2023 State of Origin Game 3 - Game Day Thread

State of Origin Game 3

Game Day Information

:rugby_football: Match Mens New South Wales Blues v Queensland Maroons
Mens U19’s Queenslad Maroons v New South Wales Blues
Womens U19’s Queenslad Maroons v New South Wales Blues
:stadium: Venue Mens Accor Stadium, Homebush NSW
Mens U19’s Kayo Stadium, Redcliffe QLD
Womens U19’s Kayo Stadium, Redcliffe QLD
:clock10: Time Mens Wednesday 12th July 2023 8:05pm
U19’s Thursday 13th July 2023 7:45pm
Womens U19’S Thursday 13th July 2023 5:45pm
:tickets: Tickets Mens Available via Ticketek
U19’s Available via Ticketek
:sun_behind_rain_cloud: Weather Mens :full_moon: Clear 12°C (:cloud_with_rain: Chance of Rain: 3% / :wind_face: Wind: W 8km/h )
U19’s :full_moon: Clear 17°C (:cloud_with_rain: Chance of Rain: 4% / :wind_face: Wind: S 8km/h )
:tv: Broadcast M/U19 :tv: Channel Nine (FTA) [LIVE]
M/U19 :tv: Fox League (Channel 502) [DELAYED (M)] [LIVE (U19)]
M/U19 :desktop_computer: NRL Live Pass [LIVE]
M/U19 :kayo: Kayo Sports [DELAYED (M)] [LIVE (U19)]
:radio: ABC Sydney 702AM [LIVE]
:radio: MMM Sydney 104.9FM [LIVE]

Pregame Media



State of Origin Game III

NSW Blues Queensland Maroons
© James Tedesco 1 FB 1 AJ Brimson
Brian Too 2 WG 2 Xavier Coates
Stephen Crichton 3 CE 3 Valentine Holmes
Bradman Best 4 CE 4 Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow
Josh Addo-Carr 5 WG 5 Murray Taulagi
Cody Walker 6 FE 6 Cameron Munster
Mitchell Moses 7 HB 7 Daly Cherry-Evans ©
Jake Trbojevic 8 PR 8 Reuben Cotter
Damien Cook 9 HK 9 Harry Grant
Reagan Campbell-Gillard 10 PR 10 Tino Fa’asuamaleaui
Liam Martin 11 SR 11 David Fifita
Keaon Koloamatangi 12 SR 12 Jeremiah Nanai
13 LK 13 Patrick Carrigan
Isaah Yeo 14 INT 14 Ben Hunt
Jacob Saifiti 15 INT 15 Lindsay Collins
Reece Robson 16 INT 16 Moeaki Fotuaika
Clinton Gutherson 17 INT 17 Corey Horsburgh
Scott Drinkwater 18 RSV 20 Tom Dearden
Spencer Leni 19 RSV 19 J’maine Hopgood
Brad Fittler HC HC Billy Slater
Greg Alexander AC AC Johnathan Thurston
Paul McGregor AC AC Cameron Smith
Andrew Johns AC AC Josh Hannay

State of Origin U19’s Mens

QLD Maroons Mens U19 NSW Blues Mens U19
Mutua Brown 1 FB 1 Chevy Stewart
Israel Leota 2 WG 2 Savelio Tamale
Caleb Jackson 3 CE 3 Ethan Strange
Mitchell Jennings 4 CE 4 Josh Feledy
Timothy Sielaff-Burns 5 WG 5 Ethan Ferguson
Stanley Huen 6 FE 6 Latu Fainu
Zack Lamont 7 HB 7 Ethan Sanders
Ryan Jackson 8 PR 8 Jake Clydsdale
Blake Mozer 9 HK 9 Billy Scott
Benjamin Te Kura 10 PR 10 Samuela Fainu
Angus Hinchey 11 SR 11 Charlie Guymer
Wil Sullivan 12 SR 12 Harrison Hassett
Damon Marshall 13 LK 13 Myles Martin
Gabriel Satrick 14 INT 14 Joash Papalii
Christopher Faagutu 15 INT 15 Nicholas Tsougranis
Michael Waqa 16 INT 16 Sam Tuivaiti
Jamal Shibasaki 17 INT 17 Luron Patea
Mason Kira 18 RSV 20 Kyle McCarthy
Kai Simon 19 RSV 19 Jermaine McEwen
Matt Ballin HC HC Andrew Ryan

State of Origin U19’s Womens

QLD Maroons Womens U19 NSW Blues Womens U19
Destiny Mino-Sinapati 1 FB 1 Sienna Williams
Sienna Laing 2 WG 2 Grace-Lee Weekes
Libby Surha 3 CE 3 Litia Fusi
Skyla Adams 4 CE 4 Lindsay Tui
Ebony Raftstrand-Smith 5 WG 5 Georgia Willey
Chantay Kiria-Ratu 6 FE 6 Brooke Talataina
Sienna Lofipo 7 HB 7 Evie Jones
Shaylee Joseph 8 PR 8 Kalosipani Hopoate
Lily-Rose Kolc 9 HK 9 Chelsea Makira
Jacinta Carter 10 PR 10 Latisha Smythe
Rilee Jorgensen 11 SR 11 Chloe Jackson
Malaela Sua 12 SR 12 Monalisa Soliola
Tavarna Papalii 13 LK 13 Losana Lutu
Emily Bella 14 INT 14 Leah Ollerton
Alyssa McCarthy 15 INT 15 Mercydes Metcalf
Lily Peacock 16 INT 16 Marley Cardwell
Delaney Claridge 17 INT 17 Kate Fallon
Helen Uitualagi 18 RSV 20 Charlotte Barwick
Prue Peters 19 RSV 19 Ally Bullman
Deanna Turner HC HC Kate Mullaly

Match Officials

Game III U19 Mens U19 Womens
Referee Ashley Klein TBA TBA
Sideline Official Dave Munro TBA TBA
Phil Henderson TBA TBA
Video Referee Grant Atkins TBA TBA

The named S00 3 squad is a joke and Fittler is off with the fairies and has given all fans a big up yours!!!

He has left Tedesco and Addo Carr in the team yet dropped Luai

Brought in Cody Walker whose best days are behind him

Burton is in the squad with Carr and they got lapped by 66 points on the weekend.

and Yeo to the bench with Murray to start…god give me strength

All the Panther players should withdraw.

The only way the chosen side will beat QLD is if QLD miss their flight to Sydney.


100% agreed. The other issue is that Greg Alexander is part of the selection team (I think).

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What concerns me is Liam Martin will become a 1 man wrecking machine…unfortunately I fear he will wreck himself in doing so


I would have preferred if none of our players were selected for a dead rubber. We have more important games coming up.


It’s funny, talk to any player and the Premiership is the greatest achievement, the NRL however NEED their cash cow that is SOO.

One way for us fans to fix it…don’t watch !!

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SBF covered this well, but what also astounds me is how Fittler can pick a flogged horse like Gutho.

Poor Edwards must be questioning how he could possibly do any more….

Not to mention Spencer.

Bradman Best - great name and sure the kid has some talent, but one game surely doesn’t make up for a session of misery. The guy plays in a team with no structure, no culture etc and Fittler thinks he can turn that around in a week?

The only selection change that makes sense for me is Jake.

Kinda makes me want to go for the maroons just to rub it in.

I’d rather Yeo be released to play for Penrith than warm the bench and come on as a prop