2024 Predictions

For my money:

Overrated - Souths
Underrated - Manly
Easily Predictable - Wests Tigers

What are other people’s thoughts?


My first run through of the draw, without a great deal of thought given, yielded the following result:

  1. Panthers
  2. Broncos
  3. Roosters
  4. Sea Eagles
  5. Storm
  6. Wattiors
  7. Rabbitohs
  8. Sharks
  9. Knights
  10. Bulldogs
  11. Raiders
  12. Eels
  13. Dolphins
  14. Cowboys
  15. Dragons
  16. Titans
  17. Tigers

Will do another run through of the draw closer to kick off, giving a bit more thought to things such as the timing of SOO & byes, which often affect the momentum of teams.

Overrated = featherdicks (parra)
Underrated = Dolphins
Easily Predictable = Panthers


Overrated: Brisbane (I don’t think they can make lightning strike twice)
Underrated: Wests (I think they will put in a better showing in 2024)
Easily Predictable: Penrith


Overrated - Broncos and Souths
Underrated - Warriors
Predictable - Panthers minor and major premiership


Overrated - Warriors (Webster’s 2nd year syndrome.)
Underrated - Titans (Hasler & recruitment will lift them)
Predictable - Tigers (Rookie coach and, unless the admin changes, they’ll struggle again.)





A semi serious look at the draw on the ladder predictor today. It didn’t assign points for the bye, so all teams will earn another 6 points.

Will give it a proper run through in the week before the season kicks off.

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Watching the Dragons v Tigers at the moment. I know it’s only a trial, but it looks very much like the Tigers will be getting a threepeat of spoons.

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“Expert” predictions. 7/18 have us getting the 4peat. Not sure if that’s a good thing.

I think I am most likely to align with Mick Ennis there, but I will post my full predications on the weekend.

An early insight based on the round one / zero teams; Souths are no hope of making the finals, and the Roosters will at best be making up the numbers in the 8.

So I have watched most the trials and seen most the lineups now. This is pretty much my rough cut table for 2024.

There are a few ins and outs from last year…

Broncos (2 > 5) I dont thinkn they will recover from the losses that have had in the off season, and I think last year they had a little bit of a favourable draw. I also think the tide has lifted in the competition and there will be some strong teams that will be able to rattle them.

Roosters (7 > 2) I think they bought well and starting to look like a team that could trouble in a few in the top 8 and will most likely finish in the top 4.

Knights (5 > 7) I think they wills struggle to put in the performance they did last year. The late season drive from Ponga really got them up there on the ladder, and he is the X-Factor again this year. One injury and he misses a few weeks can derail a whole season.

Raiders (8 > 15) I just dont think they will make any significant waves this year and as mentioned before the tide has come up on the talent pool across the league. I also think Ricky may be on the ropes this year.

Titans (14 > 8) I always thought this side had “good bones” but was a bit directionless from the head. With Des Hasler at the Titans, I can see them living up to their potential and scraping into the finals this year.

Sea Eagles 12 > 6 A few key personnel changes, most notable Luke Brooks from the Tigers. I think Brooks will be out to cast the shackles of his old club and expect him to show his potential. They have a solid squad around him and in my mind should be able to post a finals spot.

Sharks (6 > 14) I still can’t for the life of me work out haw they got into the finals, I guess it says a lot about the opposition and the bottom of the table in 2023. No major ins for them, I wasn’t to thrilled with their trial form (the Sharks v Bulldogs trial looked like a disaster). I sense a big drop for them this year)

Tigers (17 > 13) Have to feel bad for the Tigers… they has had a terrible run, from coaching to the board the place was a disaster. With a stiff broom taken through the place, and without Pascoe hanging around the place like a bad smell, they can finally get down to brass tacks and get back to putting on some good footy. I don’t expect them to sent the world on fire, but they will do enough to show the fans that they can be a force in 2025 with the inclusion of Luai.

  1. Panthers
  2. Roosters
  3. Warriors
  4. Storm
  5. Broncos
  6. Sea Eagles
  7. Knights
  8. Titans
  9. Rabbitohs
  10. Dolphins
  11. Cowboys
  12. Eels
  13. Tigers
  14. Sharks
  15. Raiders
  16. Bulldogs
  17. Dragons
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For the most part I agree. For me the 2 big question marks are the Titans & Sharks. If both sides stay fit & play to their ability they can make the finals. The trouble is I’m unconvinced with both of them.

Sharks only need to lose Nicho & they will fall away sharply.

As far as the Titans are concerned, maybe it’s just being wary of the history of Gold Coast teams, but I still find it hard to take them seriously, regardless of their roster or coach.

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If you are a betting man, and you are using my predictions as some sort of guide please take this into consideration, a quick look back into my past predictions in past years I have oversold or overestimated the Titans, of which they have failed to deliver year on year.

If Des can fix that… who knows, but something to consider and be cautious of. :rofl:


Probably a fair reflection. I definitely can’t see anyone outside the top 4 having a chance this year.

Final predictions, including a couple of surprises in the finals…

Some interesting predictions…

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I think some of those zero tackles folks need to be drug tested :rofl:

For what it’s worth, my predictions;

Top 4


Next 4


Just missing the 8


Bottom 3


First coach sacked - Brad Arthur closely followed by Ricky

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My Predictions

Panthers GF Winners
Warriors not to make the 8 - it was a 1 off season for them
Featherweenies for the spoon

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