[2023] R12 Broncos v Panthers - Game Day Thread

I am not sure that all our wins over the last 3 years were run away wins. I seem to remember quite a few close ones. The problem is that in some of the close games this year, we have been on the wrong side of the ledger, just.

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Also, we have had our share of overturned tries in the last few years. Always checking Panther’s tries with a fine tooth comb. Still can’t believe that they didn’t take a closer look at the first bronco “try” last night. No reasonable replay in the broadcast either to check whether the ball went down cleanly.


I saw a a replay after the game, the grounding looked horrible. I dont know how they awarded it.


In an almost unprecedented occurrence, I actually was cheering for the slimies to win last night.
WE are now on top of the ladder :slight_smile:


I had my money on Souffs.

Then my brother reared his ugly head & started crowing about we were only going to be first for 24 hours.

I said screw the bet, I want Parra to win. I made sure he knew all about it afterwards too.

To be fair, my brother is the type of “fan” that I hate. Never goes to games & only hear about it when his team is first or beats Panthers. Can’t find him at other times.

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:rugby_football: Knock On Effect NSW Cup| Full Time

Penrith Panthers 40 Tries Luke Garner (2), Preston Riki, Daeon Amituanai, Tom Jenkins, Trent Toelau, Matt Stimson.
Goals Kurt Falls (5/6), Matt Stimson (1/1)
Wests Magpies 10 Tries Triston Reilly, Israel Ogden.
Goals Will Smith (1/2)


:rugby_football: Jersey Flegg Cup | Full Time

Penrith Panthers 20 Tries Timothy Sielaff-Burns (2), Angelis Hotere-Papalii, Ryley Smith.
Goals Timothy Sielaff-Burns (2/4)
Wests Tigers 28 Tries Harrison Henson, Josh Feledy, Jay Kirk, Christopher Faagutu, Zane Camroux.
Goals Zane Camroux (4/5)


I thought that I’d watch Ch 9’s football show (Sun 11 am) to determine what they had to say about Penrith’s comprehensive defeat of Brisbane. I expected these gurus to focus on Luai’s brief indiscretion. Perhaps I missed it, but the only reference to that game seemed to be the Brisbane disallowed try with its inference that Brisbane might have been hard done by. If indeed they did completely ignore our Thursday night victory (with a South’s supporter I know being adamant that the score flattered Brisbane), then they have slumped even lower in my estimation. Is there no depth to which they’ll go to give Penrith the brush off?


It’s a bugger being a tall poppy Pete.


The didn’t mention a word last week either with a Roosters player on the couch.


I noticed Soni LUKE played for NSW on Saturday.

Is that because of limited game time against Broncs? I imagine there’s rules around when they can/can’t play in NSW Cup, otherwise you’d end up with stacked NSW Cup games in strategic moments

Not worried about the recovery side - he played minimal minutes against the Broncs. more curious as to the rules?

I noticed that too regarding Luke. That said he probably needs the game time and practice, as I thought he was the only poor/marginal performance in the NRL team.

While Kenny may somewhat lack his pace and flair, he more than makes up for it with his passing, toughness, stamina and defence.

I am starting to think when Spencer comes back, drop Luke and use Salmon as hooker relief. Based upon Lindsay Smith’s form, I wouldn’t be dropping him back to 2nds.

Imagine a bench of Salmon, Spencer, Martin, Smith. We would loose nothing when interchanging forwards.


I like it SHF - I’m not sure Soni Luke understands his role when he comes on. Sure he is quick, fresh and exciting to watch, but some of his decision making is selfish and akin to Wade Egan when we had him…“how will this make me look if it works…me me me”

More often than not it’s a failed attempt and that simply doesn’t suit our style of play. To his credit, Egan has improved 10 fold since leaving, seems to be a team first mentality now. Hopefully the light will come on for Soni very soon.

It’s funny you say that about Egan, having seen how he has performed for the warriors for the last 2 years, I reckon we should make him an offer when he comes of contract.

I think his failing when he was here was he living in Katoa’s shadow. I don’t think I need to say more about that player lol.