[2021] SF Panthers v Eels - Game Day Thread

Why don’t we take the gift 2 points

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Most nervous I have been for a game in a few years

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never sat on the edge of my chair so much, gees we missed some what only a few weeks ago would have been simple opportunities

but our defence won the night

I hope Too is back for next week as we missed his returns.

We need a major improvement from here to trouble Storm but we can.

We just seem to lack something at the moment, not sure what it is but its not much but its there.

Enjoy what was a real battle and Eels didn’t go away, so congrats to them for pushing us…maybe that is what we needed.

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note to self

how does a player go on report for 2 head highs and remain on the field?
The ref had a shocker and some of his calls were terrible for BOTH teams.

I am breathing again

:mega: Panther Pride Man of the Match voting is open here.

Apparently Klein always gives us a leg up :roll_eyes:

Here are the stats that prove it

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Did I miss something, or did Parra supply all the Ch 9 commentary team. It was like having Lewis, Vautin and Lockyer as commentators for a Brisbane game (which happened once when Penrith played them in Brisbane, and you wondered who Brisbane was playing). All I seemed to hear was how brave the Eels were, how lucky Penrith were to win, etc. Zero points for impartiality.
I thought that we had more close scoring calls than the Eels. Luai was only inches off-side, Burton went close, Cleary was pulled down less than a metre out and Pangai was held up over the line. Plus informed opinion seemed to be that Moses took a dive to deny Luai his try.
Their coach was having a bitch, but conveniently ignored how play was stopped for Blake when Blake was already off the field! And Ferguson’s crusher must have been the worst crusher decision of the year. I reckon he Eels were so adept at milking, I was sure that Oak was their sponsor as well.
It looks like Kenny might be out for a while; bit of a bummer.
And what about Crichton’s intercept; must be the best hands in the NRL.


Still concerned about the team’s attitude going into the last couple of games. The fun seems to have gone out of their game. Coming back on after half time it looked like they were going to a funeral. They need to be enjoying the game, that is when they are at their best. These big games seem to be getting in their heads. Let’s hope their spirits pick back up for next week’s game.


Hats off to our defence. That’s attitude right there. The score line
Is reminiscent of great match ups of years gone by. After a season of blowout scores I’m seeing a gritty determination worthy of finals football. The final piece of the jigsaw ‘attack’ is yet to be placed, but if they get that right, we’ll be hard to beat.

Nb if two points are up for grabs in finals footy, you take ‘em.


yes i was a little confused by the not taking of the 2 points and you could almost feel each time Eels turned us away they became more energised despite our onslaught

and last word on “feigning” of injuries

Ferguson should be fined $50k for bringing the game into disrepute

Claims a crusher tackle and forgot in his act to actually act and instead get up and start a fight…maybe the rope a dope tags does really apply to him but he needs to be sanctioned in my opinion

If the game descends into this , the public will turn their back on the game.


Best actor in a Rugby League match goes to…


Yes I think that for the boys the excitement, fun & enjoyment seemingly has gone out of the games. Expectation is a difficult beast to handle. The effort is there & the way they work for each other in defence is a sight to behold.
Perhaps the bubble life has taken a toll on them mentally without life without the distractions of everyday life & perhaps to much focus on footy?
There is little expectation for them now with almost everyone expecting they will lose this week, so with nothing to lose perhaps the freestyle play will return with the ball?
The less said about Ashely Clown the better. Having said that I expect Melbourne will have their ref Sutton in their side on Saturday.
Beating the slimies 3 times in a year is a rare pleasure, so let’s just enjoy the moment.

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I loved how the commentators regularly reminded us that “Penrith have never beaten Parramatta in a finals match”.

Given that none of the players were born in 1985, and some weren’t even born in 2000, it’s hardly a relevant statistic :roll_eyes:

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They were doing their best to drum up this underdog story with Parramatta. Most of the pregame stuff was about the Eels. Most the media this week has been about the Eels.

Eventually they will have to pay attention to us. There are only 4 teams left to talk about.


Surprisingly sent to me by a Parra fan I work with!!!


Last week I copped it from a few Sharks fans because Souths beat us. This week it’s Souths fans whinging about the Eels being ripped off. Maybe people should just stick to their own teams :roll_eyes:

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Just listened to the podcast on NRL.com. Talk about sickening. Nothing about Ferguson’s acting performance. Nothing about the ref stopping play for Blake, even though Blake was off the field. Little recognition that the only Eels try came from a Hale Mary bomb with a wicked bounce into Blake’s arms. Just talk about how good the Eels defended. No; just bag Penrith. I suppose we are used to that sort of crap, after 53 years of it. The crunch for me was when this podcaster (a dyed-in-the-wool Eels supporter) commented “well, I suppose that you’ve got to give Penrith some credit”. Freakin’ pricks.


I have since stopped some time back listening/watching any of these so called experts. I don’t watch NRL360, 100% footy etc & as for dickheads like the Johns’ forget it. And who needs Yvonne Sampson repeating what the coaches just said in the presser - we just heard them say it! Who wants to hear Cronk & Ennis trying to out analyse each other.
I watch the games on Fox, unless forced to watch 9 (SOO & GF). Most games I watch with the sound muted, only turning the sound on to hear what the bunker is saying, only to have some dope like Steve Roach talking crap over the bunker audio. I will often watch the coaches presser.
When I go to the games, I don’t have a ball by ball commentary or some expert in my ear. I watch the game & have some chat with my boys or the people who sit around me. Sometimes I might ask old mate with sportsears what the officials were saying about an incident. Other wise I watch the game & see for myself.
Try it - you may like it :slight_smile:


A couple of points from me

  1. Who loves Moses more now, I cannot, He is my number 1 anyway :wink:
  2. I disagree with taking the 2 when you are 2 in front, had them on their line after multiple sets. I actually think those decisions played in our favor late in the game, they were shot ducks physically. Endurance is our Forté
  3. Kikau was AWFUL - Is his contract situation a distraction? I know he can be a game breaker, but he tried to break us this time, i’m not a fan. Hopefully his injury forces him out this week and we get some real focus and energy from someone off the bench.
  4. That was the most stressful game i have experienced, I was spent after the game :rofl:
  5. Thank heavens for Dylan Edwards, he had an enormous game with the exception of the try and the Kikau incident
  6. Refereeing will creat the results this week and next - Friday’s game vs our game were 2 completely different ref performances, Roosters pinged hard for flops, Our game they were NON existent???