Anybody use Kayo Sports?

Has anybody on here used or currently using Kayo Sports for their sports streaming?

The reason I ask is that I noticed that they are streaming the NRL live in 2019 and I was wondering what the streaming quality is like. I am fed up with Foxtel, I have a HD IQ3 and all I ever use it for it to watch NRL matches on, yet have to pay through the nose for bloated channels I don’t even use. At $25 p/m Kayo Sports is the much better option price wise but I ma not sure about the quality.

Can anybody vouch for Kayo Sports? I might be tempted to take up their trial offer and see how it goes.

Doesn’t look like any feedback forthcoming Steve. If you do go for the free trial I would be interested in your impressions. Cannot use it at the moment as I would need Android TV support which is supposed to be coming in the future.

I got fed up with Ausstar (Regional Foxtel) over 10 years ago and gave them the flick.

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I’ll probably give it go when the NRL season starts.

Joined Kayo sports today as I saw the trial between Souths and Penrith was broadcast there (I know it was on NRL and Souths website too but wanted to see the stream quality).

I was impressed, it streamed effortlessly with no lag or dropout. I will wait till the regular season starts before I reach a verdict but overall I think it might be a winner.

There is also a back catalogue of games from last season and this years super League, so I guess I will be watching that tonight.

With any luck at the start of the season, I will be ringing Foxtel and telling them where they can shove their “box”.


I used the free trial. It was okay, but very dependent on your internet. No internet, no kayo. If internet is slow (as happens quite often with telstra), kayo is continuously buffering. No app for my tv, so i had to use the app through telstra tv. Had problems with audio lag for most of the free trial. It should be noted that it is actually run by foxtel, but rebadged. Didn’t continue after the free trial as i can use the nrl app to watch games.

That’s true. The speed of your internet service is dependent on how good the quality is. I have FTTH NBN (as I live in a fairly new suburb in Penrith) and get about 42Mbps so the quality seemed good.

A person on ADSL2 though getting about 2-4Mbps might struggle. I would say if your on the NBN it should be okay.

I’ve met 3 people yesterday who are raving about Kayo sports, all of em said Foxtel is dead, it’s just a matter of time.

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i am led to believe its the Fox feed anyway
i have been looking at it as i stream where i am and use to stream with Foxplay but their pricing has gone up and lets face it…i just want the NRL anyway

i will sign up before the season starts and update if there are any glitches

There is a live stream of Fox League channel on Kayo, which is the only thing I watch of Foxtel (with the exception of ESPN).

If the streaming is good the first couple of round, I’m ditching Foxtel.

Interested in how you guys go.

Between Kayo, Netflix and Stan, if the maths work out ok, I may ditch the dish.

Curious how well HD will work with streaming though, it would need to be a higher bitrate than YouTube . And I want to see my pennies live, not waiting for buffering or lag.

how do you guys intend to stream Kayo

the site says

If you want to watch on your TV, at the moment there are limited options to choose from. The only streaming devices that support Kayo are Apple TV , Google Chromecast and Telstra TV .

I have an Apple TV. I use that for all my streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Stan, NFL, Amazon).

I do believe a app is in development for Android TV, but not sure when it will be released.

just downloaded the Kayo app onto my Sony tv…streaming in HD

now will have to watch something live to see if there is any lag in transmission

If your TV is android i suspect you will be able to download the Kayo app

Well, today was the day. I had watched the Storm v Broncos (followed by Matty Johns show) last night and I was impressed with Kayo’s performance.

So I called Foxtel today to cancel my subscription and the lady on the phone was quick to ask why I was cancelling to which I replied “I just don’t used the service anymore”, she was quick to reply with “Is this because of Kayo?” which I told her it was one of the many reasons.

She urged me to keep Foxtel as they are anticipating that the service will have issues as a bulk of people joining and may have a “Optus Sport” problem, and that Foxtel owns Kayo anyway, so they would offer me a Kayo “Rescue” Package for $36 (about half of what we paying now). So I pressed on and said I want to cancel.

After being put on hold I was asked again was I sure I want to cancel, of which I obviously was. She then said if I want to return the box or I could keep it active at home where if I want to activate it again it would only take a phone call for $10 a month. At this point I was getting a bit pissed off.

I said I want to return it, and then her sunny disposition changed to a one with a slightly aggressive tone. She said she would send a email and SMS with details of returning the box and the service would be cancelled immediately.

No Email, No Text Message, Service is still active. :roll_eyes:

Guess I’m getting back on the phone. Second time a charm I guess. :persevere:

i couldn’t watch the Thursday game but watched both games last night on Kayo
Streamed to my Sony TV as Kayo is available now for Android TV’s

Picture was great…no lags or drop outs and am impressed considering its $25 pm all in HD

So far so good and hope you get your issues resolved Steve.

As an overview if you are a complete sports junkie…Kayo is an absolute steal as it covers just about all sports.

I wonder at what point in the future they raise the monthly access fee from $25…commercially it will probably mirror exactly what Foxtel did…get the base large enough. raise prices and sure they lose some but those who hang paying a premium more then compensate for those who leave