[2021] R6 Broncos v Panthers - Game Day Thread

They’ve got a sniff now Mutley and will make it harder than it should be.
And that’s our own fault.

Nb let Burton put one up, they’re not expecting him to kick.

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Have been impressed with Leniu’s workrate.

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Despite the result, I think the Broncos have given the other 14 teams a blueprint to challenge us tonight. Plenty of pressure applied to our left edge in defence, blunting their effectiveness in attack.

Credit to Brisbane but the Panthers were off their game big time.
We need to have a long hard look at ourselves if we wanna figure in the ‘big dance’ come finals time.

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:mega: Panther Pride Man of the Match voting is now open here.


Well… have to say the Bronco really turned out tonight, really shut me up.

I feel if they played a team a little lower on the ladder they would have walked away with the 2 points. I was happy again to see the Panthers were always in the game and played it right to the end. They really got tested and agains found a way to win in difficult circumstances.

Some of the guys looked a bit flat… Yeo looked pale as a ghost, not sure what was going on. I did notice the humidity peaking at almost 80% and wondering if that had a factor in the teams flatness.

But credit to the Broncos, they keep that effort up and they will find their season turning around in no time.

3 home games coming up will do the Panthers well.

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There was always going to be a stage where we would be flat. Overrall our defence was solid, and Cleary + Luai really stepped up in the big moments. They were the difference.

There were a couple of HIA’s in there, which i think didn’t help. Kikau never really got into the game. The broncos somehow managed to completely shut him down in the second half.

Last year in the GF Storm didn’t shut him down, he just made errors. That was the first time in a while where we haven’t seen a big run or massive line break from him. Look out knights.


Kikau’s game was forgettable yes, but To’o and Momirovski had ordinary games.

Thank you Thank You Thank You Broncos
Ok let me explain.
I am thanking the Broncos for turning up last night and sending a very very important message to our team…and the message is not only simple it is load and clear…WAKE UP

Anyone who doesn’t believe the “noise” got to our team only had to watch the nonsense “handshake” celebration in the try scoring.

I mean handshakes?

Forget about the message that was sending, its about the message itself. IC had clearly told the kids to “tone it down” and for that we got what we got last night

In short IC fell for the “noise” hook line and sinker and took our entire team down the hole with him.

This is a brash, exuberant young team…if success confronts people, well let them suffer by watching success.

Trying to subdue/mute or turn off success is a recipe for disaster.

Which is why we were at odds and why i said last night was a serious danger game for us for all the reasons i articulated.

And despite high completion rates and all other statistics which might suggest we did everything right, we i believe did everything wrong “between the ears” not between the white lines on the field.

And Broncos also highlighted some terrible flaws in our defence like the Too bombs and without me banging on about him, Crichton.
In my opinion Crichton needs a stint in reserves, his defensive reads are terrible, his positional play is worse and his EFFORT is most concerning.
We got the money and the scoreline flattered us, and importantly it gave us plenty to work on and to understand about our game.
If we have to be brash and arrogant to win, unleash the brashness and arrogance.
We won’t be remembered for being a team of nice young men who shook hands after scoring a great try in the heat of battle.
Its a very long year and having issues early is a good thing but the great squads like Storm/Roosters never lose focus on the main game.


Wow, some hard markers on here.

I was always expecting that the ponies would put in a real effort at some point, and they do have some good players, so the fact that they tested us should not have been a surprise.

Yes we didn’t lap them. We weren’t at our best. If To’o had scored that try perhaps we just roll over them from there. As it turns out it was a poor kick from NC that gave them a 7 tackle set that gave the ponies a sniff. We also gave up the spreading of the ball early in the game, perhaps wanting to win the battle in the middle??

A tap back from a bomb & a quick play the ball and inside pass that caught us out were their 2 tries.

In the end our control & skill got us the 2 points. It’s not so very long ago we would be over the moon to have come home from Brisbane with the 2 points. It’s a long season & we are not going to be perfect every week. In 2 weeks we should have Api & Dylan back, Critter can return to centre and normal transmission resumed.

Let’s just enjoy the weekend on top of the ladder, undefeated!!!

I tend to agree with mrwalker, but I must admit, that is the worst performance i’ve seen from Crichton, but he is playing out of position. Note: The Staines carry from our end where he lost the ball and the tackle where he got bashed and lost it, justify the need to leave him on the wing. He is not big enough to take the hard carries from fullback just yet.

The big issue that i saw was very early from our forwards, not sure if the Broncs were beating us up :roll_eyes: or it was part of our game plan BUT our middle men (8, 10 & 13) were avoiding going straight, it was like we only had edge back rowers at the start, very unlike us.

Another key point was May, he came on early in the 1st half and was atrocious IMO. Needless to say when he went off in the 2nd half and Kikau came back on, we were a different team.

I cannot believe some of you are saying Tóo played bad, quite the opposite IMO. He was targeted all game, yes he dropped 1 or 2 from 15, but right to the very end, if he took the bomb and got pumped, he got straight back up and took the 3rd hit up. It was a MASSIVE effort. Note: I never give MOTM votes to backs, but he is getting a vote from me this week, including NC, that is how bad our forwards were with the exception of Leniu…If anyone needs a reggies stint, it’s Eisenhuth, he is a slug.

Does anyone dream about trying to run but they can’t? That is how I see Eisenhuth when he takes the ball up :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I can’t help but be happy & smile at the thoughts of not so long ago when our coach was Elliott, & when we had players in our team such as Ciraldo, Newton, Smith, Purtell & our chief playmaker was Walsh & our go to play was to throw the ball to Jenko and say “do you best” :slight_smile:

Some perspective please. We haven’t lost a game at home since May 2019, we have lost only one game in almost a year, we are undefeated thru 6 rounds & the best the media can come up with is to say we’re arrogant & disrespectful. I say bring it on!


Agreed. In fact two of the passes leading up to that try were ‘dubious’, and not a word from the commentators. You could almost feel the need of the NRL to have Brisbane win.

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Judiciary charges handed down by the Match Review Committee from last nights game


Player Charge Grade Points (Early) Points Suspension
Paul Mimirovski Dangerous Contact (Head) 2 225 300 2-3 weeks

Some observations :-

How many dummy half passes for Brisbane were ‘flat’ (AKA forward passes)?

How was the strip from To’o by Pangai a knock-on? That was a real shift in momentum, and it was when I started to feel the NRL ‘need’ for a Brisbane win.

Agreed that Charlie Staines needs to play to his strengths for the time being, and that doesn’t include trying to emulate To’o bringing the ball back. I also noticed Staines sometimes playing three in from the wing in attack, probably giving him a chance to act like a fullback chiming into the backline.

Bad miss by Burton on Pangai for their first try, especially as he had the sideline to use.

They sure marked Kikau heavily, but that normally frees up the attacker beside him, so not necessarily a bad thing.

Brisbane were always going to come out firing, and we shouldn’t forget the apparent strength of their roster. It was only a matter of time, and when better than a home ground against a team for whom they have had disdain ever since (and probably before) Gene Miles called them a team of nobodies (before Penrith wiped them off the park in 1990). Us being the current top team was just extra motivation.

Why does Crichton just amble up to the defence? Momentum can break tackles. What a difference to, say, To’o or Edwards.

And winning such a tight, hard game can only be beneficial. The Titans game looks like being interesting. If Penrith managed to hold Haas, they can probably also contain Fifita.

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But as you said with Crichton, he was out of position, they had him in the second row. I didn’t think May did too bad to be honest. with a few HIA’s out there the team got shuffled quite a bit. I wondered if that had some impact of the performance after the reshuffle.

This will bring an intriguing choice for IC. Naden back in to the centres (is he allowed yet), or Crichton back in to the centres and Staines a chance at FB.

I don’ t think should be making too many positional changes. If Momirovski is suspended, just bring in Naden for him & leave as-is. Edwards is due back for the following game. Naden looked strong in reggies last week. Maybe worth a trip to the game tomorrow to take a look.
Maybe IC will play TMay at RC just for this week?

Fair point Steve, but the take away from that is, May isn’t a backrower. What is the concern is the defensive misses (1 led to a try) in the middle. He has played dummy half before and the defensive requirement is excessive which he has handled in the past.

Happy to provide him some slack on this occasion (listen to me lol) but I will be keeping an eye on him :rofl:

Eisenhuth on the other hand…No Excuse

Ahh, the good old days! Lol.

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