[2021] R8 Panthers v Sea Eagles - Game Day Thread

Good defence, they had 4 sets on our line & we absorbed everything they threw at us.

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May scores off a well placed Cleary grabber

Panthers 22-12, 57 mins

Mutley , Who’s May on for?

No idea, probably playing lock given Api is still on

Ok must be Kikau the invisible man


Saab scores for Manly

Panthers 22-16, 74 mins

Chricton try after Martin bats it back from the dead ball line

Panthers 28-12, 77 mins

A great game despite Klein doing his best to influence the result.

To’o was fantastic yet again. Martin is taking his game to another level and Cleary is the best in the game.

Manly certainly came to play, I felt we had some periods where we didn’t respect the opposition, but thankfully we lifted out of that kind of mindset.

No way Burtons tackle should of been placed on report.

8 from 8 we are motoring nicely


The ref calls were hilarious, Cleary gets taken out by Turbo Tom and DCE scores then Burton on report for Tupau running into him.

They ere just 2 howlers plus once again we are murdered by teams slowing the play the ball down and we get pinged for everything and anything.

That being said Martin was the difference for us…Kikau is proving to be like Crichton, has heaps of class and ability its just not on show

I think it was a strange game by us, we seemed to switch on and off but always were in control.

But again was a win, albeit not at 100% but a win

on a side note if anyone was watching Kayo like me, they had Turbo Tom being the greatest player to have laced on a boot…maybe it was a ski boot because i thought he was average at best and don’t get me started on his brother. He must buy all the beers in the Orogin camp!!!


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I thought overall we were tardy with our ball security.
Having said that a damn fine team can play poorly and still come away with the win. And that’s what we’ve done. A few blokes were off their game (Kikau), 2 others back from injury (Edwards/Koriosou) and others
Martin, Lenui stood up to be counted. The opposition are rising to the occasion but fortunately our fellas have accepted the challenge. I can’t expect 40 point wins week in/week out but I can expect spirited effort to compete successfully. I’m a happy camper, cheers!


F@%k me, the NRL are death riding Penrith, crying out for us to lose. The Burton penalty/report, the tap on to Staines, the Cleary knock-on (over his shoulder), the DCE take-out of Cleary and the number of ‘flat’ passes from Manly come to mind. Even giving Klein the game reeks of a hoped-for result.

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We’re always going to have shit calls go against us, but the 2020/2021 model of the Panthers doesn’t care. They don’t complain, they just get on with it. There is no way Burton will get charged, and once again the play was called back for a penalty that should not have been given. I believe Mitch Kenny was done by a supposed crusher tackle a few weeks ago.

I know Crichton has been kinda average in attack, but today his defence was brilliant. Staines and Crichton combined so well. Those two must have saved 3-4 tries together in that game. Amazing effort.

Went to the game today, the weather was perfect and the drive was great. (apart from the bloody road work) Its not until you sit on that hill that you remember how great seats are. The hill was so slippery i kept sliding down lol.

Just happy for yet another win. If you told me back in those luke walsh days that our team would be performing the way they are now, i would have called you insane.


does anyone else share a poor view of Eisenhuth and his work rate and what he brings to the team?
I am concerned about him as part of the bench when compared to Martin and Lenui who add energy, ability, aggression and increase our work rate even higher which makes it harder for teams to go with us.

Eisenhuth reminds me a lot of Tamou, big man but little to no impact in attack or defence. He is slow, prone to errors and isn’t able to break the defence or even hurt the attack.

Which perhaps shows a weakness in our forward strength if we sustained a long term injury.

Also was Capewell hurt or was he hooked?

He had an odd game and doubt he was hooked for dropping the ball but felt he was running a lot sideways.

We face Cronulla who will be either wounded or given up on their season already with so many movements of players, their coach and even mooted departures.

Maybe a wounded side is more dangerous but is a game we will need to win will.

we must continue the winning streak as we head into SOO time where ei expect we will lose Cleary,Luai…with maybe Crichton, Martin and even Burton.


Capewell has a rib injury, possibly up to 3 weeks out.

JFH had a niggle in the leg (hamstring I think) but should be ok for next week.

Agree about Eisenhuth, I can’t see what value he offers, but in saying that I haven’t been watching lower grades, so not sure who we can bring in to replace him.

Not good news about Capewell. He puts in a lot of minutes and been hitting hard.

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The NSW cup has a few who would easily replace Eisenhuth without issue.


Burton being put on report and being penalized is an absolute farce…I wonder if coaches will start using players to headbutt defensive shoulders to get a penalty, will become a tactic…Guarantee there are a few Storm players who would be happy to do it if the game is a tie with 5 to go… :thinking:

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Burton is only looking at a fine

$1150 for early plea

$1500 if found guilty at judiciary

Why can’t the judicary overturn the decision and throw it out?

At the moment it’s guilty or guilty and that’s bullshit.

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What about John Faiumu or Lindsay Smith as suggestions for the interchange, with the transfer from St G ( I forget his name) in the longer term? Or even Sorensen? From week 1 I noted to friends that our reserves were specials for the premiership, with the only team to be afraid of were themselves. So plenty of talent there.

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