Club Statement: Tyrone May

Club Statement: Tyrone May

Panthers Media | 3 November 2021

Club Statement: Tyrone May

Penrith Panthers has today terminated the NRL playing contract of Tyrone May with immediate effect.

The Panthers Board of Directors concluded May’s conduct following the 2021 NRL Grand Final constituted a serious breach of his contractual obligations.

The Board also gave consideration to previous breaches in making the decision to terminate his contract at this time.

“As a club we understand our responsibilities to the game, our corporate partners, our members and fans, and the wider Rugby League community,” Panthers CEO Brian Fletcher said.

"The Board observed due process in this matter and considered all relevant factors before reaching its final decision.

“Panthers will coordinate with the NRL to ensure Tyrone receives access to any support services he needs moving forward.”



No surprise, would it be bad form to put a “thumbs up”? :joy::rofl:

I think a very sensible decision. Hope he can find a role somewhere.

Gould likes to think of himself as a saver of misguided soles, so maybe at the dogs?

It is quite strange how many changes to our squad from the GF in only a month from the game, although some were known in advance of course.


Common sense has prevailed, to me, a relief.


It was hard to envision any other result.

Happy with the clubs actions but would note this ‘standard’ will need to apply to all going forward and puts any Panther player on notice

I am also happy it was brought to an end before we even begin pre season training.

On May himself, i hope he can move on with his life and finds a place and career where he can begin to build his future.

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this apply to Nathan Cleary?

wonderful player but someone should hide the key to his Instagram account.


This is a HUGE moment in Tyrone May’s life, does he kick stones or does it make him a better human.

I hope the latter and the lessons learnt stick with him so he can educate.