[2023] R25 Titans v Panthers - Game Day Thread

R25 Titans v Panthers

Game Day Information

:rugby_football: Match Gold Coast Titans v Penrith Panthers
:stadium: Venue Cbus Super Stadium, Robina QLD
:clock10: Time Saturday 19th August 2023 5:30pm
:tickets: Tickets Tickets via Ticketek
:rugby_football: Other Matches NSWCUP North Sydney Bears v Penrith Panthers 20/8 2:00pm1
JFLEGG Melbourne Storm v Penrith Panthers 20/8 2:00pm2
:sun_behind_rain_cloud: Weather :full_moon: Clear 18°C (:cloud_with_rain: Chance of Rain: <1% / :wind_face: Wind: SW 13km/h)
:tv: Broadcast :tv: Fox League (Channel 502) [LIVE]
:desktop_computer: NRL Live Pass [LIVE]
:kayo: Kayo Sports [LIVE]
:radio: ABC Sydney 702AM [LIVE]
:radio: 2GB Sydney 873AM [LIVE]
:radio: MMM Sydney 104.9FM [LIVE]

1. NSW Cup fixture to be played at North Sydney Oval, North Sydney.
2. Jersey Flegg Cup fixture to be played at Gosch’s Paddock, Melbourne VIC.

:rugby_football: Telstra Premiership | Full Time

Penrith Panthers 40 Tries Dylan Edwards (2), Isaah Yeo, Tyrone Peachey, Tom Jenkins, Liam Martin, Stephen Crichton.
Goals Nathan Cleary (6/7)
Gold Coast Titans 14 Tries Klese Haas, Alofiana Khan-Pereira, David Fifita.
Goals Jayden Campbell (1/3)

:rugby_football: Knock On Effect NSW Cup | Full Time

Penrith Panthers 26 Tries Jesse McLean (2), Isaiah Iongi, Kurt Falls, Eddie Blacker.
Goals Jack Cole (3/5)
North Sydney Bears 18 Tries Ben Stevanovic, Reuben Porter, Alfred Smalley.
Goals Sam Walker (3/3)

:rugby_football: Jersey Flegg Cup | Full Time

Penrith Panthers 20 Tries Cody Lawson (2), Billy Scott, Aston Warwick.
Goals Joseph Nohra (2/4)
Melbourne Storm 24 Tries Coby Williamson (2), Ali Okusitino, Keagan Russell-Smith, Coby Williamson.
Goals Keagan Russell-Smith (4/4)

Postgame Media







Telstra Premiership Knock on Effect NSW Cup Jersey Flegg Cup
:rugby_football: Titans v Panthers :rugby_football: Bears v Panthers :rugby_football: Storm v Panthers
:clock3: Saturday 19/8 5/30pm :clock3: Sunday 20/8 2:00pm :clock3: Sundsay 20/8 2:00pm
:stadium: CBUS Super Stadium :stadium: Parker North Sydney Oval :stadium: Gosch’s Paddock
1. Dylan Edwards 1. Isaiah Iongi 1. Liam Ison
2. Sunia Turuva 2. Tom Jenkins 2. Tim Sielaff-burns
3. Tyrone Peachey 3. Matt Stimson 3. Wilson De-courcey
4. Stephen Crichton 4. Jesse Mclean 4. Kristian-li Mai
21. Tom Jenkins :small_red_triangle: 5. Daeon Amituanai 5. Cody Lawson
6. Jarome Luai 6. Jack Cole 6. Luke Hanson
7. Nathan Cleary © 7. Jack Cogger 7. Joseph Nohra
8. Moses Leota 8. Eddie Blacker 8. Sunita Lotoaniu
18. Jack Cogger :small_red_triangle: 9. Luke Sommerton 9. Billy Scott
10. James Fisher-harris 10. Liam Henry 10. Peter Taateo
20. Zac Hosking :small_red_triangle: 11. Luke Garner 11. Harrison Hassett
12. Liam Martin 12. Zac Hoskings 12. Aston Warwick
13. Isaah Yeo © 13. Preston Riki 13. Zac Lipowicz
14. Soni Luke 14. Trent Toelau 14. Ryley Smith
15. Lindsay Smith 15. Ativalu Lisati 15. Luron Patea
22. Spencer Leniu :small_red_triangle: 16. Chris Smith 16. Billy Phillips
19. Luke Garner :small_red_triangle: 17. Mavrik Geyer 17. Riley Wake
17. Jaeman Salmon :small_orange_diamond: 18. Kurt Falls 18. Jack Garrod
9. Mitch Kenny :small_red_triangle_down: 19. Bayden Moran
11. Scott Sorensen :small_red_triangle_down: 20. Ilai Tuia
5. Brian To’o :small_red_triangle_down: 21. Adam Runchel
16. Matt Eisenhuth :small_red_triangle_down:
HC Ivan Cleary HC Ben Harden HC Jono Rolfe
AC Peter Wallace
AC Ben Garnier

:small_red_triangle::small_red_triangle_down: Promoted/Relegated | :small_orange_diamond: Positional Change | :injured: Out due to injury | :small_blue_diamond: Rested due to Origin

Match Officials

Telstra Premiership K.O.E NSW Cup Jersey Flegg Cup
Referee Chris Butler Damian Brady Charlie Suters
Sideline Official Nick Morel Liam Nicholls
Michael Wise; Cameron Mitchell
Video Referee Kasey Badger - -

Referee Success Rate

Referee Active Since 2023 Overall Pen. For Pen. Against Ratio
Chris Butler 2009 (1/1) 100% (8/12) 66.67% 48 61.5 0.78

No Tago again, I wonder how bad his injury is?

:mega: Team Lists and Match Officials have been updated.




Looks like Ivan is resting a few players before the finals. I hope this doesn’t have an impact on top 2 chances.

Updated NRL Teamlist: Round 25

Panthers coach Ivan Cleary has updated his squad to face Gold Coast Titans on Saturday night.

Brain To’o, Scott Sorensen and Matt Eisenhuth drop out out of the squad, while Tom Jenkins, Spencer Leniu and Zac Hosking have been promoted to the playing side.

The Panthers will wear the 2023 home kit for the Round 25 clash.

NRL Late Mail: Round 25

Panthers coach Ivan Cleary has confirmed his side for tonight’s match against Gold Coast.

Jack Cogger will start at hooker after Mitch Kenny was ruled out, while Luke Garner has been added to the interchange and Jaeman Salmon named as 18th man.

:mega: Panther Pride Man of the Match voting is now open here.

not sure what to say about the game but perhaps clunky? or even disjointed? or maybe even cruising?

we got the chocolates but only after we sort of woke up in the second half

a couple of takeaways which seem to be a common theme of late, we again missed Kenny badly

Cogger is no 9 and Luke whilst ok he is miles behind Kenny and hope he is ok

even Nathan had a much quieter game although Luai was a little better

I guess it easy for our playing group to begin to turn their attention to the finals but just feel a little uneasy about a few of our recent performances, we just don’t seem to be putting it all together for 80 minutes

Make no mistake there are passages of brilliance like the Edwards try last night but we just seem not to be putting it all together for the full 80 minutes which is a scary thought in itself, because when we do it will be impossible for any other team to keep up…

Like last night we were just idling and going through the motions, they put 2 cheeky tries on us and all of a sudden we go wham, bam and its 40 - 14

I am not sure Ivan will be happy with any of their tries especially the first one but it also highlights how we don’t panic and stick to the process.

I hope Kenny is ok and comes back soon as we will definitely need him for the finals although i suspect Ivan may rotate and rest players as he has done in the lead up to the finals.

Hope all the boys pull up well and begin to prepare for an Eels side who are playing for nothing except pride. I think they will really try to pull off a victory against us as some sort of gesture to say they are a good side. Arthurs will be using lets knock them off motivation but gees they look terrible.

I see it only as a danger game for us from an injury point of view.

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I missed almost all of the second half due to a widespread blackout, had to do it old school and listen on the radio.

For what it’s worth I agree with SBF’s read of the game. I was actually a bit worried when Titans coach said pre-game that he told the team to relax and just go out and have fun.

With regards Cogger at 9, I think that speaks volumes of the Coaching staff’s discontent with Luke, I read as they are looking for a new backup hooker to take into the finals.

When all is said and done, Yeo lead from the front, and Edwards led from the back. Critta had a good game, and Cleary was switching on and off as he saw fit.

As with last week we are definitely pacing ourselves into the finals. A luxury to have when you have nothing to prove except to oneself.

As long as we win all our finals games, I don’t really care how ugly these last season games are.

As long as we switch on come finals time, and don’t believe we can cruise to a 3rd premiership.

Fish will likely miss a week or two but be back for the finals

I don’t see the need to carry in a backup hooker but slot in a second utility.

Peachey is on fire right now. 9 tries in 12 games. I would be dropping Luke and putting Peachey in.

My bench for the finals would be.

  1. Tyrone Peachey

  2. Lindsay Smith / Zac Hosking

  3. Spenser Leniu

  4. Jaeman Salmon

  5. Zac Hosking / Luke Garner

Peachey and Salmon covers most backs and Second Row positions. Even in the extreme case of both Cleary and Luai been scratched mid game, Salmon and Peachey in the halves is a pretty good substitute.

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I guess we all see things differently. One of the things that has worked for IC is sticking to a plan even though so many have different opinions on what the best options are.
Many wanted Kenny as far away from our team as possible for a long time, including up until maybe well into this season. Many were calling for Luke to start from the very start of the season. IC had a plan & it has worked OK - Kenny to start (which started when Api was still here) & Luke to come off bench. He has stuck to this, and with Kenny out he has had others fill the starting role & Luke to still come off the bench. I think he has worked & IC is not likely to change now.

Anyway, I think we are working towards the finals well & will give it a big shot. I said many months ago that only bad luck or bad officiating, or both, could stop us & I don’t see that a lot has changed. I know that we will give our best & everything has been geared to having us in the best position come week 1.

Proud of the whole club, the way we go about it and the results achieved.


NSW Cup Panthers have come from 8-18 down to beat Minor Premiers Norths 26-18.


:rugby_football: Knock On Effect NSW Cup | Full Time

Penrith Panthers 26 Tries Jesse McLean (2), Isaiah Iongi, Kurt Falls, Eddie Blacker.
Goals Jack Cole (3/5)
North Sydney Bears 18 Tries Ben Stevanovic, Reuben Porter, Alfred Smalley.
Goals Sam Walker (3/3)


:rugby_football: Jersey Flegg Cup | Full Time

Penrith Panthers 20 Tries Cody Lawson (2), Billy Scott, Aston Warwick.
Goals Joseph Nohra (2/4)
Melbourne Storm 24 Tries Coby Williamson (2), Ali Okusitino, Keagan Russell-Smith, Coby Williamson.
Goals Keagan Russell-Smith (4/4)

I like how the young fans seem to be allowed to wander around the playing field after the game, mingling with the players. Quite a contrast to the maniacs who attend soccer games.


They allow it at Henson Park too. Not sure about other venues. It’s great when I take my young nephews, might try to get a ball for them to take if we are going this week.

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