[2022] R19 Panthers v Sharks - Game Day Thread

and lastly Ennis is the worst commentator on league…he must watch a different game to me

Cronulla were always going to win according to him…maybe he should have left his bias in the car on the way to the game…LOL


Just got home from the game.

Atrocious conditions in the first half, not so much the rain, but the mist and fog.

I thought Cleary got a bit too bomb happy in that game, kicking fo the corner and grubbering in goal keeps the play in the opppositions end and builds pressure, something we lacked tonight. Not sure the Bali holiday was such a good idea. Why oh why didn’t we take the gift two points in the second half which could of had us leading by 6?

The sharks came to play, yet we didn’t seem to respect them at times, especially in the first half.

Edwards was our best once again, even deposit a dropped ball that led to a try that shouldn’t have been awarded. The second drop was knock back, as the rule was applied minutes later to the sharks - oh well what do you expect from Kline.

I thought Sorensen was huge, Kikau in his great form for this year.

Aside from To’o, our SOO player where largely ineffective, although great work from Luai for that last try.
Hopefully they have shaken the bugs out of their system. All in all a good game, and glad we got the points

Totally agree re Kenny…we r going to miss Api. I’m not convinced he’s the man too many mistakes and too many penalties.

They looked a bit shaky in the first few minutes. But once they were able to lay on a few points they didn’t look like losing it.

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I saw that Fitzgibbon and Graham were having a winge about the Kikau tackle but they thought the Finucane tackle was fine. What planet are they living on?


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Judiciary Report: Finucane facing ban, Kikau faces fine.

NRL.com | 23 July 2022

Sharks forward Dale Finucane is facing a 2-3 match ban after being charged for dangerous contact on Panthers centre Stephen Crichton following Saturday night’s loss in Penrith.

Finucane collided with Crichton in the 72nd minute, leaving the NSW star with a nasty laceration to his left ear that required a visit to hospital for plastic surgery overnight.

The incident wasn’t penalised at the time but Finucane was hit with a grade three charge by the match review committee on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Panthers forward Viliame Kikau faces a $1500 fine with an early guilty plea for a shoulder charge on Sharks centre Connor Tracey, which occurred two minutes after the Finucane-Crichton clash.

Player Charge Verdict Suspension/Fine
Dale Finucane (Sharks) Grade 3 Dangerous Contact TBC 2-3 matches
Viliame Kikau (Panthers) Grade 1 Shoulder Charge TBC $1500-$2000


I thought that Finucane’s swinging arm was as bad as the head contact. The fact that it missed is immaterial. That would be like saying that trying to shoot someone, but missing because you’re a lousy shot, means innocence. Intent is the key ingredient in a just decision. And yet, listening to the Footy Show, I heard zero reference to the haymaker.


Just as well it did miss. Finucane might be on a murder charge if that had made full contact.


this charge highlights just how bad the ref was last night and the person in the video bunker should both be dropped

How the tackle wasn’t even deemed to be worthy of a penalty is a joke yet today he is facing up to 3 weeks.

The ref wouldn’t refer the Moylan 'try/no try" for review as his view was it was “clearly” a try yet he thought the Finucane assault was nothing more than a heavy hit.

anyone seeing a trend here with us?

it appears to me we get pinged for everything yet the other mob, in ALL games get the benefit or it simply didn’t happen like the Finucane non hit last night

The NRL have a lot to answer for about these failures.
How many forward passes go un noticed last night, how many incorrect play the balls?

and Kikau gets a fine for an “attempted” shoulder charge…taht will do me…LOL


Yep, SBF. I’ve been seeing a trend since 1967.


:rugby_football: Knock On Effect NSW Cup | Full Time

Penrith Panthers 48 Tries Daeon Amituanai (2), Thomas Jenkins, Charlie Staines, Preston Riki, Jack Cole, Soni Luke, Chris Smith.
Goals Jack Cole (9/9)
Blacktown Sea Eagles 6 Tries Pio Seci.
Goals Ben Stevanovic (1/1)


:rugby_football: Jersey Flegg Cup | Full Time

Penrith Panthers 44 Tries William Fakatoumafi (2), Isaiah Iongi (2), Keagan Russell-Smith, Hohepa Puru, Addison Williams, Aston Warwick.
Goals Addison Williams (6/8)
Manly Sea Eagles 10 Tries Sanele Aukusitino, Kaeo Weekes.
Goals Kaeo Weekes (1/2)


We played a team that are pretty good, and will play finals, which was a good test for us. We looked a bit off in the first 15-20mins, but took control after that with the sharks final score ( scored by A. Klein!*) in the 11th minute.

  • I see A. Klein had another scoring play (this time a match winner from the bunker) yesterday.

The real season is now with us & we are positioned to give it a real shake once again. We have some unfinished business on Fri night (got my match ticket and the Panther bus ticket) & then onto the finals.

A good run with injuries and a fair go from the officials should see us through.

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The biggest issue for me from the Sharks game was our INTENT to throw dodgey passes in those conditions.

It was like Kikau had a mission to throw as many offloads as carries.

How bizarre


Did anyone notice the look on Wade Graham’s face when the rest of the Sharks were high fiving at half time? He knew the game wasn’t over.

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The Sharks also looked super gassed going into the sheds at half time. They looked like they had already played a full game.