Ciraldo and the Dogs

I would hope Ciraldo is calling his legal team tonight to triple check his contract terms and to ensure he has to be paid out in full if he gets pushed.

They were terrible today and continues their horrible efforts all season.

Crichton might be getting anxious going to a squad getting lapped every week and he too could be asking his legal team to review his contract.

What am i saying…Gould will back him in 1000%…ROTFLMAO

Of course he will and he will also have the full support of the Board!!!

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Dogs don’t need a coach - they need a hearse.


I don’t believe him.


No one does, you can tell when Gus is full of shit, he gets that lazy puffed cheek lisp type speech going. I’ve got a mate who does the exact same thing. When he is talking shit he speaks funny !

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Poor Cameron is really getting pumped and wouldn’t surprise me if Gould was the leaker.

I feel sorry for the poor souls who have signed with the Dogs.

sure they are getting the big money but how is it fun getting belted every week and dreaming of what a win looks like.

and what if you signed thinking Ciraldo was the coach and he gets punted!

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