[2023] QF Panthers v Warriors - Game Day Thread

Tago out. Peachey from bench to left centre, Salmon onto bench.

I hope it’s not serious and purely a case of resting to ensure available next game…

If there’s any silver lining, it’s that it was tago and shouldn’t be too disruptive to the side given he has been out for quite a few weeks prior.


For me, this is a really bad sign. We will now be missing two of our most dangerous and creative backs. Plus, you only need to go back to the Eels game to be reminded that the Peach is not a centre. Even Gutherson ran rings around him on one leg. Parramatta scored so many points down that side that the game was done and dusted. You can bet that the Wahs will be sending so much traffic down that side that we’ll need to install traffic lights to stop them - the Peach will just be a speed bump. This will put so much more pressure on To’o to cover two attackers. Is there no decent centre in the Cup side? This will more than balance the loss of Johnson.

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Not sure the Eels game was the best example though Faulco. Peach played left centre alongside Jenkins and whilst Gutho got a couple down that side Sivo scored four down the righthand side with McLean and To’o.

What the Eels game showed (to me) was how far up a creek we are if we lose Edwards.

That might sound a little hypocritical from me given other posts about Peach. I think if he’s our weakest link, we’re going to be OK.

You mentioned the Cup side… I don’t know what that means for our depths in centre, given we’ve used Hosking and Peach to fill the void and only opted for McLean when down a winger (Turuva) and two wingers (Tago + Crichton who played FB).

Edit: Don’t forget, with the same/similar backline we have beaten:

  • Bulldogs 44 - 18 (To be critical, you could say Peach got turned inside out for one try),
  • Storm 26 - 6 (yes without Hughes),
  • Sharks 28 - 0
  • Titans 40 - 14 (Again, could potentially mark 1 try against Peach+Hosking)
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I must admit I too am concerned with Tago being out, but Edwards and Sorro in means we are a very different side to that which played the eels, not to mention Kenny’s defense in the middle.

This is however a finals game against a top 4 side, we have to treat it as such, and don’t for a second think we can have it easy or drop our guard like we did in ‘21 against the bunnies.

With the right mindset and fast start we win this.

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Something i noticed from our finals series last year, although we were dominant - it seemed after the games where players were rested - it took the boys longer to really get into the game. This gives me confidence that Penrith will start well today. The warriors have had that rest, but they’re also dealing with fresh combinations. Hopefully we can start well and put some early pressure on, score some points and settle all of our nerves!

Garner at centre. Peach retains bench spot.

Clinical today! The only dangerous attack that the Warriors could mount is after an offload that was long after the player was held.


:mega: Panther Pride Man of the Match voting is now open here.

As soon as SJ withdrew from the game, it became a question of how much. The Warriors looked clueless in attack, and were lucky to get the points they did.

We were dominant & clinical from the start. The week off will do us good, giving Luai & Tago an extra week to get fit enough to play.

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Warriors try - Penrith junior (DWZ) kicks to Penrith junior (WE). So, in my distorted worldview, Penrith 38 - NZ 0.


The take away from the games so far this weekend is there is a huge gap between Broncos and the Panthers measured against all others.

On our game we were simply cruising with the task at hand of winning and getting the week off.

Cogger really surprised in how good he was with our forwards really monstering their pack which allowed Cleary to control the game.

Its difficult to say anything about the Warriors but they surely missed Johnson as would any team losing their 7.

On us, this has given us time to recover and to plan our preparations for the Prelim Final.

Congrats to the crowd once more who were brilliant and hope the boys took the time to enjoy the victory.

well done boys, remain focussed and committed to the process.


I agree. I thought Cogger had a great game. I was also impress with Garner playing out of position in centre, I thought the tactic would to stiffen up the defence on that side and push a lot of traffic down the other wing, but hew was brilliant in defence AND attack, might be one of the best out there on the weekend.

On that though, I found it hard to fault anybody, they all did their jobs and clinically put the Warriors away.

Got to feel bad for the Knights next week, with Shaun Johnson back and playing in front of what will be a packed house in NZ, the Warriors are easily going to put the skids through the Knights finals drive.


I guess from a Rugby League spectacle it should be Us v the Broncs, but if we are to have the 3peat, our GF performance will need to be the best game we’ve ever played.


A great team display. An early handling error by, of all players, Yeo, then a comprehensive game across the park for a great win. I think the Warriors played pretty well, we were just too good for them.

I was nervous about Peachey coming in again for Tago, and was so relieved when the late(?) change to Garner occurred. I like the Peach & am happy for him to be enjoying footy again, but he just has the rocks & diamonds in him, like in 2nd half he tucks the ballunder his wing with 4 men on his outside and the defence shot.

I can only be impressed with Critter, again changing to the other side of the field seamlessly - losing him from season end could be the biggest player loss for us of this era.

The atmosphere at the game was incredible, despite the sound system malfunctions on the Eastern side (our regular seats are in Western stand).
Enjoy the week off boys and come back ready to win 2 games and lift the trophy!!


Lots of great commentary here. Good to read.

One of the joys of a home win (something often not achieved in past years) is to sing the Penrith song at the end. That is, until it’s finals time. Then the brain dead announcer cuts into the song, trashing the atmosphere. Someone in the Penrith administration needs to tell the NRL that, during our singing our song, the NRL-managed announcer needs to ‘shut the fuck up’. And I’d be even more annoyed if I knew how to sing!


Been sitting on the Eastern side now for a decade, and never had the sound system fail like it it did on the weekend lol.

100%. The peanut showed no respect to the fans. What sort of a dope interrupts 20,000 people singing the team song. Bring back Scotty!!!

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Only sat on Eastern side 3 times in maybe 10 years. SF vs slimies last year, World Club Challange in Feb & this game - sound system failed all 3 times??? Of course, it came on full-blast during half time for the “entertainment”. :open_mouth:

I normally sit in the Den, but for those other two games i obviously wasnt in my normal seats!

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