2022 One to Watch?

With trials fast approaching and season proper less than a month away,
who do you think will shine in ‘22.

With Capewell gone to Qld there’s a few extra minutes up for grabs and I think 1) Liam Martin will find another gear 2) Spencer Lenui will hit his straps and 3) Nathan Cleary to get better, if that’s possible.

Well, what do you guys think ??? :grinning:

Moses “The Motor” Leota to win Dally M prop of the year
Dylan Edwards to win Panthers players player
Nathan Cleary to win Dally M top pointscorer

Big hopes for, Leniu. Time for him to step up - he’s had a decent taste of 1st grade & got the opportunity to really stamp himself as a cornerstone of the pack. If he does, our pack give other teams nightmares.

Also J’maine Hopgood. He’s got a chance to make a spot his own. Hope he nails it.

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Iszak Tago is one to watch. Showed plenty in the limited time he had last year.

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He is going to go great guns this year.

Leota and Martin to go on from their improvement last year.

Tago to cement the centre spot and have the whole league talking.

Staines to surprise with his beefed up physic.

I fear it’s a make or break year for Spencer.

Sorensen to keep doing what he does.

One or hopefully both of Hop’good and Smith to take it to the next level.

The one I really fear for is Api. Through either form or injury I see him giving way to an ever improving Kenny.

Will Geyer make his debut? Be an instant sensation?

the young ‘mg’ has a lot to live up to and times have changed. Just hope he plays his own game, not his ole mans. Best wishes Mav ! :sunglasses:

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There will be plenty to watch, but I would suggest you keep an eye on Mitch Kenny.

This is his year, he knows he is in the drivers seat to take that Hooker spot in 2023 and will be pushing his case to the coaching staff.

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Interesting to see Eddie Blacker all 116kgs of him (same weight as Kikau) stride his stuff. Injury disrupted his 2021 campaign and whilst he’s not goin to run in length of the field tries, he’s not someone I’d want to get in the way of. :upside_down_face:

My observation, from limited viewing, is that Geyer is a bit of a loose cannon, a bit like Hetherington, giving too many penalties.

that’s what I was afraid of … oh well time will tell !

Some might think I’m nuts with this comment, but I would give Mitch Kenny first crack at dummy half this year. I was watching the Panther pre-season doco and he is always a top 3 trainer. He has the best work ethic of our entire squad and that should be rewarded round 1. Api could be a bench player (back up dummy half) round 1, he could fill in basically anywhere and it would be a real kick in the pants, hopefully make him to step up and FOCUS on the team in his last year with us.

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What’s Koroisau’s vaccination status? He was one of the few that hadn’t been vaxxed late last year/early this year & it may effect his ability to play in Qld or N.Z. (although Covid border policies change all the time.)

Anyway, the vax status of any player should enter into the selection process, imho.

good, play Kikau on the wing, might help his focus.
:upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

Ps good to have you back Kevin !