A team of ex Panthers still in NRL

For a bit of fun he’s a team of ex Panthers who we could play against this season.
Any other suggestions and how would this team go?
F/B. Stephen Crichton
Wingers Dallin WZ & Brent Naden
Centres Kurt Capewell & Tom Jenkins
5/8. Matt Burton
HB. Sean O’Sullivan
2nd row Villame Kikau & Jack Hetherington (fireworks these two)
Hooker. Api (Cpt)
Props. Reagan CG & Spencer
Lock. Jmaine Hopgood

Bench Ben Murdoch Masala
Zac Hoskins, Zane Tetevano and Te Marie Martin


I’d probably find a spot for Salmon and Egan in that team

Last year there were 51 ex Panthers at other clubs. I’d imagine it will be about the same this year too. Might look into it when I’m on holidays in a couple of weeks.

Yes…I didn’t mind Salmon pretty versatile bloke probs should have him on the bench instead of Martin. Plenty of ex Panthers still going round!!

Very few teams have no ex-panthers on their books.