2022 NRL Rule & Procedure Changes

Ruck Infringement

Where a ruck infringement occurs in the defending teams 40m zone a penalty will occur rather than a “Six Again” call.

Team Announcements

Due to the evolving nature of the 18th mans role, teams will be required to announce a 22 man squad (previously 21) on the Tuesday team announcement.

Interchange Rules

Free interchange only now occur as s result of the offending player being “sin binned” rather than being placed on report previously

Time off for injuries

The referee will be the only person with the ability to call time off for injuries, with the exception of head injuries.


They have this 1 back to front, it should be if a ruck infringement occurs for the attacking team in their own 20 that a penalty is given. The issue is creating a set defensive line, so on the 1st or 2nd tackle, teams are prepared to “give away” an extra tackle or 2 to ensure they have a set defense. If a penalty was the option here, it would make the game a far better spectacle.

Note: On the basis that a kick for touch is allowed to happen fast to put the offending side on the back foot. Allow the set defense at the tap without holding up play. Teams will stop laying down in the tackle at the start of a set in the opposition 20.

When you are on the attack in their half, just keep calling 6 again and the attacking team keeps pumping through the middle.

This one is WRONG IMO


I think the thinking by the NRL was that a lot of defending teams would give away a lot of ‘six agains’ on their try line in an attempt to prevent the attacking team and frustrating them into an error.

This was a tactic used by a few teams this year (cough… Storm and Bunnies) to great success.

I’m still on the fence on the “Six Again” rule… I’m not sure the payoff is worth it… sure we get a faster game, but as usual the smart coaches have found a way to exploit it. I do hope the revision to the rule fixes it, but I would be just as happy if it just goes back to being a penalty just the same.

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That is why the sin bin is so critical…If you have 3 in a row, boom C goes to the bin, not some winger or tired forward who is being replaced anyway, the skipper goes to the bin. I thought once the sin bin was the tool for repeat offenders defending their line, it generally stopped.

1 thing about coaches, they will do whatever it takes to keep 13 on the field, AND if the rule was the C gets the bin, well that would just add credence to the need for coaches to change tactics. If you have 2 C’s, the forward gets binned first.

Imagine the Panthers losing Yeo on our line because we were laying down…no thanks


are we all sufficiently versed in new rule interpretation?
Not long now before we will need to understand what’s going on! :thinking:

What the hell is going on with our game? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I watched that Knights v Manly game last night and although the scoreline doesn’t reflect it, the Knights were the better side for the most part.

This six again rule is farcical based on last nights game, Jake T (the golden child) was pinged 3 consecutive times for slowing the ruck with the 3rd time being a penalty just inside the 40…NOTHING DONE - Then he was involved in the “past the horizontal” penalty, that is 4 indiscretions within about 15 minutes for 1 player. There was a stat referenced by Vossy & Ennis (He also said, Manly are getting away with just laying all over the knights) early in the 2nd half where there were 14 “penalties” against Manly for slowing the play the ball, 8 were ‘six again’ and 6 were actual penalties, i.e. inside the attacking 40…I don’t think I can watch other teams play anymore, I was getting angry at a game where I didn’t care about the result !!!

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nevermind Kev, you can always watch the women !!! :smiley:

Good Idea Puss

At least these girls are playing for the love of the game, which is easily identified through their enthusiasm on the field and no bullshit playing style.

They are not being ‘coached’ for ascendancy not in the spirit of the game.

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Went out for dinner last night, actually had a quick chat with Isaah Yeo who was also there having dinner. He’s a good man.

So only saw the last 30mins of the game & did hear the comments by Voss & Ennis, and they are only saying what we all are thinking. The officiating is pathetic!
The final 20’ or so just showed how much momentum plays in the game result. Who knows what would have happened for the rest of the game if the knights guy had of grounded that ball, giving them the lead??
Tipped the silvertails, mainly because knights have no halves and they have the ‘phantom’ media-darling Ponga as the hope of the side, so happy with the result!

The start of the game, the very first hit up was farcical. Tapau got hit, accidentally high and he immediately started grabbing his shoulder, rolling on the ground like a stuck pig. Video ref reviews it, high contact, on report penalty.

Now the rule is, if contact to the head is made and the player does not get straight back to his feet, he is required to do a HIA…nothing happened, he played the entire first half. He was groggy when he stood up too.

The question is WTF ??