Dally M 2023 - Panther results

Turuva has picked up Rookie of the year.

Cleary misses out on Coach of the year, with Webster winning.

Dylan in front by 2 points at round 18

After round 23 Johnson has a large lead.

Yeo, Edwards and Cleary are all taking points off each other as expected.

Only Crighton and Martin pick up their positional player of year awards, a very surprised Carrigan picks up lock of the year, despite Yeo in the top 6 voting for player of the years

Is there a single person who follows NRL who thinks that Ponga was the games best player in 2023???
Not sure who the judges are, but the Dally M’s are broke.


The games best player? I don’t think he was the games best fullback.


The debate about the flawed voting system of the Dally M survives another year, despite changes that would apparently make it fairer :roll_eyes:

As long as they use a 3-2-1 system, it will remain flawed. They need to give each player a rating out of 5 or 10 to make it more equitable. The current system will always favour the best players from mediocre teams, over players who have to compete with half or more of their own team, as well as the opposition, for points every week.

Unfortunately this is considered our premier award :roll_eyes: