2023 Season Prediction

Well it’s that time of year again, to make a prediction of how we finish the regular season, and the rest of the league.

As per the last 3 years, it’s pretty easy for me as far as the Panthers are concerned.

  1. Penrith - should take out the minor premiership, I see us losing 4 games in the middle of the season to finish on 46 points - 4 points clear of 2nd.

=2. Cowboys - no reason to think they won’t improve on last year.

=2. Souths - surprised last year and like the Cowboys should further improve.

4 Sharks - will drop abit after over achieving last year, but should still be competitive.

=5 Roosters - they will hope for less injuries than last.

=5 Storm - on the wane, but will still beat most teams.

A big gap then to =7th with a few teams hoping for and against how their way;

=7 Bulldogs - Penrith reserves almost completely rebuilt with Ciraldo achieving success in first season. Will finish the season with Burton in 7 and Reynolds in 6.

=7 Broncos - much the same as last year, with some favorable home game scheduling

=7 Eels - will loose a lot of early games, due to tough early draw, plus noise surrounding Moses future.

  1. Raiders - Ricky will be gone at the end of this season.

  2. Warriors - same ol same ol

=12 Dragons - Hook will compete with O’Brien for first coach sacked.

=12 Dolphins - I have them winning 8 games, a bit of an early winning steak thanks to favorable draw, before fading.

=12 Sea Eagles - could of course be higher if things go in favor, but combination of new coach and Turbos injury adds not a lot to like.

Then the bottom 3 who will fight it out for the spoon;

Titans - should finish a little higher, but not a lot to have confidence in.

Tigers - will jag 4/5 wins, but still have a big problem with halfback. The Sheens/ Marshal combination will live to see another season though.

Knights - as if Ponga to 6 will fix a teams problems! Probably first coach sacked

Panthers v Cowboys GF

This is what I came up with on the ladder predictor yesterday. Will have another go after the trials to see if it is any different.

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Only one prediction required - who do we play in the grand final?



Panthers - 1st Undefeated Minor Premiers / Premiers
Featherweenies = Spoon

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Final predictions after much consideration

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So 20 years after 03 your predict a replay lol!

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I think that Panthers & Roosters are a level above the rest.

I’m not sold on the Roosters. I think their depth is questionable. If they snag a few injuries in a few key places, I don’t think they will manager to keep pace with the top of the table.

If they have a good run with injuries, then sure, they will finished top 3 for sure. But if their depth is tested through the season, I am thinking maybe 5-7th.

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No other club has the kind of depth we have at the moment, even with the players we have lost.

Roosters have their own NSW Cup side again this year, along with Norths (semi finalists NSW Cup) & Glebe (runners up Ron Massey Cup) feeding into them too, so they are probably better off than most other Sydney teams at the moment.

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