Can Panthers remain kings of the jungle?

A fairly balanced article. Hard to argue with anything in it.

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Penrith still have a lot of talent in the pipeline. As long as the focus of the club is on developing rugby league talent through our junior base, we will alway have the ability to remain dominant in the NRL.

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I appreciate the post, Mutley, but again I can’t read it. It would be great if your posted newspaper articles were a bit higher resolution. Many thanks.

Unfortunately I’m jut doing copy & past from Facebook. Can’t get them any better.

@FaulcoPete when the image opens up, underneath there should be a link “Original Image”.

If you click that you should be able to see a clearer and larger version of the image.


Thanks for that Steve - you learn something new every day. :smiley:

This is a great talking point and with one game behind us, it has in my view opened the question up to all Panther supporters.

Can they win another and make it 4 in a row, of course we can but and there is always a but, i just need some convincing about our ability to score points.

Cole whilst solid looked flat and much of this could be attributed to his first game etc but he didn’t seem to have blistering pace.

Of course we expect Luai back and he adds another dimension but one thing young Laurie has is blistering pace ala Mam from the Broncos

Not that pace will score points per se but it does create opportunities.

May will take some time to settle in the centres and i am hopeful he can develop and the question around him is do we have the time to let him settle.

I think we need to get Peach out of our bench and maybe Cole or Laurie could find a chance from there.
Peach has been OK in his second stint with us but time has caught up to him.

Alamotti is particularly interesting as he is on a limited opportunity and only through his efforts will be succeed and might be the incentive he needs to show what he is capable of, at least he will keep May honest.

I think our defence looked solid last week and expect this to improve as well.

On what i have seen in trials from the other teams, i don’t see much to worry us but its not even game 1 so much can change.

If this team can win 4 in a row in the “modern” era they will surely go into the Pantheon of Teams and whilst no team will ever win 11 in a row again, to win 4 in the modern era is comparable in my opinion.

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Defence is the key for us. We have dominated the last 4 years on the back of our defence, and if our defence continues to dominate we will be halfway to securing a 4peat.

Our attack took time to click after losing Koroisau & Kikau last year. I’m expecting a period of adjustment after losing Chricton & Leniu this year, but probably not as long as last year.

We still have the bulk of the side that won the last 3 premierships in place - Edwards, To’o, Luai, Cleary, Leota, Fisher-Harris, Martin, Sorenson, Yeo & Kenny (although he missed the 2021 GF through injury) were there for all 3, with Tago there for 2 (lower grades in 2021). That’s almost a full starting side with significant experience in big games. If they can stay fit & healthy they will be hard to beat at the pointy end of the season.

It doesn’t have to be a try fest every week. Maybe go back and watch the last 20 minutes of the GF, our ability to score points is definitely there, it just depends on the game circumstance. PANFOURS

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