[2021] R21 Roosters v Panthers - Game Day Thread

Great to get that win,

Burto possibly played his best game so far.

Martin, Yeo and Leota gave their all as we have come to expect.

Tago looks very promising

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Can we please go back to winning by 30+. I would prefer it if i didnt have to unpack the defib every weekend!

Burton proved why he is a 5/8, and he’ll be fantastic at the dogs. In saying that, if he had waited a little longer there is no doubt in my mind that he would have been worth more money now.

I also liked how Tago didnt take a backward step. Am i correct in assuming he’s from Mt Druitt/St Marys. They breed em tough out there, and he is going to be a weapon at center next year!


Some random observations :-

For the Rorters first try, I thought that Matt Eisenhuth showed all the mobility of a tree; definitely not 1st grade standard. Bit of a contrast to Leniu’s mobility (pity he keeps on taking angry-pills).
I love Leota’s energy, but in parts of the 2nd half he seemed intent on demonstrating a master class in how props are brain dead.
Kenny again showed his value.
Koraisau again on report for ‘contrary conduct’ and again will be suspended. Time for a serious talk, Ivan.
I thought that Capewell’s citing was a bit unwarranted.

Gold Pete - I called him a statue but tree fits.

How good would it be to put Leniu’s speed and aggression into Eisenhuth’s body :flushed:

How good is Martin, he steps up wherever asked and gives it everything every week, yer Yeo and Moses my next best.

I applaud the game by Burto (1st try scorer @ $18 :money_mouth_face:) but it was on the back of our middle effort, don’t be fooled by the look of the game, we won that in the middle and that was CLEARLY evident with the JWH game, he tried to get it back and went too far !

Not at our best again, but we got the chockies against a top 6 team ( second time we beat them in recent months) so some real positives there & cemented a top 4 finish. Robinsons sooking is laughable - it’s called karma A$^#hole)
Overcoming the ‘managing back in the game’ as displayed by Sutton is always a plus. He is absolutely pathetic. Did you see him apologising to Tedesco for having to penalise them, and then he let both Tedesco & Manu take quick taps when no-one else seems allowed to as the ref always says wait for the mark or wait for me - not if you are a rooster (or Gutherson).
We also have made enemies with MRC somehow??
I think the last 8 weeks or show (origin and beyond) have IC knowing a lot more now than he did about our squad. So that’s a plus.
NC’s return will be important, not just for what he brings himself, & takes pressure of others, some of whom are perhaps trying to do too much in his absence, but his return will also allow us to have Burto & Critter in the centres who bring a lot & also make room for the other players around them.
The media are in love with Manly (well only Turbo really) & rabbits, but thta’s just how we want it. It’s a whole new ball game come September.

Penrith winning the comp is not a marketing success…it’s an unfortunate scenario for the game in many ways !!!

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Right on, Kev. When the unwashed do well, it’s time for a shakeup of the system.
And have you noticed how the faves are referred as ‘Teddy’, ‘Turbo’ or ‘Latrell’? You’ll never hear the media refer to any Penrith player in such adoring tones.

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