Are the Eels not as good as media have them?

In preparation for next weeks game , I checked the eels previous 3 games;

Close win against Bulldogs
Good win against Titans
Good win against Brisbane

With the Broncos showing themselves to be easy beats like the Titans, I don’t quite get the hype.

Hoping Manly touch them up today and bring them back to earth

for better or worse if the eels are winning it is good for the game…personally i don’t rate them but as you have noted the media are all over them

don’t worry about them SHF, focus on what is important to us all…Panthers


Yer :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Parra

I think they are a good side, but I also think the media are pumping them up a bit. Are they contenders? Maybe, but I don’t rate them as being as good as Raiders or Roosters. I also think they are 1 injury/suspension from being an average side.

After tonight’s game, I think we are are both contenders

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I disagree SHF, they live high on the hog of the media because of their fan base…sell what sells to the audience who will buy !!!

It happens every year pre season, and this year the media had 2 chances of upsell with the “top of the table undefeated” tag as their mantra 2nd time round. I sincerely doubt they will be top 4, in saying that I doubt we are either unless all 17 who play each week put in 100%.

I HATE the slimy pieces of crap - ex panthers included because their the worst, defecting to the enemy

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Looks like we get to see how accurate my thoughts about 1 player being out are.


Those pieces of crap got found out last night against a bunnies team who just played %'s.

It was also CLEARLY noticeable that they didn’t get the usual 1/2 dozen “piggy backs” from the ref.

I LOVED IT - Almost called myself a Souths supporter for 80 minutes, they now have a soft spot ha ha haaaa



Interesting that Eels are having a clean out, despite this being their best season since 2009 :thinking:

Where is the laugh out loud icon!




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Yes, interesting as you say. From the outside they had a competitive team, but their depth is lacking, and they went downhill from mid-sason. Some of the names being cleaned out are unfamiliar (one or two I forgot were still there) & clearly are not going to win the slimies a title. Interesting that Will Smith is not named as going. He was only ever a fringe 1st grader with us, and remains so.
No lower grade footy being played this season makes it hard for others outside of the 20 or so who got game time, to make a case, and I’m not sure who they may have coming thru, or targetting from elsewhere.
I would have thought Arthur may be coming to the end of his time there, but apparently they extended the deal?? Not that that is of any consequence when it comes to moving them on.
I guess they have to make changes & wish them luck - yeh right!

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I hope they lose all 6 games and go straight out the back door :rofl:

I can see them losing 4/5 to finish 6th. Might jag a win first week of finals, but that will be about as far as they get.

The way they are playing if they make the finals will only be making up the numbers.

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I am confident enough to say put a line through the Eels. They’re done.

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It’s my consolation prize…

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