[2022] Round 20 Eels v Panthers MOTM

Vote for your Round 20 v Eels Man of the Match

Penrith Panthers 10 Tries Sean O’Sullivan, Liam Martin.
Goals Nathan Cleary (0/1), Sean O’Sullivan (1/1)
Parramatta Eels 34 Tries Reed Mahoney (2), Maika Sivo (2), Isaiah Papali’i, Clinton Gutherson.
Goals Mitchell Moses (5/6)
  • Dylan Edwards
  • Taylan May
  • Izack Tago
  • Robert Jennings
  • Brian To’o
  • Sean O’Sullivan
  • Nathan Cleary
  • James Fisher-Harris
  • Apisai Koroisau
  • Moses Leota
  • Viliame Kikau
  • Liam Martin
  • Isaah Yeo
  • Jaeman Salmon
  • Scott Sorensen
  • Spencer Leniu
  • Charlie Staines

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Dylan Edwards, Isaah Yeo, Jaeman Salmon.

Salmon might be an unpopular opinon, but I feel he really stepped up when we needed him. Was a huge contributor to the second half ‘win’.

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Given the effort of winning the second half a man down (2 if you include the Jennings injury), I think every player deserves a vote.

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Api absolutely ridiculous effort, Liam Martin and Kikau who really held our edges in that 2nd half. Special mention to Dylan Edwards, but backs don’t get my votes :rofl: