Boost your teams chances

Anastasia cut herself shaving with a Wilkinson Sword, that the same thing? :upside_down_face:

Please tell me you weren’t thinking bikini lines Puss.

the 2022 season will inevitably suffer disruption due to Covid.
The NRL is contemplating player restriction (no pubs/clubs etc)
with regular ‘rapid antigen testing’ prior to match days. Unvaccinated players will purportedly need to train alone. Defending our title is about to get tougher. Our public ‘booster ‘ program is well underway to protect us from infection but our game is under siege from this pandemic pest.
Was looking forward to the oncoming season kick off but, who knows we may well end up with match postponements a’la the English Premier League Soccer. Let’s hope Panther ‘pride’ shines through and we are able to participate in another finals series.

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You know I should learn to shut up. There’s a Covid breakout at Panthers. I’ve jinxed them !!! :slightly_frowning_face: :slightly_frowning_face:

Probably better they get it now, in the pre-season, than lose players for weeks at a time during the season, when they also have to contend with potential injuries & suspensions.


How’s everyone handling this current COVID (Omicron) pest?
Do you know anyone that’s been affected?
Looking forward to the return of some (any) footy?
Meanwhile … stay safe !

Out & about in it with work, but have managed to dodge it so far.

Have had several workmates & friends test positive over the last few weeks.

We are doing our best to dodge it & have just become due for our booster which we plan to have next week. I am back at work (from home) & we mostly spent my holidays at home - house & lawns/gardens are looking great!
We had 11 family members here for Xmas lunch (all double vaxxed) & otherwise are more or less in our own lockdown. Our sons came over on Boxing Day for the traditional day of watching the Test & to try and eat up some of the leftovers :slight_smile: . The few places, supermarkets etc we have visited have almost invariably resulted in an alert, but so far no symptoms.

Tracey’s sister who lives at Central Coast got COVID recently & also her son and his girlfriend. A neighbour who is a friend of Tracey’s has COVID, so it is out there.

My long term mate who I went to footy with for last 20 years passed away last week from a sudden heart attack, which has been a big shock. He was a massive life-long Panthers fan, along with his 2 sons & he used to post on our old forum - I can’t remember his posting name. I last saw him the week of Christmas when he called by to collect some new Panther polo shirts I has got for him - I never knew that would be the last time I would ever see him. My last contact with him was on the first morning of the Sydney test when he texted that it was raining at his place, only 20km away. The next day he was gone.

His passing & my brother-in-law’s heart attack late last year scared me into having health checkup with our doc this week. All Good!

Thanks for listening - really appreciated. Go the Panthers

Stay safe all!


Sorry to hear about your mate Mr Walker.

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condolences Mr Walker.

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Thanks guys - it helps just having someone to share with. I am thinking I will wear my 2021 jersey to the funeral. After his family, the Panthers were his #1 love.

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… 100% approve of your choice of attire for your Panther pal .

Seriously frustrating…however mrwalker has just put things into perspective :cry:

I would ask to put the premiership jersey in his coffin also mrwalker :wink:

Stuck at home trying not to get it before holidays…at least I am going on holidays !

Know a couple of real arseholes who don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves, 1 went away with a group on hols knowing a member of her family had covid and she saw them boxing day, she had no symptoms but her daughter was sick for days…still went, caught it herself and co-incidentally passed it on to everyone who went on hols with her, 3 families affected. Another, his Mrs returned a positive result, his result hadn’t come through but went to the pub anyway…needless to say, friendships have been broken.

In saying all that, the Omicron is nothing more than a cold I am told, problem is, Delta is still out there. Another I know of, an anti vaxxer caught it over Chrissy, church deacon to boot, been in hospital for 11 days and counting, wife and daughter also have it now.

It is not going away !

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opening up NSW based on current case numbers (and deaths) despite our encouraging vaccination record has not been such a good idea eh!
I’m waiting for this purported peak that supposedly heralds lower case numbers etc, led to believe by the health officials it should arrive in time
for schools to return. triffic !

Meanwhile getting your booster sure won’t hurt while we wait for the health experts next educated guess,