[2023] GF Panthers v Broncos - Game Day Thread

You are 100% right about Peach he definitely deserves the premiership ring for his contribution (and tries) to the team this year. It was also mentioned somewhere he took a pay cut to return to the club…good on him. Let’s go Panthers.


Walsh has just painted a target on himself for Leota :rofl:

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A lot of hype, as always with GFs…

As the week goes on, I’m feeling more nervous and suspecting of a loss…

Especially seeing headlines like Cleary saying “we needed to lose one to win one”

Panthers have the team to do it if the mind is there.


Now that my head has stopped spinning after this week of work (busiest & most challenging since I started the new job), time to have a look at more important things!!!

Our 1-13 pick themselves, as do Leniu & Smith. The other 2 bench spots could go to any of about 6 or 7 players. Given the selections, I’m assuming they are specific to whatever game plan Ivan has to take on the Broncos and/or cover for players from the first 13 who maybe are carrying injuries into the game.

For us, I think it comes down to a few key points:

  1. Stopping the Broncos offloads & second phase play
  2. Not giving Walsh & Reynolds the time & space to create anything
  3. Most importantly - not letting them unsettle us & sticking to our game plan

I feel the game will go one of two ways. Either it will be close until the last 20, when one team takes the ascendancy, or it could be a repeat of 2020, only this time we are the experienced side, blowing the young enthusiastic side off the park in the first half.

One thing I do question, especially after our discussion about playing in the heat, is if it would be worth wearing the lighter pink jerseys for this game (despite my loathing of them), and make the Broncos wear a darker jersey. Granted we won’t be playing in the Sun, but it will still be quite hot & may make a difference to the way in which we fatigue during the game.

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With regards playing in the heat, I have been repeating myself for many years, ignore the marketing department and have a White based strip available to play in.

Apparently our playing strips are up for an overhaul next season, I think a brown and white vertical stripe alternative strip would suite the heat, heritage and marketing needs, but that’s a topic for the off season lol.

The fitness of our forwards should have a bigger impact in the hot weather. Maybe some earlier interchanges will be needed.

Play to our strengths and attack them on their line with our defense, and I see a game played most similar to most we play. The Broncos run with us for the first 20-30 minutes, until we wear them into submission and open the floodgates.

While my initial pessimism thought this game might be a close encounter like ‘21, the more I think about it logically, there’s no reason this can’t play out like last year against Parra.

Which ever way this goes, and whatever the result, we are living in a golden age of Penrith. One to be proud of and celebrated.

Time with tell with the result.


I say if we are going to lock in the 91 jersey scheme as our legend brand then we should go with the 90 home and away format.

Black and the stripes and then white with the stripes.

Keep the pink as an alternate, and sprinkle in the custom jerseys (heritage brown & white, indigenous and ANZAC)

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For sure 100% mate!!!

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Couldn’t agree more Mutley. Offloads might well be our undoing. Fingers crossed, but you’d expect the coaching staff to have worked out a strategy to counteract that tactic by now. It remains a great concern. Just like our inability to consistently respond to short kickoffs.


Not long now for what for many will be exciting to watch.
Oddly enough i have the same relaxed feeling as last year when all the pundits suggested the Eels would give it to us.
Supremely confident for a Panther victory.
I had the privilege to go to the GF lunch and Royce said this was the best Panther side ever, a victory tonight ensures they are one of the greatest sides in League history.

Hunting History is a worthy catchphrase for the team this year and history is waiting to be made.

Go the Panthers!


I am probably a bit too relaxed if anything.

As each year I will say this only once - I hate night time grand finals, ignore channel nine, and play them at 3pm or even 5pm rather than at night

I’ve woken up with some nerves. To be fair, I did last week when we played Melbourne, so it may be a good thing.

On days like today, I like to go back to the old Phil Gould quote:

“If you’re nervous, be nervous, if you don’t have nerves, don’t try to invent them.”

Despite the heat, today is another argument for me for afternoon Grand Finals. The wait for kick off is way too long.

I’ll be heading up the shops for a feed, the papers & my Grand Final drinks soon. Will head for Penrith about 12.30 & check into my motel pretty much right on 2pm. A couple of hours sleep before heading to the game around 4.

Unfortunately I’m sitting at the Broncos end. The risk I take by getting my tickets early. Hopefully we can keep them subdued.

My predictions for the game:

Panthers 20-12
Luai first try scorer
Yeo Churchill medal

Just watching the clowns on 9 and by Clowns i mean Thurston and Johns

the way they are talking Panther should just stay at home, Broncos have it won.

I believe they will be eating humble pie come whatever time we finish

and i second the afternoon kickoff…i fondly remember timing the BBQ between the lower grade games and cracking a beer or dozen with kids able to watch happily no matter they age.

Oh and on the clown Johns he said Roosters would win the comp…>LOL

I rest my case!


My prediction (or should I say dream) - Penrith 36 - Broncos 8

6 all at the 25 minute mark, Broncos kick a penalty for a 2 point lead.

Penrith then run in 30 unanswered points.

The crowd do a Mexican wave 15 minutes from full time.

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Fair comment, SHF. But, as global warming intensifies, we can expect more pressure for night games, if only for player health. Thankfully, there should be no similar reason to deprive us of afternoon games at Penrith Park during the season.

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In Thailand at the moment so it’s a 3:30 kick off for me. Will be watching the game in air conditioned comfort.
Oh and by the way Mutley try not to be too arrogant in the midst of the broncos supporters after we have flogged them.

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Updated NRL Teamlist: Grand Final

Panthers coach Ivan Cleary has updated his squad for Sunday night’s Grand Final against Brisbane Broncos.

The side is unchanged to what was named on Tuesday, with Zac Hosking, Luke Sommerton and Tom Jenkins dropping out of the squad.

The Panthers will wear the 2023 alternate kit for the match at Accor Stadium.

Does anybody think that Eisenhuth might replace Cogger last minute, if Luai is travelling well? Both deserve a chance to play today for their contribution through the year.

Funny you say that, I am considering Eisenhuth in for Garner, as with a last minute side switch for either our centres or wingers.

We will see

Game is unfolding much how I expected with one exception - the refereeing has been shocking. Granted we have been the beneficiaries on a few occasions, but it could still come back to bite us.

Penrith Panthers , all i can say is take a bow because you are are simply the best!

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