Changes to last round schedule?

Interesting idea, although I don’t know that I agree with it too much.

Terrible idea, can’t dislike it more than I already do.

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I think in reality, coaches (or at least someone on their staff) will have one eye on other games that could affect where their team finishes, and adjust their approach to the game accordingly.

I am old enough to remember when all the games bar 3pm Saturday on the ABC were played at 3pm on Sunday.

Even the old Panther scoreboard used to have the scores of the other games showed on it.

The radio calls used to cover the games not shown on tele. Fortunately 2KA used to always cover the Penrith games.

The concept will never happen due to media rights which run the schedules of games these days.

Then again it used to be exciting when we had tv games. On the Saturday the big blue ABC truck parked outside, with a million cables running out of it. On Sundays the channel 9 or 10 helicopter would land at half time on the training field to pick up the film footage so they could start playing the replay from 4pm (from memory).

Those were the days