapped for a while & we went ok, so it’s glass half full for me


Not a game that will make any highlight reels, or to write home about.

Firstly, big props to the Warriors. Massive injury blow in the first 20 minutes, no bench and a forward pack that needed to play massive minutes. I would find it hard for many teams this year to get through that.

Not to say the Panthers didn’t have their fair share of problems. A group of returning origin players backing up, starting halves out. But they got on with the job.

I thought Burton played well when he was running the ball. I can see why IC sees him as a Centre, as his running game suits it.

I thought Tyrone May played well… maybe close to one of the top performers. He is certainly no Nathan Cleary, but he directed the traffic well and came in with 3 try assists, a passing mark if I every saw one.

I thought Edwards and Naden had good games as well. Lots of metres and tackle breaks, what you want to see from your backs.

I got out of my chair in the last moments of the game with Leota making a break and bolting up field, thought the big unit was going to go all the way, so it was a nice finish to what had been a real grind of a game.

The important part is we got the 2 points in the bank and we stay in touch with the top. With Laui possibly back next week and Nathan the week after that we should be able to ride through for this to setup for an epic matchup with Melbourne. Dare I say the winner will most likely take out the Minor Premiership.

Onwards and Upwards.


I kind of blame the ref for that one… they let the Warriors set the pace by letting them lay all over the Panthers in the tackle. There was no effort by the official to tighten that up… I resulted in a slow grind of a match, that the Panthers are not suited. The Panthers enjoy getting the roll on and applying pressure.