[2022] R23 Rabbitohs v Panthers - Game Day Thread

:rugby_football: Knock On Effect NSW Cup | Full Time

Penrith Panthers 24 Tries Christian Crichton (2), Jack Cole, Isaiah Iongi.
Goals Kurt Falls (4/4)
South Sydney Rabbitohs 24 Tries Jake Tago, Maila Chan-Foon, Peter Mamouzelos, Dean Hawkins.
Goals Blake Taaffe (4/4)


I think we can finally put to bed the argument about Souffs winning the GF last year if Latrell had played.

We have won 8 of our last 9 against Souffs, guess who didn’t play the 1 time they beat us?

Meanwhile they couldn’t beat us with him in, and with us missing Cleary, Luai, Fisher-Harris & Sorenson!!!


Edwards, Edwards, Edwards
There is a lot to take out of that game but in my mind Edwards is the best FB in the game and his appearance last night was the difference.

he marshals players in defence and is always around the ball in attack.

he is quite a remarkable player

he wasn’t alone again and he needed some helpers last night and i have been a huge critic of Kenny but last night he was at his best, nothing brilliant as Api can bring but he was guiling and bruising in defence

and just on our defence, we attacked with our defence again and despite missing JFH and Sorenson our forwards made them look like second graders ably led by Yeo and a Martin who confounds with his robustness and his workload.

we had some glitches and some things we can fix but for mine it was a game we could have walked away with a lack of intent and ended up being lapped or turn up and have a dig.

they chose the latter and boy did they have a dig and great credit to all the boys

we didn’t just fall over the line to win the minor premiership, we took it and deserved it.

Congrats boys on all levels, you deserved last night and you all deserve the Minor Premiership.

I job done and 1 job to be done

Now enjoy what is ahead.


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