Club Statement - Breach Notices

Club Statement - Breach Notices

Panthers Media | 20th Cotober 2020

Penrith Panthers acknowledges the breach notices issued to Tyrone May, Stephen Crichton and Nathan Cleary by the NRL earlier today.

Panthers has subsequently notified May he is stood down from all club-related duties and appearances until further notice.

The matter will be considered further at the upcoming meeting of the Panthers Board of Directors.


In regards to Crichton and Cleary, Panthers Group CEO Brian Fletcher said the following:

"The Panthers players had no intention to show disrespect towards the trophy, Norm Provan or Arthur Summons, however they understand that’s how their actions may have been interpreted.

"Everyone at Panthers is well aware of the immense contributions Norm and Arthur made to our game and the high esteem in which they are held by everyone involved in Rugby League.

“On behalf of the club I sincerely apologise for any offence or distress this matter may have caused the Rugby League community and particularly the Provan and Summons families.”


Penrith Panthers Statement

NRL Media Release | NRL Media | 19th October 2021

The National Rugby League (NRL) has issued the following Breach Notices after investigations into the conduct of the Penrith Panthers playing squad following the 2021 NRL Telstra Premiership Grand Final.

Nathan Cleary & Stephen Crichton

Penrith Panthers Players Nathan Cleary and Stephen Crichton have been issued with Breach Notices alleging that they acted contrary to the best interests of the game after they were photographed on social media acting in a disrespectful manner toward the NRL Telstra Premiership Trophy.

The Notice alleges the Premiership Trophy was damaged at a Club Awards night and although not personally responsible for the damage, the players subsequently treated the Trophy in a manner which showed disrespect towards the individuals depicted in the iconic moment memorialised on the Trophy.

The Breach Notices propose that players Cleary and Crichton are fined $7,000 and $4000 respectively. The fines take into account their varying salaries.

The Players have 5 business days to respond to the Breach Notice. The Penrith Panthers Club will be responsible for the cost of repairs to the Premiership Trophy.

Tyrone May

Penrith Panthers Player Tyrone May has been issued with a Breach Notice alleging he acted contrary to the best interests of the game for posting and being part of social media posts which do not align with the values of the game.

The Breach Notice proposes May must complete further education programs as directed by the NRL. May has also been issued with a proposed $7,500 fine.

May has 5 business days to respond to the Breach Notice.


Also, just so we are aware on how balance the NRL has been with their judgement.

Board of Directors should come down firmly with May.
That he is still with us as a G/F Winner surprises me.
Despite being given chances by both our Club, the NRL
and Courts he continues to become an embarrassment.
He’s let himself down, his teammates and many Panther
fans at a Premier moment, sorry no sympathy from me.



Wholeheartedly agree Puss

My ONLY concern is his relationship with the Cleary’s, obviously Nathan is his besty and in turn Ivan’s want for, IMO an average 1st grader, is obviously more than just footy. I hope Nathan sees this bloke is not good for him professionally, not to mention privately…

Anyway, what will be will be - This IS a great opportunity for the club to let him go, someone else will pick him up…like the Tigers/Bulldogs


I would be surprised if Tyrone May lines up for the Panthers in 2022. I think his day in the sunshine at Panthers is over.


The last thing we want is another 2019 on our hands. Times up for Tyrone I’m afraid.

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Have no issues with May but disrespecting the trophy, really? Given that over the years the players and base have become separated on a number of occasions I feel that the boys should be applauded for finding a temporary safe haven for the statue.

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I agree Albert, but why o why in this day and age the players insist on filming themselves and putting it up on social media.

I must say in this regard I’m thankful for growing up a long time ago, glad some of my drunken antics when I was 18-25 wasn’t broadcast to the world


When I was 18 to 25, the only thing you could do with a phone was to make a phone call.


Know the feeling. So many memories, no evidence.

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there have been a bevy of fines handed out inconsistently this most recent season for all sorts of misdemeanours. Tell me, what does the NRL do with the money?

This latest story about the Panthers is a continuation of demonising the Panthers by almost everyone prior to and since winning the GF

Granted some of the comments have been justified but i am a little troubled by the targeting of Cleary in particular.

Sure we may have been brash in some of the players antics through the year, call that youthful exhuberance but again Cleary has been heavily targeted for some time.

Its up to the senior executive group at Panthers to work diligently with the NRL in how they begin to reshape the relationship.

Broadly on the players, dumb is probably a word that covers their actions and why they ever allow anyone into a room with a phone, camera or any other recording device is beyond me.

Shame is, the dumb actions of a few pulls those who might not have done anything into the mess.

Cleary imo needs to take sometime to reflect and quickly think about his future and how he wants to be remembered.

He has it all and could leave a wonderful legacy or through dumb actions could put a potentially wonderful career at risk.

There are a few others in the squad who should also reflect.

On May in particular, not sure what lies ahead for him and what more Panthers can do for him.

The NRL penalties are quiet a sad condemnation and imo was big over reaction to some dumb actions of players.

Its hard to line up what actually is worse in bringing the game into disrepute

Storm players acting like morons doing drugs?

A Warriors player admitting to having drugs?

A Parramatta player who feigns a crusher tackle only to spring to his feet and want to fight?

Yet they zeroed into Panthers players carrying a trophy in a pram and damaging a trophy

setting aside the May social media post…are we kidding ourselves suggesting carrying a trophy in a pram is bringing the game into disrepute?
Hence my worry about the laser like focus on the Panthers.

If Cleaty (Ivan) and the Executive team do not work quickly to resolve this focus on the Panthers it could burden this squad not just for next year but for years and along the way cut short what may be brilliant careers for many in this squad.

Maybe we may see some players like May moved on to save the larger group.


Straight to the bottom line mate.

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I recognise that the club has some responsibilities towards media access & promotion of the game as part of the NRL license. We should study the license very closely & from today on, only do what is the absolute minimum in regards to this.
Enough is enough. Other than the obligated requirements our interaction with the media should be absolute zero. A list should be prepared of all the bashers & when they call “no comment” should be the firm answer. The leeches need us more than we need them & the NRL will soon learn that they have acted way over the top.


Christmas drinks? What else?

You can understand why Wayne Bennett is the way he is right !!

I have always said, you should be accessible, it’s the fans who keep this game going, but seeing this targeted prejudice really does make me reconsider. I tend to agree with you mrwalker, for the season at least, SHOW the NRL what they are missing by providing the bare minimum of availability.

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I think that this is how IC reacted after the media attack prior to the loss to Souths (the beat-up ‘feud’ with Bennett). He seemed to make his responses brief, almost curt; it was like him saying “you media types want to make mileage out of me, then you will get nothing more from me than the basics”.

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I am fully in favour of stonewalling the NRL and the media in general in 2022.

This season they have tried their darnedest to belittle the club at every turn.

Are they too Arrogant?

Are they too disrespectful?

Are they cheating?

Are they working the ref?

I think those boys have gone though more shit this season than any other premiership winning side. They have been dogged from the start of the season through to (and beyond) the grand final.

I really sucks the energy out of the Premiership win. Many Panther fans had to miss the grand final due to COVID restrictions, as well as much of the season.

We won’t even get a opportunity to celebrate with the team until November 20, over a month after the victory, and yet the media and now the NRL continue to pummel the players with such trivial matters.

I say screw them… stonewall them all next year and give them nothing. Let’s just focus on going back to back and giving the league and the media the absolute minimum.