[2022] R14 Knights v Panthers - Game Day Thread

Nice first half and both Cleary and Luai turned it up a notch and Cleary’s kicking game was on full display.
I hope the boys go on with this and we have been guilty in the past on being a little soft when we have a good lead, but we have set ourselves up to keep piling on points.

A couple of quick tries and Knights will be looking to get off and head to the bar.

Do we keep Cleary on late into he game and who plays 7 if he comes off for a reward?

I think we might leave both Cleary and Luai on until the end.

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Nice win but was most happy with how Nathan went off when they scored.

Their try was a blemish and some late effort work by us was not good.

Said it before but scary thing is we can play better.

Hope all the boys pull up OK and enjoy the win


:mega: Panther Pride Man of the Match voting is now open here.

That was beyond awesome. Thought Knights were better than the scoreline suggested but panthers were awesome. Big shoutout to the officials, first time in living memory we didn’t have a disallowed try/tries.



Once again a comprehensive display with Yeo out and several guys backing up from Wed night, albeit against a team that don’t offer much.

Note to Fittler - Give NC & Romey some go forward up front, good service from d/h & a ref keeping a reasonable 10, & they will just about win every time. Too big, too strong & too unrelenting.

Not a bad player & asking questions on every set just outplays the opposition. A good sign is the players reaction to letting thru a linebreak or a try - they really strive for perfection.

Onwards & upwards



I feel the problem with the halves at origin came down to poor delivery out from dummy half and the forwards not doing their job allowing their HB and FE to set a strong attacking line.

I fell maybe Cook needs to be tapped on the shoulder and make way for Api Koroisau at Hooker. The delivery needs to be much quicker.

On the game itself, it was amazing to see both Cleary and Laui back up with so much vigor, it really speaks to the fitness of those two Even when Edick Lee made that run down the side line, Cleary was the only man left in chase.

It was a big statement made, not only did it show how out of depth the Knights are (Ponga or not), but it just went to show how fit this team is and the class and control they have over the game. I don’t want to sound cocky, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we dont’ drop another game this regular season (barring injury).


Another superb team game. How do you only pick three players for MOM?


The way I see it… no matter what three you pick, you’re right.