[2022] GF Panthers v Eels - Game Day Thread

Doesn’t really matter what odds the Eels are, $1.01 or $100. Back them and you will be tearing up your ticket Sunday night.


I disagree there is a receny bias, as when we beat them was only a few weeks ago. Phil Gould mentioned he “can’t see a scenario where the Eels win”, most other experts are not only picking us but picking us 13+, so it will be choke of we lose.

We won’t choke, haven’t seen that from a panther side in 3 years.

And yes I have a long memory

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To my thinking, Parra need to be leading going into the last 20 minutes to have any hope of getting over us.

We will be fresher after the time most of our squad has had off over the last few weeks, and we rarely get run down anyway. I think part of the reason we started slow last week was we still had some cobwebs from the time we had off. That shouldn’t happen this week.

Parra may have come from behind last week, but I think it was more a case of inexperience from the Cowboys in finals, than Parra actually playing good enough to come back.


1 more sleep

Like the night before Xmas…so excited

I just have a simple hope for the game and hope it will be delivered

I hope we have 2 teams battle it out on merit without the ref or bunker intervening or worst of all impacting the outcome

we have 2 teams who should be measured with the outcome based on their effort alone and no one else

Parra deserve to be in the final as do we.

I want the game decided by the teams and them alone.

Don’t want to see blatant forward passes rewarded or the bunker coming up with reasons why a try should be or not be awarded on some obscure reason.

we have 2 sides who have worked hard to be at the big dance…let them decide who is the winner.

I suspect i won’t have this hope executed but a lot like the night before Xmas…ones hopes and expectations are not always delivered.

Go the Panthers


I love Jarome but he gets carried away at some stages , saying Eels should refer to them as “daddy” is not wise before a GF.

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At the start of the season, there is where we would have hoped to be. A credible defense of our title, not an easy task in itself, clear winners of the minor premiership & with a team fit and ready to go in the GF.
I said 2 months ago that at, or close, to our best only bad luck with injuries &/or suspensions or bad officiating could stop us winning the whole damn thing & I’ve seen nothing since to change that opinion.
I think we should win & I predict a huge game from Billy & Api in their last games for us, and a try to Critter at some point.
C’mon boys, you can do this.
And we’ll be there early to cheer on the Cup boys as well.


Getting close now. Unlike the last 2 years, I have had to work the week leading up to the GF, so I haven’t had too much time to think about it yet.

I was confident at the start of the week we would win comfortably in the end, and haven’t found cause to feel any different.

Ironically the 2 Eels supporters at work who have been confident & chatty all year have been very quiet this week, and even a bit nervous. Probably a good sign for us.

I’ll get into my routine soon, with a quiet drink tonight, and a sleep in tomorrow, before heading to Penrith to check into my motel, before heading to the game.

Regardless of the result I’m visiting a mate up the mountains on Monday to celebrate (hopefully).

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Not as good as last years, but still somewhat amusing

The morning of the grand final and I am feeling relaxed, comfortable and stress free, an interesting feeling compared to previous grand finals.

Can’t wait for the game, broken record time but like most other fans I would prefer an afternoon or twilight match, the wait for these “made for tv” tends to drive one either to boredom or insanity

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Agreed, I hate the late kick off. 4 or 6pm would be better & give us more time to party back at Panthers.

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One of the very few benefits of not having daylight saving in QLD; the 6.30 kick off means I can watch it without the danger of falling asleep in front of the tele.

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Lifted from facebook;

It would be appreciated if all the Parra fans could be as courteous as the Rabbitohs fans were last week and leave the stadium with 20 minutes to go.
It gives Panther fans a bit more room to celebrate and makes the exit a bit less congested when we’re finished for the night

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Unfortunately I’m serving another ban from Facebook at the moment for “hate speech” which once again wasn’t. The programs they use to determine this stuff doesn’t understand context or nuances in language, and the appeals process is nothing more than window dressing.

Great timing being banned while I was away on holidays a couple of weeks ago, and then this week (and next) with the Grand Final!!! :man_facepalming:

Have a great day Panther fans, hopefully celebrating a deserved victory.
Panthers forever Puss !


You too mate & all those on here and supporters in general.
We are heading off to the game shortly & hoping for a win!!!


Penrith up 18-0 in the state cup.

The more I see of him, the more I want Blacker to replace Kikau next year.


Luke is a threat in attack, and a good replacement for Koroisa next year. But his passing is poor at times, a bit surprising given the years he has had to develop his craft. Maybe he’s just having a bad game.


Agree with Luke, same through all the year he has his good moments, but seems a little unpolished.

Starting with Kenny and having Luke in the 14 could be an option though


And with a late try to Turuva and a conversion from the sideline by Faiumu (of all people ! ), Penrith win 44-10.

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