Boost your teams chances

Panther pride admin and mods would love nothing better than a full house to welcome back our reigning Premiers in 2022. What can you do to help ???
Book your Covid 19 booster first chance you get. Let’s do it !!! :sunglasses:


Got mine on Wednesday at the vaccination hub in Kingswood, in and out in 30 mins


Notice from ATAGI regarding the Omicron Variant:

ATAGI notes that several outbreaks in Australia have now been attributed to the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant. With the relaxation of border restrictions in most jurisdictions, there are likely to be increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases due to the Omicron variant. In addition to the rapid spread of the Omicron variant in South Africa, this new variant is also becoming dominant in the UK and Denmark.

ATAGI notes the increasing use of booster doses of vaccine, with more than 130,000 doses administered on 16 December 2021. Approximately 1,117,020 booster doses have been delivered overall and 430,000 of those have been delivered since ATAGI recommended shortening the interval at which people become eligible between booster doses and the primary schedule bringing it forward from 6 months to 5 months on 12 December 2021.

ATAGI recognises that some flexibility may be required in recommendations for those who are due booster doses during the holiday period.


  • At this stage, ATAGI has not changed the recommendation for commencement of eligibility of COVID-19 booster vaccination for anyone aged 18 and older who completed their primary course of COVID-19 vaccination 5 or more months ago.

  • To ensure timely provision of boosters, ATAGI recommends that those who become eligible for a COVID-19 booster dose before or during the December and New Year holiday period (i.e. up to 3 January 2022) can receive them earlier than 5 months.

  • ATAGI reinforces that timely receipt of a booster dose is particularly important for who have risk factors for severe disease (particularly older age and those with underlying medical conditions) or people with increased exposure risk (e.g. occupational risks or outbreak areas). ATAGI recommends that providers encourage and enable those at greatest risk to receive timely COVID-19 boosters.

  • Both Comirnaty (Pfizer) or Spikevax (Moderna- 50µg) are recommended for use as a booster vaccine, and both are considered equally acceptable.

  • ATAGI reiterates that a third (primary) dose of COVID-19 vaccine is also recommended for anyone with severe immunocompromise, a minimum of two months after their second dose.

ATAGI recognises that the epidemiological situation and evidence regarding boosters is evolving rapidly and will frequently review the timing of booster doses.

Source: ATAGI statement on Omicron variant | Australian Government Department of Health


Also some resources regarding COVID-19 and Vaccination options.

Vaccine Clinic Finder

COVID-19 Vaccination Patient Resources

NSW Governemnt information about Booster Vaccinations

Frequently Asked Questions - Booster Vaccinations

Obtaining a Immunisation History Statement as Proof


On a side note, in NSW I understand the Premier and Health Minister have made the requirement of wearing a face covering indoors and checking in via the NSW Check In App no longer mandatory, contrary to medical advise from their Health Advisors.

With the surge in numbers regarding the Omicron variant I stress that it is a good practice to continue these practices even though they are no longer mandatory. These have proved to be effective tools in tracking and tracing cases and prevent the rapid spread of the virus.

Pay attention to medical advise from trusted health professionals and advisors and be cautious of messages that may be ‘politically motivated’. In these times keeping yourself and your family safe is important.


I want to book in, but with work all over the place, with last minute changes, it is making it hard. Might book in for early January & call in sick if I have to.

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Already had my booster in October. I got my vaccine shots at a local medical practice & they actually emailed me to say “you’re on immunosuppressive medication, come & have your booster.” That was only just over 2 months since my 2nd AZ shot.

I was really impressed. Talk about service!

Had Pfizer for the booster. Felt a bit ordinary the next day, like a hangover, but after that I was fine.

While I’m on this (and sorry to get political) but the best way to boost EVERY team’s chances is to get rid of Perrotet. He’s dangerous. He doesn’t care about public health & safety, his ONLY priority is the economy.

As Steve said, wear a mask indoors and in crowded areas outside; social distance; limit the number of visitors to your home & make sure they’re vaccinated; and check in with the QR code at any shops that still offer that option.

Stay safe everyone.


I totally agree about Perrotet. Money rules over community wellbeing. As for Hazard - he’s definitely a hazard, and they’re both arrogant to boot.


Overheard my doctors receptionist telling someone there was a 3-4 week wait for the boosters. Booked in for mine straight away, so will be getting done mid January.


whatever happened to Kerry Chant?

  • she seemed pretty switched on (health), without the politics.

I think she got DOMinated

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Well that is her job, she is the Chief Health Officer of News South Wales. It looked like she got a bit offside with Dom and his crew when she strongly suggested that people continue to wear masks even though the mandate was over.

Since then there has been far less of her in press conferences, as it was clear the NSW Government messaging from Perrottet and Hazzard is not in lockstep with those in the medical community.


Shame, she knew her stuff !

Agenda’s - They are rife in all business facets

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this Covid here in NSW has now been rebranded Domicron.
Pretty apt really. :mask:


It looks like the NSW Government has backflipped on the restriction easing. Masks and QR Codes will be mandatory as of Midnight on Thursday (23/12/21).

Not a good look, they go on about how they were not even contemplating this, and then has given in after resisting so long, they could have introduced this earlier (or not removed them in the first place) but didn’t in need to “be right”.

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did you notice Kerry Chant back at today’s press conference ?

I did. Seems ole’ mate Dom won’t listen to his Medical Advice, but will listen to a bunch of yelling NSW residents

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I think my Mum hit the nail on the head with our current “leader”. She reckons that after Glad Bag resigned, they lined all the libs up, and asked whoever wanted to be premier to take a step forward, then everyone except Pair o’ tits stepped back.


‘Glad Bag’ seemed to think that nothing could touch her squeaky clean image. How wrong she was, and so ‘Teflon Glad’ fell on her sword.

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