Cleary may be out for the season

Apparently he is undergoing specialist examination on his shoulder injury he picked up during SOO.

He will miss this weeks game at least, yet to know if he requires immediate surgery or can be nursed through the season.

STUPID FRIGGIN ORIGIN :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I second that but wish to add, the NRL could/should play SOO at seasons end. Indeed if the series has been decided why must a third be played during a lockdown?

Cleary out 3-6 weeks, depending on how he responds to treatment. Will have surgery in the off season.

Good news, but at the same time very risky. What he needs to do is protect that shoulder in every possible instance…can he do that?

I say no, he IS a footy player and will do whatever is needed for the team with whatever is in front of him. I fear he will damage the shoulder where surgery becomes a necessity.

It sure is risky, we all know a grub like Munster will target his shoulder hoping to end his career


I suspect that there’ll be a conga line of grubs trying to take NC out. After all, RL is just a form of legalised violence.


Does anyone know the extent of Jerome’s injury and how long he will be out?

Does anyone know how we are compensated should our SOO3 players end up with COVID ???

Anywhere from 2-5 weeks @Kevin

@Puss if they contract COVID, the NRL will send them to De Bellins place for a party :rofl:

and a game of hide n go seek…first spot 5 year olds hide is under the bed…wonder why the police didn’t look there :roll_eyes:

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