Classic Game Days

As you already know, COVID-19 has put the NRL on hold for now. :cry:

Even worse, many of you are already at home now “self-isolating” and “socialy distancing” ourselves from each other, and no Rugby League just makes it that little bit worse.

So here is what we are going to do at Panther Pride. Every week we will put up a Classic Panthers Match and will put it up here as it was a regular game day thread. A link to the full replay will be provided and you can watch and discuss with your Panther Pride family.

We will have the scores and post game articles and team lists up, but will keep the scores and match reports considers to keep them as spoilers if you don’t quite remember how it played out and want to relive the moment.

Would love to hear your thoughts and see what games you would like to see put up there, I will try to find the game and post it up if I can find a copy.

Anyway, hope to see you at this weeks Classic Game Day Thread.

2003 Prelim Final - Penrith Panthers v New Zealand Warrirors

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2014 Qualifying Final vs Roosters would be a good one.

2010 game v Souths @ Penrith when we blew them of the park in the first 40 would be another good one.

or how about those non social distancing beach goer’s Manly,
when we trounced them at Penrith by 70 odd.