[2021] R5 Panthers v Raiders - Game Day Thread

Do we keep the panther clap going every time we score regardless of who we play?

I may be on the outer with this, but wondering if we offer the dogs a swap with Burto for Critta? Sweeten the deal with an immediate release?

To the Raiders credit, they really got under the Panthers skin in the first 25 minutes. Some very uncharacteristic errors from the team turing over the ball in prime attacking position. The completion rate was anchored to the 60% mark.

They started to calm down and stopped being reactive. They started to set the pace and shift the momentum. The Raiders started to look a little gassed. and then they struck punishing the Raiders with 3 tries in before the half time hooter.

The second half was much better, they controlled the game and choked the Raiders out of it. The Raiders were out of puff and were doing everything in their power to slow the game down and try to get some time to catch their breath. The Panthers fitness just blew them off the park at the end. Some real silky passing and kicking was on point.

I am just amazed how confident they are, I almost started to pull my hair out when Luai kicked the ball ON THE FIRST TACKLE at the line thinking it was a waste of a set, but he knew what he was doing and planted the ball down for a try.

This is a special team starting to come together. If they can keep it together and maintain the quality across the season, I’m not sure what is going to get in their way to be honest.


On the '91 celebration, I know from reports that Greg Barwick was stuck in UK & couldn’t make it, but was there also not another person missing from the group?
I think he may have some role with the team?? Perhaps he was mentioned on Ch9?

Thanks for the extended commentary SHF.
I like what I see from Tago in the reserve grade; he moves like Luai, and seems to have speed to burn.
And, sitting in the Eastern grandstand, I find the bright lights at the back of the Channel 9 tent to be irritating when the play is in that part of the ground.
Staines speed is great to watch. Apart from James Roberts’ short stay at Penrith, I don’t recall Penrith ever having a true speedster. Maybe we have focussed on a winger who can jump, defuse a bomb and bring it back with plenty of post-contact metres.

Memo to all.

Hells bells, pls don’t fall into to the ‘claptrap’.
Let ‘em raid as much as they want, us? Play footy !

I think last night was something special for the Raiders fans. I doubt we will be giving anyone else “The Clap”


I agree with Mr Walkers comment referring the refreshments and concessions, the range is poor and the lines are way too long.

I feel they should bring the BBQ back. They should put up a big industrial range hood up (for the smoke), let a junior league club run it for each game and let them take a share of the takings for the night. I saw this run on a smaller scale at the Bathurst matches, and it goes down well.

Kind of like a Bunnings snag arrangement. The lines would move pretty quick and most people find it hard to say no to a snag sanga.


No mention of the Capewell basic miss to let them score. This for mine was far worse than anything Crichton did or didn’t do.

Don’t get me wrong, Capewell had a good game, like everyone else, but that miss was a horrible brain explosion where he looked like he was trying to strip the ball rather than make the tackle 10m out.

Our bench (with the exception of Eisenhuth) is full of energy, I think this is a key factor to maintaining our effort throughout the 80.

How happy was I to see Rapana get schooled by our kids :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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LOL… It’s funny. When I saw that at the game I thought to myself “You know, Kev is probably going to bring that up”. :rofl:

But there isn’t much you can complain about with Capewell. He is averaging 70 minutes a game, more than any forwards or second rower out there. He is always sitting outside Cleary for his opportunity to strike, and to be honest, he has a pretty good kicking game, he has at least forced a few dropouts this year.

I may be in the minority, but I hope we can convince him to stay beyond the end of this year, I do hear he wants to head back to QLD, but I’m sure we can offer him something to stay. Id rather him playing for us rather than against us.


agree with you Steve, he certainly is having a go. Much rather him the Eisenhuth that is for sure lol.

Have to agree though, that was a big miss in the context of the game at that time, obviously overshadowed by our will to win and grind them into the dirt attitude.

For what it’s worth - Happy to keep him also. :wink:

Matt Eisenhuth reminds me more of a Rugby Union forward, ie more the lumbering type of big body than the Spencer Lenui mobility.


Told you we needed another prop !

That lad from Saints might be the ticket !

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