A potential new stadium in Penrith

Hi All,

While I can’t go into specifics due to sensitivity, rest assured this is part of my day job (which I return to from leave tomorrow), and not simply armchair dreaming.

An opportunity is being investigated for anew combined Sports and Entertainment centre within Penrith CBD.

The centre would be covered, and featuring a NRL/Soccer/ARU specification rectangular field, with (primarily) two tiered seating surrounding the field of similar pitch to Western Sydney Stadium.

The centre will be designed to accommodate NRL matches, as well as othe rectangular/ small field sports, in addition to concerts and conferences.

Due to the mixed use of the facility, corporate boxes and associated facilities for sport are likely to be accommodated at one of the ground ends, as the end will also form the convertible concert stage area.

Palletised hybrid turf is likely to be used for grass field sports (such as NRL), with the Hebrides turf being removed for growth, maintenance and during concerts or hard-court sports.

That’s the high level description, unfortunately I cannot disclose the exact location as yet.

My question for you, is what do you think about capacity? Options between 25,000 and 37,500 (Sport configuration).

The low end number is considered not of sufficient gap from the existing Penrith stadium, while as the number gets higher, the benefits are likely to reduce.

The concept thinking is that the centre is of advanced economical design with a projection curtain separating the lower and upper decks, allowing the centre to be used efficiently at approximately 50% capacity. The curtain is retracted for full capacity.

Some comparable stadia;

12k max (including floor) - ICC Theatre
20k max (including floor) - Sydney Super Dome
30k (approx 38k using field) - Western Sydney Stadium
45k (approx 55k using field) - New SFS
75-100k (variable including field usage) Stadium Australia

Thoughts ?

As I started with this is not a joke or dreaming, interested in your opinions at this early stage of development.

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… does it have a hill ? :upside_down_face:

Lol, unfortunately not.

It’s an indoor dome style arena

I had heard a rumour that this was on the cards. I’m thinking 30-35K would be ideal, leaving room for growth, without overdoing things.

would be incredible to get such a facility but doubt any government would fund this and this will be despite the fact we have Ayres as Minister in the NSW Government

Parra just got the new bankwest and whilst any such facility and its multi use would be sensational, there is the location issue which comes to mind unless they could re purpose the Trotting and Greyhound facility and move that somewhere else…such a facility would have to close to Public Transport and that would be an ideal site IMHO
Mind you i hope it does happen as Penrith has been begging for a great sporting /concert/event facility.

there is currently a proposal for the entire Penrith Showground complex to be shifted elsewhere in Penrith, as the ‘Show Society’ are going broke & selling the property would address this and provide funding for the new location. This would cover the ‘Penrith Show’ infrastructure & Paceway Club & also the trotting track - I’m not sure they still have greyhound racing there. The ‘plan’ is for high rise residential accommodation.

SouthernHillFan - is the funding for the new facility all from government? Is there any chance this will be a knockdown/rebuild of Penrith Stadium?

Hi all,

As I posted, unfortunately I cannot disclose the site or funding arrangements at this time due to sensitivity.

At this stage it is proposed as a stand alone facility, with no proposal to knock down or re-build the existing Penrith stadium.

Subject to future commercial negotiations, Panthers could still play lower patronage games at the existing ground, and move larger games and finals to the new facility.

In the event the new facility was built with a capacity of 35k, it could have the lower capacity level at ~ 22.5k. This would be similar to the existing stadium, but could lead to a move threshold of ~15k.

I should of added a question for you all -

Would you rather a higher seating capacity (say 35k) or a lower seating capacity (say 30k) but with more delux seating (for example cup holders between seats)?

Regarding the question about seating. I would opt for a mix of seating some with more deluxe offerings, like cupholders and leg room and also standard seating with capacity of about 32k. I think that would cover price points for all walks of the fanbase.

More covered seating is a must. At the moment I would say about 25% to 30% of seating is covered, which significantly hampers attendance in the wet (or if we are going all out here as mentioned maybe a retractable covered roof over the stadium to be closed for wet weather matches and kept open for dry games.

I’m not sure about a permanent dome style stadium. From my experience with dome style stadia in the US for the NFL, I feel it misses something, and doesn’t suit the atmosphere for a sport like the NRL.

It would be interesting to know where this would be suggested to be located. If the “near the Penrith CBD” statement is correct I could only imaging a few place it would go, considering it’s size and assuming Penrith Park remain in tact…

  • Somewhere in the Panthers Club Precinct (that would imply the club are involved)
  • The LGA land on Mulgoa Road near the GWH /High Street intersection
  • The Penrith Paceway (going to be very expensive land when sold by HRNSW)
  • Jamison Park (highly doubt the Penrith LGA will sell that land)
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Thanks for feedback Steve.

As mentioned before, I am not in a position at this stage to confirm or deny location, only to say that at this early stage, none of the above stakeholders have been involved.

With regards the roofing, I get your point, however the differential factor is it’s use as a multi-role sports and entertainment centre, not solely NRL.

Some design options may include the roof open at the tops of the stands on the sides, or potentially an opening roof (although this adds to cost).

If this gets up, it will largely be unique but n Australia, closest would be docklands.

In case anyone is wondering (and given this is the Panthers forum probably not), FIFA World Cup standard (40k) cannot be accommodated within the proposed site.

that is a question which is possibly more directed at the demographics.

And from the bias in the question it would appear to be more “arts” oriented

I believe any such proposal should be with the view of getting rid of the old Panthers Stadium and lets build something amazing which will serve Penrith for the next 50 years.

With that in mind i believe the stadium should be 35k seating capacity and should also house significant corporate/function/private boxes as the area is crying out for such a facility and lets face it Penrith will be a very different city in the next 10/20/30 years

See no benefit in keeping the old stadium…lets go for gold and build something outstanding for the community

Great comments Steve

I understand. I probably should have been more broad in my statement. I think open air is probably something that suits most Australian Sports (NRL, AFL, A League, Cricket, etc).

But the appeal of a covered venue would definitely be a draw card for event that are weather critical, or where spectators are concerned about going to even’t in poor weather.

A retractable roof would be cost prohibitive (ANZ Stadium has been dodging that bullet for some time. But for a stadium that one of a kind and on the leading edge in Australia, it should at least be considered.

Even in the early stages, approaching the Penrith City Council would be of benefit, as it sound as this venue would be a massive draw card for the area, and something they can get behind (both financially or politically).

Just to be certain, this venue isn’t something related to the convention centre announced a month ago right?

I hate to have to be cryptic (I hope you understand), while we appreciate stakeholders importance and they and others are already engaged in a more general sence regarding the site, they have yet to be specifically engaged at this point in time on the specifics of the Sports and Entertainment Centre proposal.

Both Steamboat and yourself are spot on. This is meant to be a landmark facility for the future of Greater Penrith (as is the rest of the associated program).

i hope SHF is suggesting “in addition” to this


Would be a mind blowing precent if we can get a multi purpose and multi use precinct built to complement the Panthers submission.

And assuming this proposal would be where the current “tent” i located at Panthers…imagine a precinct which covered the Paceway land and Panthers

Close to transport with plenty of parking and central to the entertainment area with restaurant choices etc.

Yes, in addition- not part of that proposal.

Keep thinking big - Barangaroo on steroids and your in the right ballpark regarding scale (not necessarily building height though).

Not convinced about a roof. Nathan Cleary would hit it about three times a game.

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How high do you estimate he kicks?

And has any NRL or AFL player hit the roof of Docklands when it’s been closed?

My comment was tongue in cheek. In answer to your two questions fiik.

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Good one - sorry I missed your joke

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Sounds ridiculously awesome SHF :ok_hand:

The only thing I will add is, make sure we “the fans” sit on top of the action regardless of the show. You cannot have an ANZ style complex, your too far from the action.

Roof closed vs not, what is the cost of 1/2 crowds due to rain. We know from experience ‘fairweather’ fans don’t like rain. Just on the weather, what is the entry and exit plans for poor weather, suck it up or tunnel to car park?

Love ya work dude - get designing/drawing lol