[2022] GF Panthers v Eels - Game Day Thread

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Penrith Panthers 44 Tries J’maine Hopgood (2), Soni Luke, Eddie Blacker, John Faiumu, Robert Jennings, Luke Sommerton, Sunia Turuva.
Goals Kurt Falls (5/7), John Faiumu (1/1)
Norths Devils 10 Tries Tony Tumusa, Rashaun Denny.
Goals Connor Broadhurst (1/2)


And in regard to dummy half, this week one of the NRL luminaries rated Mahoney as about the best dummy half passer in the comp. As we are sure to see this evening, probably leading to a bunch of line breaks, I think that the luminary meant to say that Mahoney is about the best dummy half forward passer.

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Blacker was impressive alright as was Smith.
Probably over thinking to hope for a Kikau replacement, hopefully Blacker can develop his own game and that means big minutes at NRL level which is a huge jump up compared to State Cup as we saw with the 2 sides today
Great win to Penrith.

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yess i laughed when i heard that summary of Mahoney…he just cannot pass to his left, hopefully as i had posted the game sent decided by an Officials shocker like the Moses pass last week.

Cannot believe how the weather has held off.

Solid first half, very tradesman like

oh my

a perfect half of football by a team who is clearly focussed

we are hurting in offence and defence and Parra will fade badly in the last 15 minutes.

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Congrats to the very very best team, we beat them everywhere

Congrats to Dylan Edwards for his Clive Churchill Medal

Enjoy the win boys, you deserve all the accolades you get

This is truly our greatest team at Panthers beyond any doubt

They dared to dream and proved through effort and hardworking dreams can come true

Amazing and so proud of the team, club, sponsors and importantly the supporters.

We have amazing supporters and they also should savour every moment from this win.

Panthers 2022 Premiers!!!


Solid win. Now time to celebrate.

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What a day!!!

Now that I’m back at my motel (or to be more accurate cabin - I’m staying at Nepean Shores), and have had time to reflect, I can share a few thoughts…

It started this morning, when driving up to my local shops, I spotted an old friend I hadn’t see for some time. Pulled over to give him a lift, and spent some time talking about the seasons (NRL & AFL). We commiserated over his Swans losing last week (but didn’t mention his Dragons). He was on his way to watch the game with some mates. He wished me well, and said we had it won.

After a few dramas getting to my cabin, then the ground. I walked up to sit with the mate I go to the GF with every year, an old school friend. I noticed as I approached that the guy sitting in the seat on the other side was a school friend from the other school I went to!!! What are the odds, in a crowd that size? Both of my mates were also confident we would do it easily.

Went downstairs to catch up with SHF. Good to finally meet in person & have a chat face to face instead of on here.

The game itself was very different to what I was expecting. I thought Parra would stay with us for at least the first half, if not the first 60. I noticed within 10 minutes that they weren’t keeping up with us, and knew it was only a matter of time before we started piling on some points.

The first try was a bit of a letdown for one of my mates, who was on Tago to score. When we got to 12-0, I could feel we had one had on the trophy. At 18-0 I knew we had it. From there it was just a question of how much.

As much as I’d like to complain about us letting in those 2 tries at the end, it actually suited me, as it jagged me pick the score!!!

On top of that, I had Edwards for the Churchill medal, and put $100 on us to win before the season started, so it ended up a nice little payday in the end.

It was a special moment, sitting between 2 of my oldest friends, neither of whom support Panthers (Bulldogs & Dragons), watching us claim our 4th premiership, and back to back premierships. With school reunions for both schools coming up, we have a good story to tell.

Stopped off at the Maccas on the M4, mainly to use the facilities, bumped into another mate (fellow Panther this time).

As for now, at almost 1am. I’m completely knackered. I had planned on celebrating at the club (or at least in the car park) with other fans, but have pretty much no energy left. A quiet drink & off to bed.

Tomorrow I visit a workmate & fellow Panthers supporter at Bullaburra for a celebration drink, before heading back home.


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Dan day Monday at Penrith Stadium

Just had a quick peek on Facebook. According to the Facebook experts the refs won the game for us


Already favourites for a 3-peat!!!

What a team, what a game, what a club. It would have been great to be there, but thanks to Ticketek no tickets apparently available on Monday morning (then they reappeared on Tuesday). I hope that the authorities hammer the scalpers. Not a bad player in the side. You could talk all day about it. Oh, what a feeling!

So, we now have two Sattler tackles to look back on. How good is that? However I was surprised that Charlie Staines couldn’t foot it with Simonsson in that break. I’m thinking that he needs to be renamed - something like the ‘Forbes Fiat’.


it was remiss of me not to wish farewell to Api, Kiks along with Webster and Ciraldo.
I did hear during the State Cup game Hopgood is also going to Parramatta

Wish all those departing great success where they end up and hope they look back on Panthers with great fondness plus in the case of Api and Kids the 2 championships they won with this club.

Panthers finally stand on the cusp of forging something so many aspire to such as Broncos and Storm.

We have the core of a brilliant team who are all very young, maybe just maybe this is the beginning for the rarity in sport, a club who kids bust their chops to play for and get into.

Thought it was going to be after 90/91 but this group have so much more not only in ability but in youth.

Gees here i am dreaming.

Thanks to all the posters on this forum,

All begins again next year.



Well I’d been nervous all week, but I’m not sure why now.

I am very superstitious around footy and have worn the same gear - shoes, socks, jeans, undershirt, jersey & cap (current at the time) for all games for the last 3 seasons. At the open training session on Tuesday I found that my trusty shoes were falling apart, with 1 game to go. I thought I can’t wear a new pair to the GF, and so glued them together & crossed my fingers and wore them yesterday. They held in, and we won the trophy and I’m gonna give them another run next season :slight_smile:

A complete performance across the park saw us totally dominate the slimies. Too big, too strong and too clever, all combined with a fierce determination to play for each other, their club, their fans & the Penrith community.

I am so happy that I got to watch a GF win with my 2 boys. When we won in '03 they were only youngsters, and today they are men, who enjoy a day at the footy with the Dad watching our Panthers.

Well done to all the fans who turned up to cheer the boys on - it was a great atmosphere, including long after the final siren.
Not sure who did the Churchill medal selection but Dylan, Dylan, Dylan was clearly the fans choice, so they got that one right :slight_smile:

Proud the be a Panther!!!


Masterclass. Almost felt sorry for the Parra fans - almost.


Had a lot on my plate recently but THAT was the icing on the cake !

Kevin will be in seventh heaven and able to speak coherently by next weekend.

You know, the ‘new look’ bunker almost got a 'MOTM recommendation.
Savour the victory Panther fans, we have to wait another 12 months for more.



How good! Sitting in the stands after 2020 was so terrible. Managed to get 8 tickets in the Panthers bay. When we arrived, we realised we actually had restricted view seats. Couldn’t see the try line.

Turned out okay though, because the boys did their victory song right in front of us. What a memory. Just so blessed to not only support this team, but to be able to go to a GF and watch them bring back the trophy like that.

I still remember the days on here bagging out Luke Walsh for his kick selection. How far we have come in 10 years!


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