[2023] R16 Cowboys v Panthers - Game Day Thread

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First thoughts, I’ll get more in depth tomorrow after I have some time to process it all.

While I wasn’t over the moon, I wasn’t disappointed either. I feel a combination of players playing out of position, a few debutants, some shocking on field calls by the officials and just a lack of polish in the second half just nudged the game out of our grasp.

This was a make or break game for the Cowboys, as the commentary said, their season was on the line, and they played that way. The second half just saw things not sticking and that first half gloss was losing it’s lustre.

They mentioned the 5 origin players out from each side, while discounting the additional absence of Cleary and Leota (the latter was sorely missed in the front row.)

Chalk this one up to a learning experience, and get back on track for the Knights at home next Saturday.

Also in reply to Mutley…

Totally agree. Salmon was one of our best in the ground today. He really knows when to step up when the team needs him. Really need to make his resigning a priority


At the end of the day, the result was probably better than expected.

Thought most the team played well, with one notable exception, and one who needs to improve his game.

Firstly, the elephant in the room - Peachey. Woeful almost every time he touched the ball, and mostly in defense too. Yes he had two good moments, when he grubbered for a dropout, and when he caught a kick on the line, but generally just looked slow, disorganised, and doesn’t fit into our team structure. Make a play for Momo next year and send the Peach into retirement.

I would never have thought post game I would be commenting on how Salmon was our dominant half. He had a great game. Cogger needs to improve in two areas however. Firstly he is too wooden in defense, lacking lateral movement. He was caught out a number of times, including leading to a cowboys try. Secondly, he needs to kick to his ability. He doesn’t have a long bomb kick like Cleary, and when he attempted it from our own half, we gave up ground position. His low trajectory long kicking is good for metres, so that’s what he should aim for when kicking long.

Thought all our forwards had a great game, was particularly impressed with Smith, Eisenhuth and Henry. Leniu, while trying hard, seemed to be a bit lost with starting the game.

Tago and Edwards were amongst our best. I thought Jenkins went ok and would certainly be better for the run.

I always had this game penciled in for a loss, so not too disappointed. The second half was such a shame however considering the good work we did in the first. Hope the team learns from this, and the loss helps our preparation.

Just please no Peach in first grade again.


I also had this pencilled in as a loss long before the game, we were always going to be missing too many key players for this fixture.

It’s hard to fault the effort last night, but I think inexperience in key positions and at key moments cost us, particularly during extra time.

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i agree with your comments SHF
it was a weird game with Cowboys making us look average in the first 20 and we made them look average in the final 20 of the first half…the worst thing to happen to us was half time.

Not sure what happened but we were impotent in the 2nd half.

we should have won that game but our game management in the 2nd half was terrible.

Edwards kicking into touch from a kickoff…like seriously at NRL level and a member of the premiership winning team, to do that school boy mistake was awful.

He wasnt alone and SHF touched on Peachey and i had highlighted my concerns about him before, he is not a NRL player.

Jenkins whilst keen has nothing as a winger and NSW Cup is where he belongs.

That being said some were pretty good and Salmon was our best but one kid who looked very good was Henry.

we missed Leota big time but if we need to rely on a single player we are in real trouble.

just of the ref and some of his calls…the Edwards try was a try and should not been disallowed.

The winger who lifted his leg into Turuva was a send off…seriously he lifted his knee with intent.

There were heaps more calls and 6 again calls which could be called line ball at best.

But despite all that and leading at half time we should have won this game.

There is nothing positive to take out of this game except to highlight some major concerns.

If there is No Cleary and or Crichton we don’t have a goal kicker.

if we are missing Leota we have no other forward who can bend the opposition back.

Missing Yeo we have no forward organiser.

Luke is not a NRL 9 despite what people think, i think he is average at best and Lenui is all bluster and no action.

If e just used his assets and forgot about the noise he would be a so much better player but maybe he is simply counting down the days to leave us.

Sure we were missing 5 key players and add to this Cleary and Leota it is a huge chunk but Cowboys were missing 5 as well.

Hope it was a hiccup and nothing to be concerned about but i am a little worried.

We play the Knights next and they got beat by the Chooks today who are really bad so this is no guide

then we play the Storm.

The way the comp is bunched up a couple of losses will really hurt us.

The return of our SOO players cannot come soon enough.


Great post SBF!

On that kickoff into touch, I thought it was Luke who took the kick? I may be mistaken though.

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Was it golden point where we had a seven tackle set, were rolling down field and then took an early shot (and missed) with three tackles left?

Can’t blame the loss on any one particular thing, only a series of many moments…

Edit: about 2:30 in to GP1.

Tackle 0: 55m out
Tackle 1: 50m out
Tackle 2: 40m
Tackle 3: 25m

Kick attempt with rushed defenders putting pressure on Cogger and then Edwards.

I suppose the thought was good momentum and defence on the back foot making it a good time to take a shot at goal.

Another day we would have continued the march up field or passed and ran with a broken line of defenders and/or overlaps (3 players rushed up for the charge down).

I suppose that’s why Cleary gets the big bucks


may have been and makes my comments about Luke even more significant

On Kenny and Luke.

Kenny is a whole hearted player and is playing simply on guts, and without heaping pain on him he is one dimensional as a 9.
he is a player who defends above his weight but he offers little in variety. Luke has no defensive impact and has terrible attacking options, its like he plays for himself and miracle plays
this highlights a major weakness in our forwards and we have got away with it with a full squad, its masked when we don’t.

Hopefully our SOO boys get through the game without injury and can play next week.
Then the Cowboys game will be a bad memory.

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Goals Kurt Falls (2/3)
Canterbury Bulldogs 30 Tries Jordan Samrani, Joseph O’Neill, Eli Clark, Declan Casey, Bailey Hayward.
Goals Bailey Hayward (5/7)


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