Club Statement: Taylan May

Club Statement: Taylan May

Panthers Media | 23 May 2024

The Penrith Panthers have been informed by the National Rugby League that Taylan May has been stood down as part of the NRL’s no-fault stand down policy.

The club will continue to provide support to all parties involved and will not make any further comment at this time.



There are no winners here at all and subject to the outcome of court proceedings things are best left unsaid.
My comments do not have anything to do with the matter before the court but has to do with the club.

Panthers have this kid in their salary cap, is there a provision the club can seek some relief for his services which he will not be able to complete whilst stood down and with the legal system, we may not see a conclusion to this until deep into next year if not longer.

It appears from “reports” May has or will be issued a “show cause” before he appears before the board next week.

This has nothing to do with his pending criminal charges but is to do with a litany of issues he has had with the club with other matters.

Nice the club are drawing a line in the sand but one could ask as i am sure his defence counsel will, where was this when the events occurred previously.

Notwithstanding i suspect he will be let go and free him as an individual to move on with his life and Panthers to also move on.

I suspect a win win for both.

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I heard from a little birdy that it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion.

Get that printer warmed up for a contract extension for Alamoti.


I have no information but from what has been reported and how it has been leaked suggests its all a done deal.
Speaking as a Panther fan, it is a way to free up salary cap which may help in looking for some players to bolster our ranks.
On another level i hope the kid finds himself and gets to a happy place.

What is astonishing in the case of May is the ‘litany of issues’ or the ’ dossier of breaches’ as described in the report were in existence prior to his contract extension. Doubtless this will be his defence should he decide to challenge the termination of his contract. May has done very well out of the Panthers club and been afforded every opportunity to secure his future financially combined with a lifestyle most kids of his age can only dream about. He has let himself, his family, the fans and the club down. Wouldnt surprise me if he doesnt end up at the Bulldogs!!!


Not sure I like the inuendo here by Chammas, obviously a skilled writer given he can easily worm out of a convo to said point, what are your thoughts on this dialogue? IMO he is blaming the 1 female on the board because of her directorship at the women’s shelter. To that i say, you’re an arse, and there is ABSOLUTELY no justifiable excuse for hitting women!!!


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Taylan May fronts Panthers board to answer show-cause notice

Michael Chammas | Sydney Morning Herald | 11 June 2024

Penrith officials will deliberate with club lawyers before making a decision on the future of Taylan May after the winger and his legal team fronted the Panthers board on Tuesday afternoon.

As reported by the Herald last week, May was issued with a show-cause notice by the club and invited to make his case to the board as to why he shouldn’t be sacked over a string of breaches dating back several years.

The board will consider May’s submission and is expected to reach a decision on his future in the next two to three weeks.

The alleged breaches of the Panthers’ code of conduct are not related to allegations made by his partner that resulted in May being charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm and two counts of stalking or intimidating another person with the intention of causing them to fear physical or mental harm. May has pleaded not guilty and is due to face court in March next year.

“It was a long meeting. There were a lot of issues to discuss with the show-cause notice,” Panthers Group chief executive Brian Fletcher told this masthead.

“You just have to tick every box legally with these things. They’re not a cut and dry thing. That’s what the board is a little bit afraid of, to make sure we tick off every box before we make the decision. We should be able to make a decision in the next two to three weeks.”

When asked whether May had played his last game for the Panthers, Fletcher said: “I couldn’t say he has or he hasn’t because the process is only halfway through at the moment.”

When approached after the meeting, May’s lawyer Abdul Reslan declined to comment.

The Panthers star attended the meeting flanked by four legal representatives from Kings Law Group, walking almost 400 metres from a nearby cafe to the club’s headquarters for the appointment with the board. His manager Wok Wright, with whom May left the premises, was also in attendance.

Sources with knowledge of the situation, talking on the condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the situation, said some of the breaches relate to incidents that took place before May signed a contract extension with the Panthers on March 22 this year.

The club agreed to a two-year extension worth close to $1.2 million to keep him until the end of 2026.

Sources said the list of breaches in the show-cause notice include the use of foul language on social media and a video post showing May in the passenger seat of a car driving 96km/h in a school zone last month.

Lawyers for May pointed out the 22-year-old has been undertaking charity work recently.

May allegedly assaulted wife Jessica May by punching her in the face during an altercation on the night of April 8. He was arrested 24 hours before Penrith’s Magic Round clash against the New Zealand Warriors.

Former Penrith mayor Tricia Hitchen joined the board of the Panthers at the end of last season. Hitchen is also a director of The Haven – Nepean Women’s Shelter, an organisation that offers refuge for women and their children escaping domestic violence. She is one of two women on the Panthers board.


The fact Taylan May is so lawyered up would imply that he knows he is good as gone.

The signing of Asu Kepaoa for this year and next is a tell tale sign that he is going to be replaced. McLean has been promoted to the top 30 and I’m sure it’s a matter of time before Alomoti’s contract is extended.


Once again common sense is overruled by the hypocrisy of legal representation. If it was the daughter of any of those men walking with him that he hit, I wonder what their position would be. I also hate the fact this is about pre-re-signing, the guy is an A class grub…what were we thinking !


I for one can’t wait to see the back of him. Talk about bringing the club into disrepute!


I must be getting way too old but does May look like a grub with an attitude in the pic of him surrounded by his parade of lawyers?

One would think when fronting the Panthers board to “save” your career you could have rented/borrowed or bought a suit and groomed yourself for the occasion.

Maybe he knows his fate is sealed and couldn’t be bothered. That being said i believe our club have issues in this show cause matter as we stupidly resigned him “after” the very matters the show cause cites.

They cannot raise the current matter which on face value is bad but is before the courts and as yet is a contested matter.
I just feel we may have boxed ourselves in with this player and see him remaining with us.

I hope he is cut from us and at worst we get some relief from the NRL and can add another player to our roster.