Club Statement - Breach Notices

I’m betting it’s all because Panthers are suing News Corpse over the Naden GF reporting last year.

Club Statement - Tyrone May

Panthers Media | 27 October 2021

Penrith Panthers has issued Tyrone May with a show cause notice relating to his conduct following the 2021 NRL Grand Final.

At today’s meeting of the Panthers Board of Directors it was determined May’s conduct constituted a serious breach of his NRL playing contract.

In accordance with disciplinary protocol, May will have the opportunity to appear before the Board next Wednesday before a sanction is imposed.

Panthers will make no further comment until the matter is finalised.


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Procrastination - not a good look !

What does the club stand for?

The majority of the fan base that I know, and that is plenty, are not happy he got away with it in the first place, to have then played the victim is an insult to the girl in question and speaks volumes of his moral integrity !

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They are just following protocol @Kevin. They need to serve him with notice and allow him a right of reply (or in this case explanation).

Dare I say, since it so by the book, I’m not sure this is going to pan out too well for Tyrone. We will know for sure by next Wednesday.


Agree Steve, and I guess the result of this is a circumstance of trying to do the right thing in the first place.

They gave him the benefit of the doubt after the initial issue, backed him as a person and player, but he has basically shit on that kindness with his ignorance to this sensitive issue WHERE he is a very minute facet of the problem HE has caused.

Ignorance is Bliss - until reality kicks your arse…he will get a gig somewhere else !!


The thing that concerns me about this whole saga, is the effect on the playing group if he is shown the door. We all know that he is tight with the players, and in particular Cleary. Could there be a reaction from some of those players if he is terminated?

I doubt it Mutley, bit different if this is an in house issue, but what he has done is against societies moral standards, he was given a HUGE chance and stuffed that up.

Anyone from our club that wants to kick stones because T. May gets the flick, doesn’t belong here anyway, and that includes NC & IC.


My view of May as a player is well known on this forum and i even had a stronger view when he was first in trouble and stood down until his court appearance but and this is the but

are we to believe he should now be let go from the club because of an indiscretion during the GF celebrations?

i would like to believe that but why didn’t the club have that view for the even greater discretion when he pleaded guilty in a court of law?

One action is not consistent with the other

Is this the sacrificial lamb to the NRL?

He is the GF fall guy for Penrith?

I am happy if Panthers would apply discipline equally and being consistent in values

This i feel is more a reflection on the board than it is on May.

May’s character has been exposed by his guilty plea…the Club is on notice now to apply equal justice to any future offenders.

Dangerous precedent imo

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I would say it is due to his lack of remorse for his actions after being given such a massive opportunity, particularly given he DID plead guilty. The guy is a goose !

It should have nothing to do with the GF stuff, only his moral ethics. This average Panther fan does not want that as part of the club he supports.


I think you will find he was put on notice earlier. This last indiscretion was the final straw.


I think it comes from the perceived lack of remorse of the post. After the court hearings he seemed remorseful and wanted to make up for his errors, leading to the club giving him a chance.

But the IG post put into serious question if he actually was remorseful. It wasn’t a good look for May, it wasn’t a good look for the Panthers, and it wasn’t a good look for the NRL.

I honestly don’t know how he gets out of this one with a spot in the team next year to be frankly honest. If it was left to me, I would already have him sent packing.