[2023] R10 Warriors v Panthers - Game Day Thread

I find all of the “Penref” comments a joke. People are only seeing what they want to see. A classic example was a few weeks ago when we beat Souffs & a few mates who support them told me we only won because of the ref. They all seemed blind to the fact that Souffs last try came off a pass off the ground!!!

For the most part, all teams are copping rough calls every week. Even with my dislike for Ashley Klein, and the stats showing we lose under him more than any ref, I still find it hard to believe he is deliberately helping other teams against us. Refs make mistakes, and people generally only notice the calls (or misses) that go against them.

Personally I think the desire to speed the game up, using 6 again instead of penalties, is putting refs under more pressure & fatigue than they had before it was introduced. Having gone from 2 refs to 1 since then has also created a greater load for them. Maybe it’s time to look at these things again.


Watching the 3 games today, I’m very happy we played earlier in the round. The field looked like something from before we win our first premiership, and the rain made it worse!!!

They definitely need to put more thought into the scheduling around magic round, so that the field can be on better condition.

It would certainly help us during SOO, surely Freddy wouldn’t pick a reggie when the rugby league world is in love with Nico…

Just on the refs, I’m not sure who is responsible here, but the penalty against Critter for the head knock was a farce and more importantly was a tactic from the warriors for a free replacement for 15 minutes. The bloke was injured from a knee clash, hobble around the ground for the next 10 minutes until that run, then layed down. The fact he didn’t come back on (passed is HIA) because of his knee injury is akin to…well taking advantage of a shit rule where no-one has the gumption to call out faking.


Aside from the questionable bunker and on-field decisions, my key take aways going into this weeks game against the roosters;

  1. Peachey has to go back to NSW cup. His performance over the last two rounds has shown he is not up for first grade centre. Maybe bench at best. If Cleary doesn’t want to go with Jenkins or Cogger, at very least put Salmon in the centres.

  2. Luai while showing some promise, most of the time reverted to pre 2020 form by running in circles. I agree that a NSW cup spell is required. It worked wonders with Edwards in 2019 (he hasn’t looked back ever since). Yes it would be a make or break moment for him, but at this stage I believe loyalty needs to be put to one side, and hard decisions need to be made. Just don’t put Peachey in the 6!