[2021] R19 Panthers v Broncos - Game Day Thread

what is alleged to have ‘happened’ ?

never mind …
$35,000 fine and 2 match suspension !

You’re spot on Mutley !

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I hope Kenny plays out of his skin and keeps API in reserve grade
For all Panthers have gone through with May and Cleary one would have thought any player with half a brain would know what is at risk

Maybe i am giving him too much credit for suggesting he has half a brain.

Mitch, over to you…do your best!!!

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Late Changes have been announced.

Our defence has been solid, but we are still lacking fluency in attack. Good effort from Edwards to kick a 2 point field goal on the siren.

Burto must not be happy with Edwards snagging a field goal on his first attempt and a two pointer at that lol.

We are really missing Yeo in attack

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:mega: Panther Pride Man of the Match voting is now open here.


flat out ordinary performance does not auger well for our top of the table clash with Melbourne.

To be fair, Melbourne were also ordinary on Friday night. I wonder if both teams were thinking a week ahead.

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there is a lot to talk about from this game and the only good out of it is we got the 2 points but maybe how we even managed that is a bigger question.

first things first

How Flegler wasn’t sent off for his late/high and reckless tackle to the head of Yeo is beyond me . The bunker failed in its duty of care for players and for the implementation of the rules.
But this was just one of many confusing rulings against us and goes to show without doubt there’s a bias against us from the refs and bunker

That being said and known any team who misses 69 tackles should be lapped and how we won despite the damning stats as shown in the link is hard to understand

To be blunt we were sublime for nano seconds such as the deft Crichton passes and for large chunks we were variously dumb, disjointed and played like a group without direction.

In many ways our team i believe were badly affected by losing Api to his nonsense and more alarmingly how we completely lost our way when Yeo went off.

Add to this JFH not appearing 100% and our forward pack being outplayed by 1 player in Haas.

Leota is seriously out of form or carrying some injury as his potency is zero atm, as i mentioned JFH looked troubled at many stages and only through necessity and bravery played large minutes.

iIs the first time this season our team were running out of gas and thankfully the 80 minutes were up, if it had of gone to golden point they would have run over the top of us.

Credit goes to Broncos who like Warriors stuck it to us, but despite these teams rising to the occasion we are not lifting and that is more alarming to me, we did lift for 10 minutes in the second half and then we throttled back mostly through fatigue and the missed tackles by the “best defensive” side in the comp is a he wake up call.

Not sure if there is anything we can take out of this game, hopefully Luai got through it ok .

That may be it as Yeo from reports will not be available next week and there is doubts over Cleary still and its not a consideration anymore, we will have to leave him on the sidelines until he is 100% right

This side cannot win the comp without Cleary…plain and simple.

There were moments last night had me salivating with the options/chances Cleary would have created, yet without him all we seem to do is kick and its infected our potency in attack.

To be fair to Crichton (and i harp on his effort) he is not getting any ball and when he does he dazzled with 2 great passes.

Kikau is being used as a ram and when he was on the end of a backline movement he sent Too on his way to the line.

May is to blame for much of this but shows how vulnerable we are both in attack and defence when Cleary is not there

Maybe IC has to use this game of a symbol of digging deep when you are in a hole you have created but on that form and with those missed tackles Souths, Storm and Manly will have had a field day

Lucky we were playing a side who have forgotten how to win.


I think both the $torm & us were a little distracted with next weeks game on minds, and the broncs played the full 80’ for perhaps the first time since Apr last year, and the played like they had zero to lose, which can always be a danger to the opposition.

The loss of Yeo seemed to put us of our game, on top of no NC & Api. And maybe the Pangai trade & the issues with relocation etc just had us off focus. Too many missed & ineffective tackles, but still we only gave up two, albeit soft, tries.

Take to two points & move ahead to next week.

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fit and well we’re a sight to behold mr walker, but I fear we simply don’t have the depth to hold up our end until our FULL complement return for duty. Hope to be proven wrong, but we’re in strife.


Some good points there SBF, however - HOW DARE YOU talk that way about Moses :innocent:

I personally think the weeks distractions have had more effect than we thought. Pangai already affecting our squad :woozy_face: the big one for me was JFH, you could see in the sheds before the game he had things on his mind. Re Moses, I think he and all the forwards impact are a result of our lack of direction. It was pretty clear to me that when in doubt (our 7) it was just a case of drop the ball back on the inside ala Walshy. One set Moses ran twice from 3 hit ups all because our 7 had no idea what to do.

Anyway, the loss of Yeo was MASSIVE, we lost our middle defense AND our playmaker while NC is out.

I think rommy learnt alot with his game also having NC out.

I hope we don’t get too focused on this week, I would rather NC sit out the extra week because those grubs will attack that shoulder at every opportunity.

Finally - we got the 2 points, phew !

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Here is a couple of thoughts regarding the head high tackles

  1. if the injured player fails his HIA then the player who inflivts the injury doesn’t return either (but can be replaced after his sin bin time)
  2. if player is charged after the game then the sentence should be a set number of games or as long as the injured player is out which ever is longer
    if you can’t play for several weeks due to an injury you caused that might stop some of the dangerous tackles occurring
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haggis2, difficult when you consider all factors, i.e. how many previous head knocks before sentence becomes a problem, do you base the time out on player return or clubs care for the individual i.e. Luke Keary?

How many bench players allowed for high shots, do you have 1 or 3 or ??

I think everyone would agree, their is way too much inconsistency…the Yeo high shot was a send off every day of the week, but as with anything the longer it goes, the less it’s enforced.

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It is blindingly obvious from the attack on Yeo’s head that in the NRL, as for society as a whole, there are two set of laws, one for the rich (clubs) and one for the poor. The NRL is desperate to have a winning Brisbane side back, and an unwashed, unfashionable team from the irrelevant western suburbs is just road kill. We need to know our place, and that place is just to be a feeder club to the rich and famous. Plus Brisbane have perfected whinging from the year they joined, much the same as its OK if NSW loses SOO matches, but if Qld start to lose too many then the sky is falling and something must be done (like moving New Guinea or Bowraville to Qld).


Pete, that is just one of the reasons I HATE the slimies, every year pre kick off, they own the media purely because of their abnormal supporter base.

IMO - The NRL try to do everything in their power to get them to the top of the comp every year, the GREAT thing is, they are shit and will always be shit… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


on the Yeo head high, Flegler is set to miss 2 weeks with a guilty plea or 3 weeks if he challenges and loses

Its such an out of balance suspension imo

Imagine a GF and Yeo is taken out like this, we lose possibly our most important forward for the entire game and they lose a marginal player for 10 minutes

So what is the dis incentive for foul play or worse still, targeted foul play

Imagine if they collared Cleary in the first 5 minutes in the same way…we lose our best player and they could deploy a “winger” to hit him and take him out and be prepared to run the risk of losing a marginal player for the game or at best for 10 minutes

Maybe the NRL has to look at some more punitive levers like fining a player $20k if he is sent off…$5k if he is sin binned (or amounts tweaked to really hurt foul play) and if a player is hit like Yeo was, maybe the player is fined $50k with that money to go into a welfare fund for brain injured players in the future

I just feel there needs to be a reset of what it means to the player and team who offend.

Poor Yeo is out for 2 weeks for an illegal act, and who knows what future damage because of concussion and Flegler gets 2 weeks and has no risk to his health.

There will never be a perfect one size fits all, but foul play more broadly needs to be stamped out and hits to the head as in the case of Yeo must be stamped out at all costs.

The NRL stood up and said players were to be protected from illegal acts at all costs, appears to me, it should have said…at all costs depends on who hits who and what team is involved.

I feel sorry for Yeo…Flegler is a grub


Terry Lamb on Ellery Hanley comes to mind

I like the fine principal, but blokes like Jack Hetherington would be out of our game…O’h right, that is the point.

IMO - the fine system has merit, should also be assigned to the neville’s that run in for the jersey pull in a ‘scuffle’ such a bad look.

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