[2021] R2 Bulldogs v Panthers - Game Day Thread

Hi Puss. Our road’s cut off & the creek running through the property is flooding, but the house is up the slope, well away. So, we’re fine. Thanks for asking. Good thing I got the mowing done last weekend!


Nb 16-0 (20 to go).

Dour wet weather footy !

absolutely terrible conditions and credit to both teams for their handling and even how the field has held up

DWZ should have been sent off for his cheap shot on Cleary

28 in the wet is special but the zero is more special and again i believe we were not at our best and is scary how good we will be when we put it al together

on the other mob, hope Barrett has a water tight contract because they are ugly.

the pleasing outcome looks like we have got away with no injuries as well but the hooker looks like a concern to me.


Do we miss Mansour? Stains hasn’t done anything special in 2 games.

Good to keep another clean sheet, even if the opposition are a weaker side. Our defensive efforts last year got us go the Grand Final, and we have started this year every bit as good in defence.

Our attack was better this week, and I think if we had played on a dry track we would have racked up a bigger score.

We have become the first side in history to open the season with 2 shutouts.

We are also the first side in 102 years to have 3 consecutive regular season shutouts.

With Melbourne’s final try being scored in the 45th minute of the Grand Final, we have now gone 195 minutes without conceding a point.


No, I don’t think we do Griggsy.

BTW I think we won the penalty count today !

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Ok Puss. I hope you are right. The smallest winger in the comp will do well against the Storm?

:mega: Panther Pride Man of the Match voting now open here.


I reckon Staines will appreciate a dry track.
Fingers crossed mate.

at least i saw Staines, hard to say the same about Crichton
Staines is a victim of unwarranted expectations due to his mind blowing first 2 games.
He will be ok, as he now moves in this level he will grow with confidence, just look at To"o who is one of our best now.

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i heard the commentators waffle on deluxe about these records yesterday but lets face it…we broke all sorts of records last year yet we lost the one game which mattered.

sure its nice to rack up records but at the end of the day you need to only win on the day against who is in front of you, whether it is with wonderful execution or you just figure out how to win ugly by 1 point.

I am very comfortable atm knowing we are winning and winning well yet still not at our best

Thursday may give us all a better picture of where we are at when we play Storm

but a question does come up, is this a Storm team like previous years?


You know I’m concerned we may be one quality prop short.
I don’t know/or have’nt seen enough of our clubs new chums to
declare we’ll be sweet if injuries cruel our starting line-up.
What do you blokes think ?

Agreed Puss. I’m still not convinced we have 2 genuine starting props. Leota has handled the job so far, but I still think he is better coming off the bench. Leniu will probably grow into a starter, but is a bit young & inexperienced at the moment. I’m not sold on Eisenhuth yet either.

I don’t think this year’s Storm side are as good as previous years. A fact that was highlighted in their game against Parra. Last years team would have iced that game.

I still think that they are a dangerous side though, and will likely still be top 4 this year.

Given our opponents over the opening 2 weeks, we haven’t really been tested yet, so this will show us where we are really at.

Some hard markers on here. I guess that’s a symptom of us having a successful team, with high expectations. In almost any season in the last 50 we would be all be in raptures of 2 from 2, with a NIL against, irrespective of who we had played.

In regards to our retention from last years squad, we need to back our coaches that they know best. I was disappointed to see Sauce go, based on him being a great club guy, but accept his best years are behind him. The fact he walked into another team for Rnd 1 should have been a positive for us, and the fact he was dropped after 1 game suggests we probably made the right call.

If guys our management let go are going straight into 1st grade at other clubs, then, if our guys are right, that should be a good sign for us. Young Laurie would not be close to making our full strength team at this stage & yet today will start for tiges. The obsession for Burto by the dogs says a lot about where they are, as he would not make our first choice team, and their whole season apparently depends on him?? What must their 6 & 7 be making of that.

On the game, I thought it was a good performance across the park. I was worried about the rain evening out the differences between the teams, which it did I guess, but I was always confident NC could control the game in the conditions, & he did. We never looked like losing the game, and we must have had thoughts of Thu night in our minds.

C’mon lads, enjoy the ride.


Even after the season we had last year, It’s like muscle memory to instantly be concerned about our chances of winning each game (and the comp). I don’t know if i will ever be entirely confident of a win.


Our pack is fine, JFH leading by example with Moses & Spencer doing a good job with Yeo playing in the middle also. Eisenhuth just needs to find his feet in this side and we will be fine. The key for us is our level of potency on our edges, including our bench.

I think this is an even more settled side than last year, they have the air of confidence and for good reason. The longer Naden stays away from 1st grade the better IMO

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