Barrett appears to be gone

Burtons halves partners at Penrith:

Luai (4 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss)
May (1 win, 2 losses)
Cleary (1 win)

So 7 games - 5 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss - I’d take that !

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Brent Naden has jumped ship to the tigers effective immediately. Wonder who is next?

wow, that’s the Gould effect, getting rid of who he doesn’t want the club.
There are a few there who should be mightily concerned and a couple going there as well.

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No five year plan obviously. :grin:

Agree with you…Critta was the guy that scored the intercept try that won us the grand final last season. Burton was an excellent centre for us last year no doubt about that ….but he hasn’t really proved himself in the halves this year…has he? Nor was he outstanding in the halves for us during SOO last year. To date he has proved to be an excellent try scoring centre when playing in a well organised team surrounded by good players. He chose to leave to try his hand in the halves but probs at the wrong club. I just don’t understand why any player would want to leave the Panthers!!!


Not when you have a 5 year option…after the initial 5 years, not about to make himself redundant anytime soon!

It must be Naden, now Madge has got the flick :rofl:


My exact thought when I saw the news. Fingers crossed he doesn’t come back to us. I would hate to see IC get the flick. :worried: :worried:


Madge getting sacked - I must all be Clearys fault for getting off the bus :rofl:

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