Club Statement - Social Media Rumours

Club Statement

Panthers Media - Wed 23 Sep 2020, 12:18 PM

The following statement has been released by Penrith Panthers:

"Panthers have been made aware of false allegations circulating on social media alleging inappropriate relationships between a former staff member and current staff members.

"The allegations are untrue. Panthers have instructed their lawyers and are also retaining cyber investigators to trace the source and sharing of the allegations and to apply the full force of the law including reporting the matter to the police.

“No further comments will be made until the investigations have concluded.”


Just to lay down the ground rules, this is mostly just to inform you of a statement of the club.

Under no circumstances will the matter of social media rumours be discussed on this site. There is no need to give oxygen to malicious socila media posts.


The education needs to be in the school system, we have missed a generation, they will get old soon, but the future needs to understand consequences.

Very Sad ATM

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I did hear however, the Coach is sleeping with the halfbacks Mum :rofl: